98. Declaration of war

After Avos and the demon emperors left the Gairadeite soldiers were busy reporting the situation and taking care of the wounded soldiers.

In addition to Deigo’s plan they now have the demon king of tyranny stealing the spirit god sword. Matters are far from simple for them.

I decide to go and see what state the dormitory is in.

I had a quick look around town on my way back but it was noisier than normal as well as seeing some soldiers running around.

Arriving at the dormitory it was even noisier with the Gairadeite soldiers surrounding the 3rd dormitory.

They must have set this up beforehand as there was a magic barrier set up using holy water as well as 300 soldiers standing guard.

Even with Avos appearing, they’ve moved too fast. Was this set up beforehand? I get the feeling that even if the holy sword hadn’t been stolen they were going to do this anyway.

“What’s the meaning of this!?” (Menou)

Menou is squaring off against what looks to be the soldier in charge even though they are separated by a barrier.

“As long as you behave yourselves I personally guarantee your safety.”

“Stop screwing around. Are you serious? You’re imprisoning students who are here on an exchange. This will go far beyond just being a problem with Derugozedo.” (Menou)

The soldier doesn’t answer and merely stares at Menou. These are normal Gairadeite soldiers. They will simply be following orders and not asking any questions.

“Whose order is this?” (Menou)

“I can’t answer that question.”

With that, the soldier tries to leave.

“Wait!” (Menou)

Menou reaches out but the barrier reacts emitting a crackling noise and burning her fingers.

“Please don’t worry. When any of the students outside come back I’ll personally make sure they get inside.”

The soldier speaks in a very serious but earnest tone to Menou.

Yare yare. This is all very dramatic.

“Will you let me in?” (Arnos)

When I call out to the soldiers they change their expression.

“We’ve found one of the demon king academy students! It’s Arnos Voldigod! He’s classified as a special target! I repeat, Arnos Voldigod has appeared in front of the 3rd dormitory! Search party requesting immediate assistance!!”

All the soldiers retreated inside the barrier obviously wary of me.

Fumu. Those soldiers in the temple didn’t seem to be aware of who I was but these ones are different.

“Why are you so scared? I’m not going to fight puppets like yourselves.” (Arnos)

“Don’t let your guard down! Everyone prepare the barrier. That’s right please come insi—”

I step into the barrier which tried to burn me with holy magic but my anti-magic blocked it and I continue my leisurely walk through it.


“He’s surpassed the barrier!!”

The soldiers raise their voices in surprise.

“…..We used so much holy water to make that barrier. He’s more of a monster than reported…..! How does the top brass expect us to hold him down…….?”

“Stop whining. Can or cant doesn’t matter. We just have to get the job done!”


I walk straight to Menou and leave the soldiers to their comedy like routine.

Walking forward the soldiers part in front of me.

“…..Arnos-kun…..What’s going on? Do you know?” (Menou)

“Aah, though it’s up to you whether you believe me or not.” (Arnos)

Libest came from the dormitory as I was speaking.

“Menou-sensei please come inside. There’s a magical broadcast from the headteacher…..” (Libest)

Exchanging looks with Menou we nod and head inside.

In the large hall that set up for people to relax in is a big picture crystal for magical broadcasts.

The crystal is showing an image of Diego in what looks to be the throne room of Arclaniska.

“I am the headteacher of the hero academy Diego Kanon Ijeishka and this is an announcement to all the people of Azeshion. All magical broadcast have been suspended as everyone in Azeshion must hear what I am about to say.” (Diego)

Diego takes a quick pause and then continues in a solemn tone.

“The deep darkness has come.” (Diego)

His expression is reminiscent of a soldier who’s marching to his death.

“The legendary holy sword Evans Mana that we had secretly hidden away in the academy has been taken away by three of the old seven demon emperors namely Medin Gaasa, Zoro Angatt and Eldora Zaia. With them was the deep darkness itself that has returned after 2000 years. By his hand was the sword was taken away, by the hand of demon king of tyranny himself!!” (Diego)

The great hall suddenly became noisy with complaints about the broadcast mainly coming from the royals.

“Our legendary ancestor the hero Kanon fought and won against the cruel mazoku 2000 years ago. For a long time, the mazoku were trapped behind the wall and even when it came down they didn’t attack. I thought they were reflecting on their mistakes. I decided to let go of the old grudges and forgive the mazoku. I even held out my hand and offered them a chance with an academy exchange. The message was clear that we should all help each other and live together in peace.” (Diego)

Diego’s face takes on a regretable look then makes a fist and swings it down.

“Yet despite that, and through cowardly means they betrayed us!! Our guardian deity that has been guarding our lands in secret has been taken away. None of you needs telling what this means! The mazoku are going to invade Azeshion!! There is no other reason to steal the spirit god sword!!” (Diego)

Diego raises his voice to a shout like he has justice on his side.

“But you need not worry! With permission from the king of Gairadeite, I declare the reformation of the Gairadeite demon king subjugation force!! In order to defeat Deriuheido who has carried away our spirit god sword and our ancestral pride I now declare war upon them!!!” (Diego)

The soldiers in the throne room raised their voices in approval.

“You all know that Azeshio has an oral tradition that has been handed down for a long time now. That the deep darkness will one day swallow Azeshion but you need not be afraid. Pray with hope to our legendary hero. If you do he will reappear and clear the darkness with hope.” (Diego)

Diego slows down and speaks quietly now.

“My name is Diego Kanon Ijeishka and I am a reincarnation of the legendary hero Kanon! Graduates of the hero academy who are in Azeishion have been called back to Gairadeite and tomorrow we will begin our campaign preparations.” (Diego)

No matter how much magic you use these preparations are way too quick. It’s obvious that they were prepared for war already but most people won’t care about such things.

Unless you are actually caught up in a war you won’t really have any deep feelings on the matter beyond perhaps worrying about yourself.

“Justice is on our side! Victory to the demon king subjugation force!!” (Diego)

*Uooooooh!!* Soldiers raise their voices and yell out.

“The judgment of the heavens will fall on those foolish mazoku! Victory to us heroes!!” (Diego)

*Uooooooh!!* The soldiers shouted again.

The demon king academy students who were watching started grumbling quietly.

“What are these guys saying….? Are they sane? Are they really intending to go to war…..”

“Aah. I have my doubts about their sanity……”

It’s a reasonable line of thought, however, there are many who are frightened. If it really is a war between Azeshion and Deiruheido they are already captured.

While listening I received a  <Liikus>.

“Can you hear?” (Misha)

“Aah. Did you hear the broadcast?” (Arnos)

“Yes. Where are you?” (Misha)

“In the 3rd dormitory. Its currently surrounded by a barrier and soldiers. It’s best if you don’t return here. The soldiers outside will be trying to arrest the students so be careful.” (Arnos)

“I’ll be okay.” (Misha)

Well, it would be impossible for a human soldier to capture Misha anyway.

“Are the others together?” (Arnos)

“Sasha is with me. The others are doing their own things.” (Misha)

Weren’t they saying something about a festival earlier?

“Thought Obstruction <Edoro> is being used but it’s interfering with <Liikus> making it difficult to communicate with Ray.” (Misha)

Ray is no good with magic and Misa has weak magic power. With the both of them using <Edoro> sending and receiving anything via <Liikus> will be troublesome.

“Ray and Misa are together so there’s no problem leaving them alone. Look for the fan union first.” (Arnos)

“Okay.” (Misha)

Another <Liikus> reaches me.

“If anything happens contact me again.” (Arnos)

“Nn.” (Misha)

I end the <Liikus > with Misha and respond to the one from Deiruheido.

“What’s up Melheys?” (Arnos)

“Things have become troublesome.” (Melheys)

Through <Liikus> Melheys sends me a <Rimnet> and projects it in front of me.

“I am Avos Dillheavia.”

The masked mazoku was there along with the 3 elder demon lords Eldora, Zoro and Medin who were showing their loyalty by kneeling.

“What’s going on?” (Arnos)

“This is being broadcast all over Deiruheido. Medin, Zoro and Eldora have just announced they have discovered the reincarnation of the demon king of tyranny.” (Melheys)

If the old seven demon emperors are saying so then the people will believe it.

“I have returned my descendants.” (Avos)

Avos speaks in a powerful voice.

“2000 years ago I sacrificed myself and divided the world into four to end the great war. That was the best way to bring about peace and the most merciful way so as not to destroy the humans.” (Avos)

Medin casts <Rimnet> and broadcasts what was just seen in Azeshion. All of Deiruheido watches Deigo’s speech.

After it ended the masked man speaks.

“Until today those guys said that the spirit god sword was for destroying me. In this peaceful world, they have practised techniques for killing mazoku and strengthed their armaments in the name of the hero academy. You have forgotten the war. You have forgotten your grudge against the humans but the humans have not changed in 2000 years.” (Avos)

The plain facts he is delivering come with some weight.

“I was wrong. 1000 years, 2000 years, the humans real nature hasn’t changed. They fear, discriminate against and kill anything different from themselves. They are ugly, stupid and beyond saving.” (Avos)

Avos raises his right hand.

“The time has come to correct my 2000-year-old mistake. Gather to my cause those of you who are strong. Entrust your lives and your backs to me.” (Avos)

A holy light gathers around the masked man’s right hand and turns into Evans Mana.

“This is their greatest weapon. Evans Mana was created to destroy me yet it is in my hand. There is nothing to fear. Entrust me with your all my descendants and I shall protect your lives and fulfil my oath. Run with me across the battlefield and destroy those stupid humans!” (Avos)

It smells. That bloody smell I smelled many times. A battle is about to begin.

The great war I should have left behind 2000 years ago has come again.

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    • That’s my theory as well, but I think it could be possible that Arnos soul was split in two(kind of like with sasha and misha) and Avos Dilhevia is just the other half of his soul.
      If this idea comes true the Author could even do a big reveal that arnos was still only using 50% of his power

    • i also believe that and now i am starting to think the fused spirits with the demon emperors might have been the spare 7 sources of kanon

    • I was thinking it might be Kanon a few chapters back when they said he was killed. I figured he may have decided not to reincarnate (not sure if they could but with how Kanon was with Origin magic could have been possible).

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      After the betrayal, what better way to get back for revenge than to be the new demon king.

      Remember how Arnos mentioned that Kanon was good at seeing into a persons heart? After Arnos wished for piece with the wall, knew Arnos wouldn’t want to start a war all over.

      Most likely why this would be Kanon after a betrayal because he’d kill 2 birds with one stone: prevent them real demon king being acknowledged and get revenge against the humans.

      What I don’t understand is the preparation for war but if it is Kanon, I guess he wouldn’t want to use them as fodder since the Mazoku did go for peace while the humans carried the resentment like Arnos predicted if nothing changed.

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