95. Taboo magic

“That’s all for today’s class.” (Diego)

Eleonor didn’t appear all day. I’m sure something’s wrong.

When Eleonor was in the temple she said she couldn’t move by her own will. If she’s in the same condition as that time then she might not be able to come meet me.

Should I go meet her?

“Um, Arnos-sama. Did anyone talk to you about going to the festival?” (Misa)

“Fumu. I’ve got a bit of business to take care of but you should go and enjoy it.” (Arnos)

“I see.” (Misa)

“I’ve going to give it a miss today as well. I’m pretty tired.” (Ray)

“Were you up late?” (Misa)

“I not sleeping well due to the pillow being different.” (Ray)

“I see…….” (Misa)

Misa looks a bit disappointed so Ray goes over to her and whispers

“Do you want to join me taking a nap?” (Ray)

“…..Eh, errm…..” (Misa)

I see. You want to be alone with Misa.

“Don’t want to?” (Ray)

“N..no. I mean yes I’ll….come with you.” (Misa)

The girls in the fan union started whispering about them.

“……Ray-kun is sleepy…….”

“Yeah. Don’t Ray-kun and Arnos-sama share the same room……?”

“Waiit, waiiit! What are you thinking about!?”

“Nothing. I’m not thinking about any special contact or anything….”

“Don’t say special contact!”

“…..Then, theeeen, in other words…..now…..Misa is….”

“Going to indirectly share a bed!?!?”

Leaving them to their talk I leave the auditorium.

Using my demon eyes I try to locate Eleonors magic power but I can’t find it anywhere.

Are you erasing your magic power? Misha couldn’t find Eleonor either when she was looking.

What I can find and follow though is Diegos magic power.

If the hero academy has done something to her then there’s no way the head of the school doesn’t know about it.

I make myself invisible with <Rainel>, hide my magic power with <Najira> and follow Diego.

He leaves at a quick pace and heads to lake Seimei.

Using <Fres> Diego quickly moves through the empty lake and heads to a formerly underwater cave. I thought he would have headed to the temple.

We proceed through the dim cave and as we approach the back a small spring gushing out holy water appears.

Using <Coco> Diego jumps into the spring.

Following closely behind I find its both deep and very large. Its outside state is different from the inside.

Using <Fres> again Diego swims like a fish through the water and dives towards the bottom.

Just as I was wondering how deep it was the bottom finally shows up and I see a huge door locked with <Digit>.

Diego opens the door and heads inside but I wait.

Even with my magic and figure hidden he’ll notice someone opening the door so I wait for him to leave.

“Open.” (Arnos)

After waiting a few minutes I open the door to find a stone building inside.

This side of the door is dry due to magic holding the water back behind the door.

What on earth is he doing here?

As I walk down the passage I find a collapsed wall and its new. Within a few days I’d say.

The further in the building I go the more internal destruction I find. Floors, ceilings and walls are crushed, cut or just fallen into holes.

Fumu. It’s like there was a battle here recently.

“Aren’t there any clues yet!”

An angry voice calls out and its Diego.

It’s coming from behind a nearby door.

I stand behind it and listen carefully.

“…….I know he’s a masked man….”

“I received that report this morning! I’m telling you to give me something new!” (Diego)

“I’m very sorry.”

“Is this not the work of the demon king academy?” (Diego)

“…..I couldn’t detect the thief’s magic power. I can’t even tell if it was a mazoku…”

A masked man whose magic power you cant sense huh?

That’s a familiar story.

“Besides, our plan isn’t known to the demon king academy so it’s unlikely they attacked this facility. It’s probably the work of the Virhia Empire to the west.”

“There’s no reason for those guys to do this! We’ve been building up friendly relations with them for more than a 1000 years!” (Diego)

“….As may be but it would be foolish to completely trust all of Azeshion. Is there a spy in the academy? They might have heard the rumours of the holy mother.”

The room falls silent. Is Diego keeping quiet?

“Could they have an inkling of the holy mother’s location?” (Diego)

“It seems so. The masked man was rampaging but wasn’t able to find it.”

Everything went silent again.

Eventually, Diego seems to come up with an idea.

“Okay then. This is what we’ll do. Well, make this attack look like the mazoku did it.” (Diego)

“….One of the demon king academy students? Shall I capture one?”

“Yeah and the method doesnt matter. People believe we are justice anyway so it’s fine. It’ll make a good cause to invade Deiruheido with.” (Diego)

“Then, finally?”

“Yes. The time has come to fulfil our long-cherished wish.” (Diego)

“Yes! Understood!”

“I’ll leave the spy to you. Find them and make them spit out everything they know. Use whatever means necessary.” (Diego)


What a stupid thing.

Creating a fake fire to make a justification for war.

Why are you so dissatisfied with peace?

I could kill him right here but I destroyed his origin yesterday and here he stands.

It would probably be quicker to stop their plans.

I don’t know who this holy mother is but she’s important to the hero academy.

Going on what I know so far its probably Eleonor.

If the masked man couldn’t find it then there’s a hidden room around here somewhere.

I look around with my demon eyes but there’s nothing that could be a hidden magic device which makes sense since it’s the first thing that would be noticed. That means it’s like my dungeon back at the demon kings castle and it’s hidden via normal means and not magic.

I retraced my steps and came to the passage with the destroyed wall.

I raise my foot slightly and tap the floor.

Immediately afterwards the building shakes greatly with the vibration from my tap.

“Enemy attack! Deploy the entire squad!!”

Soldiers come surging out but when they realise no one is there they stop and look around suspiciously.

“……Was it an earthquake….?”

“…..It’s incredibly rare around lake Seimei. Is it because the waters gone….?”

While the soldiers are talking I search for their magic using my demon eyes and grasp all their locations.

Fumu. There?

I walk down the passage to my targeted place.

After all the soldiers have gone I face a very ordinary-looking wall, place my fingertip on it and pushed.

A normal non-magic hidden door swings slowly open.

In an emergency its human nature to protect what you are supposed to protect and in doing so create an information leak.

The answer became known when I compared the placement of the soldiers before and after the vibrations I caused.

I walk down the straight and dimly lit passage easily avoiding an assortment of non-magic traps.

Eventually, a faint blue light appears in front of me and I enter into a vast space.

Several thousand floating, no, there’s more than that. Over 10,000 floating holy water balls and all of them have a naked girl floating in them.

Zeshia Kanon Ijeishka.

It’s her without a doubt. The school’s number 1.

Every single one of them. All of the over 10,000 girls have the exact same origin.

And there in the centre of the vast room in the largest holy water ball was Eleonor.

Her entire body is glowing with magic power and like yesterday it’s causing her outline to become blurry.

A number of magic characters emerged from her body and floated around it while her magic power was spread amongst the other holy water balls.

“Eleonor.” (Arnos)

I cancelled <Rainel> and called her name.

“……Arnos-kun…..” (Eleonor)

She looks at me joyfully but also surprised.

“Sorry I couldn’t come. This was a bit unexpected for me.” (Eleonor)

“According to our schedule, we were to meet after school and it’s now after school so no problem.” (Arnos)

Eleonor smiles.

“I knew for sure you’d come.” (Eleonor)

She raises her finger and stares at me with a gentle expression.

“Even though it’s in a place like this will you hear my wish?” (Eleonor)

“Gladly.” (Arnos)

“I want Arnos-kun to destroy an origin.” (Eleonor)

“Fumu. Whose?” (Arnos)

Eleonor responds in an eager tone of voice

“Mine.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor smiles a genuine smile with no hint of a lie. It was a heartfelt wish.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for the person who’ll set me and Zeshia free from this endless hell. Arnos-kun end me.” (Eleonor)

In this way she confesses.

“I’m a taboo magic that should never have been created by humans.” (Eleonor)

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  1. If I need to guess… I would say that Arnos would Make it so that neither Zeshia nor Eleanor are magic but real living beings, that exist withour the taboo magic, while the other bodys of Zeshia will Vanish… Or something like that xD

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    • It didn’t “come down” the wall is still up, but there are gates in between the worlds now, and they opened 1,000 years ago.

      • Incorrect, the walls do not exist anymore. If they did there wouldn’t have been so many methods for the demon students to travel to the human academy. Now it’s just normal borders with normal border security. The walls were designed to disappear after a thousand years to give the four races a break from war and to establish peace.

  3. [“I want Arnos-kun to destroy an origin.” (Eleonor)
    “Fumu. Whose?” (Arnos)
    Eleonor responds in an eager tone of voice
    “Mine.” (Eleonor)]

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    Also I thought that the heroes had been working with Avos like maybe he could disguise himself as something other than a demon or he actually isn’t one and they were collaborating with each other. But given how the masked person who Arnos suspects is Avos attacked some secret location of the heroes looking for something, it seems like the heroes aren’t working with him. At best it seems that Avos is just taking advantage of the heroes’ own plans to further his own agenda.

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