91. 2000 years of hatred

Misha teleported in front of the temple.

Thanks to us being connected through the magic of <Guys> whatever Misha sees with her demon eyes I can see as well.

Misha restlessly looks around but Eleonor can’t be seen.

—In here— (Eleonor)

A feeble voice using <Liikus> could be heard and using her demon eyes Misha traced the magic back into the temple causing her to blink a couple of times.

She must feel the foreign nature of the temple.

No magic power can be felt from inside. Eleonor can’t be seen at all even though she’s in the temple.

“Wait.” (Misha)

Putting her hand on the door Misha finds it locked with Lock Barrier <Digit>.

—Can you open it?— (Eleonor)

“No problem.” (Misha)

Misha looks at the lock using her demon eyes.

To turn the magic key you need to know the magic structure and need to accurately analyse the formula but for Misha that won’t be a problem.

In no time at all Misha analysed the lock and used the magic Unlock <Di> on it.

Putting her hands on the door Misha gives it a strong push and with a rusty groan, the door opens.

“……..” (Misha)

As soon as she entered Misha’s body felt heavy but she shook her head and moved forward.

Inside the temple is lined with pillars and in the depths is a pair majestic looking double doors. The floor, walls and ceiling were all covered in magic formations and a large number of holy water spheres were floating in the air.

In the centre of the room was a large floating ball of holy water and there floating inside was Eleonor.

Her whole body is radiating magic power. So much so her outline is blurred.

Uncountable magic characters were floating around her and on her body like she was wearing them.

“Eh? Is that Misha-chan….?” (Eleonor)

Elenor was surprised. Did she think I’d come?

“Instead of Arnos. Shouldn’t I?” (Misha)

“No, it’s fine.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor laughed.

“Can you take me to Zeshia?” (Eleonor)

“…….Stop her?” (Misha)

“Yup. Only I can stop her. I’m sorry but I can’t move by myself at the moment.” (Eleonor)

Misha tilts her head.

“Because you’re using magic?” (Misha)

“More precisely I am magic.” (Eleonor)

Misha blinked a couple of times.

Doesn’t seem like she understood what Eleonor said but it didn’t matter.

“I’ll take you.” (Misha)

Misha approaches Eleonor, touches the holy water sphere and a magic formation appears at her feet.

Are you going to use <Gatom>?

“I’ll be troubled if you do something so selfish.”

A voice echoed from the entrance of the temple and a bullet of light flew towards Misha.

It was <Teo Trias>

“Ice shield.” (Misha)

Misha instantly constructed a huge shield of ice using <Ibis>.

The strength of the improvised shield soon becomes known as the light bullet easily smashed through the shield but Misha immediately creates another ice shield as soon as one is broken.

The destructive power of <Teo Trias> vs Misha’s <Ibis> soon leads to Misha wining as her creation speed is quicker than the bullet can destroy.

The bullet of light soon disappears.

“Rule violation.” (Misha)

The person who appeared in the entrance of the temple was the headteacher Diego.

“Close that contemptible mouth mazoku. This is Gairadeite and I decide the rules. I’ll tell you now that what happens here won’t leak outside.” (Diego)

Diego fires another <Teo Trias> but this time it wasn’t at Misha but into the depths of the temple.

As soon as it hit the impressive-looking double doors it was absorbed by them.

The next moment a magic formation emerges on the door and begins emitting light.

“Open holy gate and release the seal.” (Diego)

The double doors slowly open and divine light containing a huge amount of magic power begins to leak through.

White, white and more white comes out.

It was a holy light that didn’t permit the existence of demons.

“Misha-chan!!” (Elenor)

Eleonor screams out as the holy light penetrates Misha’s anti-magic barrier and pierces her body.

Misha falls to her knees in extreme pain.

“In this sanctuary, the power of the mazoku turns to nothing. Forget <Gatom> you cant even use anti-magic can you? No help can come for you now.” (Diego)

“Stop it! Diego sensei! If you hurt Misha-chan I’ll never forgive you!!” (Eleonor)

“Shut up failure.” (Diego)

At Deigo’s voice, the holy water sphere around Eleonor turns white and her voice along with her figure disappears.

“Now then.” (Diego)

Diego stretches out a hand and light gathers there before becoming a sword.

Its the same holy sword Enhalle that Zeshia had.

“It seems your friend has messed us around a bit.” (Diego)

With a dark look on his face, Diego stands by Misha.

“Are you ready filthy mazoku?” (Diego)

Diego puts Enhalle’s blade against Misha’s cheek.

Due to the light leaking from the door Misha is unable to move.

“You should realise the grudge of the humans killed by you.” (Diego)

“…..Haven’t killed anyone…..” (Misha)

Did Diego find her words irritating? His face twists in disgust.

“It was 2000 years ago when mazoku fought human. Peaceful now. Everyone lives.” (Misha)

“Did you think we forgot just because time passed you rat!!” (Diego)

Deigo kicked Misha in the face as hard as he could sending her sprawling to the floor.

“…..Tsu……..” (Misha)

Grasping Enhalle Diego walks slowly towards Misha.

“Make a wall, separate them for a thousand years and everyone forgets? Everyone can live in peace while forgetting everything? Aah…… How arrogant your founder was. Never forget. Determined to never forget. 1000 years, 2000 years. Did you think your sins would be gone!!” (Diego)

Diego thrust Enhalle down and pierces Misha’s chest.

Blood spurts out and her magic power disappeared.

“…..Apologise for accident…..?” (Misha)

Even if someone dies the school will cover it up as an accident, however, its a big problem if a teacher kills a student, especially when they weren’t even involved in the test to begin with.

“What about it? All along I planned to have one of you mazoku die anyway. In fact—” (Diego)

With a smiled stained with insanity Diego continues.

“I don’t need you reviving either. Together with your origin, I’ll have you disappear. I’m sure the people of the demon king academy will be angry though.” (Diego)

A magic formation appears on the tip of the sword that’s piercing Misha’s chest.

Another <Teo Trias> was drawn.

“If you have a grudge then begrudge your ancestors and the demon king of tyranny you filthy mazoku.” (Diego)

Light gathers on the tip of Enhalle.

“<Teo Trias>!!” (Diego)

Along with his grudge, Deigo activates the magic.

The next moment a black aura appears and swallows Enhalle’s blade.

A jet black aura appears over Misha’s body protecting her.

“….Wh….at…..?” (Diego)

“Do you remember it? The wall that dived the world into four 2000 years ago. <Beno Ieven>” (Arnos)

After transferring here using <Gatom> I grasped Diego’s shoulder.

“….Holy……In this area……No mazoku magic should be usable.” (Diego)

“Oh? Should I give it a try then?” (Arnos)

For a moment the temple falls into total silence then Diego spins his body around and releases a <Teo Trias>.

“Die Mazoku!!” (Diego)

I wiped it out with my <demon eyes of ruin> and grabbed his face.

“Guu…….Guoooo……..!!” (Diego)

I lay emphasis on my fingers and you can hear the bones in this guys head creaking.

“I hope you liked playing around with your boring tricks and strategies. According to your revised history, you wanted to show humans stood above mazoku. That’s fine, it was still a peaceful method while getting all pleased with yourselves.” (Arnos)

A magic circle is drawn on Diego’s body and I inject power into it.

“But what did you try to do just now?” (Arnos)

Diego grabs my arm with both hands and tries to shake it off but I don’t budge at all.

“….Shut…up……” (Diego)

“I heard what you were going to do.” (Arnos)

I inject <Beno Ieven> directly into his body.

“Gu..aa…aa..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Diego)

Swallowed by the dark aura Diego disappears without a trace.

Cutting my finger with my thumbnail I let loose a drop of blood and cast Resurrection <Ingaru>.

Deigo’s body was revied.

“…Wha……” (Diego)

Diego stared at me in amazement.

“You think you can die without my permission? Even death will not free you from me, stupid human.” (Arnos)

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  1. Looks like he is going to get the curse treatment 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Man its scary when people think that you are spoiling it when the same thing happend twice
    I was banned from kissanime due to saying that they will find the match more entertaining if they read the novel but they completely misunderstood me thinking that i was talking about the tournament while actually i was talking about the match before.😭😭

    • The best part would be to give him the same treatment and make him into mazoku if possible then he can spend the rest of his life hating himself haha

      • Same thing he did to his first teacher though… wouldn’t it be kind of unoriginal if he did it again?

        Besides, I don’t think this is something that can be ‘fixed’ just by putting him in the opposite perspective.

        Doing it to Emilia was good because she didn’t just hate half bloods, she looked down on them as something inherently inferior to herself.

        It’s not such a good punishment when, while Diego hates the demon race, he at least respects them to some extent as opponents.

        • No he is gonna to what he did to that nobles during the entrance exam keep killing him and bringing him back to life. Emilia he reincarnated her as a half breed.

    • So far my biggest disappointment in the anime is how they brushed off Arnos and Rey vs Demon elder… it was so fun to read.. and so disappointing to watch

      • I know right? As I was watching it I was thinking: “oh man, here it comes” but then being utterly disappointed when they skipped the whole fight. It kinda makes sense when you think about it though because they are trying to cover 3 novels.

  2. This ice breaker match got escalated quickly.
    And Arnos, don’t kill diego, torture him for eternity. Show it to everyone, who touch your girl gonna get the same punishment

  3. For a demon lord. Arnos is quite chivalrous.
    He compliments his opponents.
    Man, when he loses his cool.
    May the gods bless this Diego and let the humans remember.

  4. My poor Misha. This Diego needs to be broken so bad that in the end he will be licking Arnos’ shoes on his own free will.

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  5. And so continues Arnos’ stunting on these fools that years from now historians will refer to this event as “The Flexening”.

  6. These humans in this novel, constantly bring up: “Your ancestor did this to my ancestor xx years ago, look at how much you’ve wronged us”, sounds like a certain *** movement

    • Mr. Bob, I need you to look around your world and see things again. Your eyes are currently narrowed and jaded, they are not wanting to see a full picture.

      That movement you mentioned there isn’t about the past, its about the present, and about the future. Its about more than just one person external appearance, its about the treatment of a fellow human being by other human beings. Its meant to make people look beyond what is surface level, and try to form an understanding of the many problems that plague society as a whole, yet people refuse to look at due to the difficulty that come with realizing them.

  7. Just wanna point out something:

    Lock Barrier —> Lock Barrier
    Demon Eyes of Ruin —> Demon Eyes of Destruction

    (Im not hating, I just saw this on he Magic wiki and decided to share it with you guys)

    • Whoops looks like something went wrong with my comment:

      Liikus —> Leaks
      Lock Barrier (Digit) —> Lock Barrier (Degit)
      Demon Eyes of Ruin —> Demon Eyes of Destruction
      Ingaru —> Ingal

        • Not picking a fight here but not sure what you are getting at by pointing them out?

          Translating isn’t a science bro. A lot of things are down to interpretation or just personal preference on the translators part. Katakana in particular is quite hard and open to interpretation. I hate trying to decipher Katakana so i know translators pains.

          As a long time leecher Ive seen a lot of translators address this issue over the years and a lot of times when a WN is being translated the translator doesn’t know exactly what word the author was going for so they guess. Arnos name could be spelt (and is) a number of different ways and its not until they get official names from the authors that they know if they were right or not.

          All those words you mentioned above will be the same. Just different translators reading it differently.

          I can read Japanese to a degree so I’ll use your demon eyes of ruin as an example. I looked up the raws and found the relevent kanji (I don’t want to speak for tempus or put words in his? mouth) but I would say that the ruin/destruction thing is purely tempus choice as the kanji can be read destruction/ruin etc etc so he probably went with ruin. Ruin and destruction is basically two different words with the same meaning. Dude proably likes the sound of it better or something.

          Oh and thanks for the chappie tempus!

          • Whoa no need to get aggressive, I just pointed them out because I want to
            share it with others so dont get mad( Im not gonna comment anything else in my comment to avoid further conflict )

  8. Also it looks like you immediately uploaded the next chapter, why is that? i thought the uploads were weekly…

    • I don’t have a schedule (never have). I try for once weekly but as long time readers know sometimes it might be 2 or even 3 weeks before I can get a chapter out and sometimes I get a bit of free time and do double releases. The releases are purely based on how much free time I have.

  9. lol, why i always imagining Diego’s face looks like Benno from honzuki no gekokujou and has Dio’s voice like Benno too XD

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