90. The radiance of life

“….Mazoku…. Kill……..?” (Elen)

Elen said in amazement.

“….Demon king of tyranny………kill……?” (Jessica)

Jessica muttered in an almost delirious tone.

“…..Kill?” (fan union)

The girls in the fan union started murmuring almost incoherently.

They’re hearing it through the<Liikus> I have established with them.

Fumu. This is slightly bad.

Should I be careful?

“……No, hang on. Everyone! Don’t think about it! This voice is surely an enemy attack. Is it brainwashing magic…..!?”

“Ah….yeah…really…… What should we do?”

“It’s okay. Think about Arnos-sama, that should overwrite that stinky old man’s voice!”


“Arnos-sama was so cool today……”

“We were told to give our love….. I won’t wash my ears anymore!!”

“……Aah…. It’s not good……!” (Elen)

“Stay strong Elen. Wasn’t it you who said to think of Arnos-sama!?”

“……I know Arnos-sama’s voice is precious but even thinking about it makes me feel strange……” (Elen)

“……Is it an enemy attack?”

“I don’t know but Arnos-sama is amazing.”

Fumu. They have surprisingly strong willpower but it would be better to not let it go on any longer.

I cancel <Ask>

“Arnos. Just now.” (Misha)

“Did you hear it as well?” (Arnos)

I feel her nod.

It must be because they are connected through <Guys>.

“Mass of hatred.” (Misha)

That’s a suitable way of describing it.

“Did you feel anything else?” (Arnos)

“I know a similar feeling.” (Misha)

Misha was her usual calm self.

“Headteacher.” (Misha)

Fumu. I see.

Didn’t Heine say they could hear the voice of the hero Kanon? I’m assuming this is what he meant.

It seems the hero academy has as much trouble as the demon king academy.

“…….Arnos Voldigod……” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano speaks in a gloomy voice. He’s still got his lifeless eyes but somethings different.

To borrow Misha’s words he’s in a cage of hatred.

Looking over I see Zeshia who was blown away by  <Teo Trias> stand up.

Her holy sword Enhalle was emitting magical power on a scale way beyond anything it had before.

It was shining as bright as a star just before it was ready to burn out.

“……Even if you aren’t the demon king of tyranny your power is still dangerous and someday, surely, that power will threaten humanity…..” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano voice sounds like someone who’s let go of their sanity.

Zeshia doesn’t react to Ledorianos words and turns her eyes to me. Emotionless eyes. The eyes of a doll who only listens to commands.

Despite that, and beyond the light of her holy sword her origin is still certainly there.

“…..That you came to this academy exchange…..for us, was the best thing to happen…..” (Ledoriano)

As Ledoriano was talking Zeshia charged straight at me.

“Arnos.” (Misha)

“Don’t worry.” (Arnos)

While talking to Misha I step forward to meet Zeshia.

Drawing closer she drew a magic formation over her heart.

That spell—

“Fall back Misha!” (Arnos)

I quickly develop antimagic to protect Misha who’s behind me.

“Zeshia listen. Stop that magic right now. You will not get the results you’re expecting.” (Arnos)

Ignoring my advice Zeshia rushes in.

“Are you finally scared? This is the end Arnos Voldigod. You should realize the resolve of a hero.” (Ledoriano)

Zeshia closes in on me.

You don’t have to speak to use that magic but Ledoriano spoke out the name of the spell for the silent Zeshia.

“Origin Light Destruction Explosion <Gavel>!!” (Ledoriano)

At point-blank range, Zeshia plunged Enhalle into the left-hand side of her chest.

At that moment her body begins to collapse while her origin radiates an extreme amount of light.


A heroes curse that forcibly releases all the magical power stored in your origin and causes an explosion of magic.

It’s also known as Origin Explosion and suicide magic.

Let alone this life even your possible future lives are thrown away as the explosion consumes even the power of your future lives.

Its power is well beyond anything a normal magic-user can deal with.

Light covers the world and all sound stops.

Whiter than white, the pure radiance of life itself filled lake Seimei.

“…….You made light of our resolution, our courage……” (Ledoriano)

The origin explosion begins to settle and the pure white world begins to regain its colour.

“I told you to stop it.” (Arnos)

At the sound of my voice, Ledoriano’s expression shows a mix of surprise and despair.

“Are you sane Ledoriano? That was nothing but a meaningless death.” (Arnos)

“……Wh……..at……..” (Ledoriano)

I hear his teeth click together as he snaps his mouth shut before he starts trembling and groaning. It looks like he can’t even speak properly.

“Are you okay Misha?” (Arnos)

Misha had fallen back to the demon king castle as I told her.

“Arnos protected me.” (Misha)

I used my <demon eyes of ruin> to suppress the origin explosion.

<Gavel> has a wide range and normally I would have temporarily retreated using <Gatom> because as long as you are not at ground zero you can defend against it. It’s still powerful but doable.

The issue was that even if Ray and Sahsa managed to survive I wouldn’t have been able to save Misa and the girls in the fan union.

“….W…..hy…….?” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano finally speaks a coherent word.

I turned my gaze to him.

“….Why? You were at the centre of the explosion….. How are you unhurt….!?” (Ledoriano)

“Did you think you would reach me by throwing away the future?” (Arnos)

I slowly walk towards Ledoriano.

“I certainly made light of you guys. But to go as far as to use <Gavel> for this test.” (Arnos)

Another step forward.

“It was a splendid resolution, however, this life of mine of not that cheap that you can get it by using the future of all your members.” (Arnos)

Another step forward.

A flash of a sword attack appeared.

I caught it with my right hand and brushed it off.

“….Hou.” (Arnos)

As expected they are surprised.


What I blocked in front of me was the person who was supposed to have disappeared. Zeshia.

After using origin explosion even resurrection won’t help you. Enhalle which should have also disappeared was in her hand.

“You guys are doing something very interesting here. What is it Ledoriano?” (Arnos)

He just quivered as if scared by something.

Based on his personality he would normally start explaining things with goodwill.

But not this time. Is there a reason for it?

“………..” (Zeshia)

Zeshia kicks the ground and as soon as she approaches me she draws the formation on her chest again and immediately stabs herself with Enhalle.

<Gavel> dyes the area white again and again I suppress it with my <demon eyes of ruin>

Zeshia dies and disappears along with her origin.



Zeshia who should no longer be alive appears out of nowhere and stands in front of me for the 3rd time.

“Fumu. There doesn’t seem to be a limit.” (Arnos)

<Gavel> isn’t a magic I can deal with lightly. I must locate the reason this fellow keeps coming back.

If she won’t die from using <Gavel> then she’s unlikely to die from anything I can do.

This seems to have turned into a real fight against a real hero.

“…..Arnos-kun can you hear me?…..”

I receive a concealed <Liikus> that isn’t coming from the heroes side.

“Come to the temple. Please. Zeshia can only be stopped by me.”

<Liikus> is cut off.

“Eleonor?” (Misha)

“I can’t dismiss that this might be a trap.” (Arnos)

Misha shakes her head.

“Not lying.” (Misha)

Eleonor seems to be different from the others and if Misha says it’s okay then it is.

“I’ll go.” (Misha)

“Understood. I’ll suppress this fellow.” (Arnos)

Standing further away this time Zeshia stabs herself in the chest using <Gavel> but I quickly close the distance and stab my right hand into her chest.

“…..Tsu….!” (Zeshia)

“You’re a dull fellow. How many times are you going to blow yourself up?” (Arnos)

I cast Time Manipulation <Lebaido> on <Gavel> stopping the magic itself and preventing the origin explosion.

“Fumu. It hasn’t completely stopped?” (Arnos)

Well, I suppose it was a bit unreasonable using magic on a magic that was embedded in an origin. At least I’ve bought some time.

“Be careful.” (Misha)

“You too.” (Arnos)

Misha nods and uses <Gatom>

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