89. Arnos-sama support song No.3 (peerless demon king)

“….What do you think living is?” (Elen)

“Its Arnos-sama!” (fan union)

“What’s the meaning of life?” (Elen)

“Its Arnos-sama!” (fan union)

“What is Arnos-sama?” (Elen)

“He is both zero and infinite. He is all the concepts of this world!” (fan union)

Elen raises her voice

“Arnos-sama told us to sing. That Arnos-sama is waiting for our song! We can’t lose, whether it’s 10 million or 100 million!! If our song doesn’t get through then there’s no point us living anymore!!” (Elen)

“Arnos-sama! Arnos-sama! Arnos-sama!!” (fan union)

“Everyone! Let’s do this!! Arnos-sama’s 3rd support song [peerless demon king]!!!” (Elen)

The area falls silent as everyone hones their concentration.

The next moment overflowing feelings flowed from the song.

“Can’t become serious ♪” “Uuuuuuー♪” (fan union)

“Peerless demon king ~~~~♪” (fan union)

“Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” (Ledoriano)

As if being judged by the light of <Ask> Ledoriano and Zeshia were blown away.

As if not being satisfied with just that <Ask> turned into 2 rays of light and attacked those 2 again.

“At..that..time, this me was just whimsicalー♪” (fan union)

The barrier surrounding Ledoriano easily cracked.

“……Wha….!? Whats this……!? My barrier blocked <Jirasudo> easily. Why is <Ask> responding to the heartless mazoku…!?” (Ledoriano)

You can hear the fan union song.

As expected of today’s mazoku. The volume of their voices is tremendous. There were no such singers amongst the mazoku 2000 years ago.

“To..you..a little♪ I was kindー♪” (fan union)

In response to their song, their thoughts turned into magic power and <Ask> grows stronger.

“Such a thing….. Mazoku hearts cannot love…..!!” (Ledoriano)

“It..was..a..misunderstanding, what I diiiiiid♪” (fan union)

Even the holy light of Zeshia’s sword Enhalle was pushed back by my <Ask> and when she tried cutting it she couldn’t.

“…….To lose……. to holy magic……. I’ll teach you the power of <Ask> backed by 10 million people…..!!” (Ledoraino)

As Ledoriano tried to pull more power out of <Ask> the feelings contained in the song increased even more.

Ah, the chorus is about to start.

“Know your place♪  This me is your ruler♪” (fan union)

“Kuuuuuu…..” (Ledoriano)

“Amusement♪ Uuuu♪ Shooow me your dance~♪” (fan union)

“This….!! Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Ledoriano)

“Don’t glaaare♪ Uuuuー♪ I’ll take you seriously~♪” (fan union)

“Gaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Ledoriano)

Swallowed by a raging tornado of light, the barrier that Ledoriano wore was torn to pieces.

“…..To..to be damaged like this…….. We are the reincarnation of the hero Kanon. Gairadeite’s future. We carry the expectations of an entire nation on our shoulders! Like this…… I can’t be defeated by such a stupid song…..!!” (Ledoriano)

I see. Are you trying this out for the first time?

“A stupid song? You truly aren’t Kanons reincarnation and even being one of the other seven origins is doubtful.” (Arnos)

Ledoriano grits his teeth.

“I won’t rise to such petty provocations.” (Ledoriano)

“I’m not provoking you at all. It’s a fact. That man was more sensitive to the hearts of others than anyone else. It wasn’t just the outward appearances people put on but the true feelings behind them he excelled at. That is why he mastered the heroes magic <Ask>.” (Arnos)

In an <Ask> vs <Ask> battle they cannot possibly compete with the hero Kanon.

Don’t call yourself the reincarnation of the hero Kanon if you cannot see through to the pure feelings of those girls.

“The mazoku can never have pure feelings!! You are heartless monsters! Demons that only hurt humans!” (Ledoriano)

“You’re saying some strange things. Why did you agree to an academy exchange then?” (Arnos)

Ledorianos expression becomes stern but he doesn’t try to answer my question.

“What’s your aim?” (Arnos)

“…..It’s my turn now. I’ll show you the true power of <Ask> using human feelings…..!!” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano and Zeshia draw a magic formation in front of them and the condensed holy light from <Ask> gathers there.

“Fumu. Sacred Fire Light Cannon <Teo Trias> huh?” (Arnos)

The holy power condensed and turned into a cannon shell. The heroes strongest light attribute magic that’s fired in one go.

“This is much stronger than 2000 years ago. The thoughts of 10 million people are packed into this <Teo Trias>. Even if you are a mazoku from the age of myths how much of this can you endure?” (Ledoriano)

“As I said earlier.” (Arnos)

I draw a magic circle in front of me and like Ledoriano I gather holy power in it.

“8 people are enough.” (Arnos)

*Aah, aaaaaaaa, aaaaaaah.* Tranquil voices echo in the area around us.

At that moment the magic power that was gathering in front of me swelled up enormously.

The magic power is even greater than last time.

“…Wha….. What the hell…..!? Even though the number of people has not increased the feelings have suddenly changed….” (Ledoriano)

“Don’t you get it?” (Arnos)

I aim my <Teo Trias> at Ledoriano.

“The second verse is about to start.” (Arnos)

“Can’t become serious ♪” “Uuuuuuー♪” (fan union)

“Peerless demon king~~~~~~♪” (fan union)

At that moment Ledoriano and Zeshia start to release their magic power.

It seems they intend to end it before my preparations are fully complete.

“<Teo Trias>!” (Ledoriano)

A huge shell of light comes at me and I release my <Teo Trias> as well.

Light and light collide turning the world completely white.

As the 2 shells collide I’m the one who’s pushed slightly back.

“….Fufufu. After all, mazoku cannot beat the hearts of us humans. They don’t know love. Don’t know true hope. Zeshia, let’s finish this in one go. Human feelings. Let me remind you that they’re hundreds of times stronger than the mazoku’s!” (Ledoriano)

Did they collect more human desires? The momentum of their <Teo Trias> has increased many times more.

My light magic bullet is quickly pushed further back until their magic is right at the tip of my nose.

“This is the end!!” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano adds the last of the magic power just as it happened.

The song sounds out.

“That..night.. was just on a whimー♪” (fan union)

My <Teo Trias> slightly pushes Ledoriano’s <Teo Trias> back.

“Your..body.. quietly♪ I caressー♪” (fan union)

My <Teo Trias> gains more momentum.

“It..was..a..misunderstanding, what I diiiiiid♪” (fan union)

Our <Teo Trias’> are now even.

“Oh! My desired approooach, was..it..fun~♪” (fan union)

My <Teo Trias> is now approaching those guys.

“Playing around and having a good time, only to be cast away is your fate♪” (fan union)

“……No….way…… I can’t lose….. to only eight people with the tiny hearts of the mazoku. Our human love……. is it going to lose……!?” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano is trying to extract more power but my <Teo Trias> is almost at his face.

“Alas, you didn’t notice, you were only my playthingー♪” (fan union)

“Kuh, guuuuuuuu…….. This….. from such a song. These feelings from such a stupid song……!!” (Ledoriano)

“Please don’t mourn ♪ Uuuuu ♪ I’ll be serious~♪” (fan union)

“…..Humans, our desires….. Don’t look down on theeeeeem…..!!” (Ledoriano)

Ledoriano’s and Zeshia’s <Teo Trias> was swallowed by light.

“Can’t be serious, uuuuuー♪ Peerless demon king~~~~~~♪” (fan union)

A huge explosion went off shining with the love of my fan union.

Ledoriano and Zeshia were swallowed and blown away.

Before the love of my fan union, they were scattered.

Eventually, the flood of light calmed down and I turned my gaze to the body moving feebly on the ground.

“….Wh…..why…..? Why….to only 8 people….?” (Ledoriano)

A stunned Ledoriano was muttering in amazement.

It seems he still can’t understand why he lost.

“<Ask> and <Teo trias> combine peoples desires into one. 2000 years ago the people of Gairadeite were united in overthrowing the demon king of tyranny and had a great deal of trust in the hero Kanon. If it was him, people truly believed he would save the world. It was a strong desire above all others.” (Arnos)

Humans were in danger of dying. In fact, it was an unprecedented situation where they were truly in danger of becoming extinct. Even in that situation because they were able to believe in the hero Kanon their feelings became one. They were stronger and nobler and as such, they turned into vast amounts of magic power.

“Do you understand? Compared to the very heavy expectations that Kanon was carrying at that time your expectations are worthless. 10 million or whatever, numbers don’t come into it. In this peaceful world the hope that is sent to you, a student, is trivial. In fact, you aren’t even able to unite their thoughts.” (Arnos)

As they are, they cannot use the true power of <Ask>.

There’s no point even comparing it to the thoughts of those 8 who were prepared to stake their very lives.

“I won’t say that human love is inferior to mazoku love but the love sent is very different.” (Arnos)

Without accepting reality but unable to refute it Ledoriano hangs his head.

<De Igeria> heals his wounds but he doesn’t attempt to stand up.

No matter how many times a body is healed you can’t heal a crushed heart.

He has realised that the love he believed in right up to today was nothing but an illusion.

Now then…..


I heard something. Didn’t I?

Did I mishear?

No, it’s different.

It’s not Ledoriano’s nor Zeshia’s voice.

It’s not the fan union singing.

It’s not <Liikus> either.

This voice is directly entering my heart through <Ask>


No ones talking anywhere.

“…..Kill mazoku….”

I used <Ask> again and the voice was coming from the magic itself.

Long ago I heard this familiar voice.

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