86. Two holy swords

Laos received a direct hit from the black lightning blowing him clean across the plaza and slamming him into a building before finally stopping.

Laos was now burnt black and slumped on the floor. Objectively, it seemed difficult for him to continue the fight but the next moment he was enveloped in the dazzling light of recovery magic.

“Fumu. I thought those four were maintaining <De Igeria> but it seems I was wrong.” (Arnos)

<De Igeria> chips away at a mazoku’s power while enhancing a humans power. Recovery magic is also one of its effects. As long as they don’t outright die and stay inside the barrier their wounds will be healed instantly as many times as needed.

In order to maintain the barrier, magic power must be constantly supplied to it. If those 4 were maintaining it then <Jirasudo> would have finished them and broken the barrier.

“Other students maintaining the barrier?” (Misha)

“Looks like it.” (Arnos)

“I’ll look.” (Misha)

Misha completed the demon king castle in the city plaza.

Countless ice crystals were growing on the ground and spread throughout the entire city. Ice trees, flowers and buildings had sprung up throughout the entire castle town.

Misha puts a fingertip on the demon king castle and focuses on her demon eyes.

The castle, as well as the ice town she had made, were in a sense a barrier of their own. As such, Misha’s magic had permeated the entire area.

With this, she’ll be able to find the caster so we can neutralise them.

“Can’t find them.” (Misha)

They must be very good to escape Misha’s demon eyes.

“But I understand.” She says in her indifferent tone of voice. “Only one of the Jergakanon students can hide from me.”

Fumu. As expected of Misha. She probably has the name and face of every Jergakanon student firmly stored away in her head. In other words, the one student she can’t find is the caster of the barrier.

“Who?” (Arnos)

“Eleonor.” (Misha)

I see. Well, no surprise really after I looked at her origin.

“Leave it to me.” (Misha)

“It will be a tough fight.” (Arnos)

Her rank is below Ledoriano’s but her ability is not necessarily below his.

Look at me. I’m branded inept after all.

“Do my best.” (Misha)

Misha raises her left hand with the ring on and injects magic in the ice town.

The barrier being projected by the demon king castle is now competing with <De Igeria>.

It’s quite a sight to see actually.

“…..Tch…….. what a monster. I might have died without <De Igeria>.” (Laos)

The formerly blackened Laos stood up like nothing had happened.

“……..Don’t get angry. It’s a bit unfair that the barrier isn’t working despite them being mazoku though.” (Heine)

Similarly, Heine stood up from the position he’d been blown away to.

“….It doesn’t matter how strong he is or how many times we’re knocked down we just keep going until he runs out of steam.” (Laos)

“I’m sorry for you……”

A girl descends from the sky and stands in front of Laos.

Now that Misha has completed the demon king castle the effects of <De Igiera> are almost completely offset.

“But Arnos doesn’t need to bother with small fry like you.”

Sasha grabs the hem of her dress and curtsies elegantly.

“The eldest daughter of the Necron family, directly descended from the old seven demon emperor Aivis Necron, Sasha Necron the witch of ruin at your service. Remember it, for its the name of the one who’ll drive you to the edge of despair.” (Sasha)

Laos enters his battle stance and holds a fist up.

“Haa! Bring it on! Oi Heine, one of the chaos generation has appeared. I’m going to play with her a bit so go and meet up with Ledoriano first.” (Laos)

Laos talks to Heine via <Liikus>, however, their thoughts spill out.

“That’s fine but make it quick otherwise I’m going to beat that guy by myself.” (Heine)

“Isn’t that impossible?”

Hein’s eyes sharpen because until just a moment ago there was no one in front of him.

There was no evidence of any magic being used but a white-haired mazoku was suddenly there as if by teleportation.

“You cannot beat him. Not by yourself and not with others. I’m not sure there is anyone who can beat him.”

With his refreshing smile, Ray stands there with the unique sword Sigshesta.

“Ohh. It’s a black-suited onii-san with a seven-pointed star badge.” (Heine)

Heine’s lips curl up cheerfully.

“I know you. One of the chaos generation, the demonic sword saint Ray Grandori right? It’s said your swordsmanship is your pride.” (Heine)

“I’m okay but I’m better than you.” (Ray)

Heines smile freezes in offence.

“If that’s the case.” (Heine)

Heine leaps into motion with his holy sword Zeele gathering magic in its dark green blade.

“Block everything from this Zeele!!” (Heine)

Heine swings his holy sword down and at that moment it seemed like Ray’s hand glittered and a flash of light appeared.

“…………Eh……..?” (Heine)

While still holding Zeele, Heines right arm was severed and was now flying through the air.

Heine couldn’t even grasp the moment his arm was cut.

“With that skill level, your sword is crying. It’s such a good sword as well.” (Ray)

“…….Youuu……… You’re only a subordinate but you’re pissing me off……!! (Heine)

Heine’s arm immediately regenerated due to <De Igeria> and he drew a triple gated magic formation at his feet.

“I know your weak point demonic sword saint. You’re no good at magic. Your class would be demon swordsman <Cavalier> wouldn’t it? Your physical ability is improved so you can probably move faster than me but you can’t use any magic you aren’t familiar with.” (Heine)

“That’s right.” (Ray)

Ray flashes his refreshing smile.

“Why are you laughing? You really are pissing me off. Are you stupid? Don’t you understand? You have no way of preventing our magic barriers!!” (Heine)

Holy water springs out from Heine’s feet and he absorbs its power.

“Earthquake Barrier <Agoras>!!” (Heine)

The ground starts shaking unnaturally in a 30-meter radius around Heine.

It’s a barrier that resembles an earthquake but its not. It robs mazoku of movement by binding their feet and takes away their power.

“Hey, you can’t move can you onii-san? Now it doesn’t matter how good your sword arm is.” (Heine)

In the midst of the seemingly bad earthquake, Heine leisurely walks over to Zeele and picks it up.

“I’ll show you another good thing.” (Heine)

Heine raises his left hand and holy light gathers there before becoming another sword.

“Come my other holy sword. Holy earth greatsword Zereo.”

Heine holds Zeele in his right hand and Zereo in his left.

“Let me teach you something. If any wound that’s made by Zereo is also cut by Zeele then that wound becomes a stigmata and recovery magic won’t work anymore. Everyone who’s wounded like that cries for help. Kyahahahaha” (Heine)

Heine’s face distorts in laughter.

“But no matter how much you beg I can’t help you because I can’t cure stigmata’s.” (Heine)

Heine casually approaches Ray with his twin swords.

“Hey listen. I can use these holy swords the best which is good because otherwise onii-san might have a hard time right?” (Heine)

Heine stared at Ray while making fun of him.

“It was Heine-kun right?” (Ray)

“Yes, what of it?” (Heine)

“I was right after all. Your sword is crying.” (Ray)

Sigshesta glitters and Heine’s left arm is cut off sending Zereo flying off and piercing the ground.

“…..Aaah……….. Ouch……. You……… How……!?” (Heine)

Heine jumps back in surprise with his arm regrowing instantly.

“…….. How’d you do that…..!?” (Heine)

Ray takes a step forward with a nonchalant look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” (Ray)

“How are you moving in <Agoras>…..!? You aren’t even wearing anti-magic…..!” (Heine)

“I wondered how you could move freely in <Agoras>. I thought it was probably because of holy power so I decided to use holy power as well.” (Ray)

Heine’s face distorts.

“This demon sword is unique in that is changes in response to its user’s wishes so I tried giving it holy power. I’m glad it went well.” (Ray)

Holy light overflows from the unique sword.

Ray has become one with his sword and is receiving the benefits from it. Due to that even though he’s a mazoku he’s not affected by <Agoras>.

“Ah, I see. Hmph. But that just makes it a fake holy sword. Can you beat me with that?” (Heine)

“Let’s use the real thing then.” (Ray)

Ray picks up the holy earth greatsword Zereo causing Heine to laugh.

“Ahahahahaa! What are you doing onii-san? It’s a big problem if a mazoku uses a holy sword you know? Your body will be eroded. Didn’t you see what happened to that 3rd year with the holy water? Time to finish t—.” (Heine)

Using Zereo Ray cuts off Heines right arm.

“Ugyaaaaaaa……!!” (Heine)

Heine retreats again holding his wounded arm and screaming.

“………Why….? Why. Impossible!” (Heine)

Ray follows after the retreating Heine.

“Return my holy sword. Return to your true owner!!” (Heine)

Holding his hand out Heine called his sword but nothing happened.

His expression is dyed in despair.

“……Why…..!?” (Heine)

“It seems that this holy sword likes me.” (Ray)

“Why don’t you return!? Zereo! Oi, are you listening?” (Heine)

The holy sword doesn’t respond to Heine at all.

Holy swords chose suitable owners and this holy sword has chosen.

“No way…….. its a lie lie lie……. It has to be a lie! It’s….. It’s a holy sword right…..? It’s not any old holy sword either. It’s the holy earth greatsword belonging to Jergakanon. No other heroes apart from me can use it…….!! Mazoku definitely cannot use it!!” (Heine)

Heine swings Zeele down.

Using Zereo Ray blocks Zeele.

“…….Wh……!?” (Heine)

“You seem to be lacking in understanding here. Should I teach you how to use holy swords?” (Ray)

Ray sticks the holy earth greatsword Zereo in the ground.

“……Fuu!” (Ray)

A flash appears from Zereo that’s stuck in the ground and in an instant, a huge area of earth appears as if gouged out and dumped.

Heine’s body is blown away due to the rapidly rising earth.

“……Uwaaaa…..!!” (Heine)

The ground, stones and even trees attacked Heine as if they had a will of their own. All of them were given power by the holy earth greatsword.

Heine was barely able to prevent it with anti-magic and barriers.

“C’mon…… I didn’t know Zereo had this much power—” (Heine)

Heine’s eyes show amazement.

Ray sheathed Shigshesta and picked up Zeele that had fallen to the ground.

“If you get injured by Zereo and then that same wound gets cut by Zeele it forms a stigmata that magic can’t heal. That’s right isn’t it?” (Ray)

“This is impossible……. This is completely impossible. How many years do you think I had to train to use two holy swords at the same time!! Why can this mazoku u—!” (Heine)

Two swords glittered at the same time.

“Ugyaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Heine)

Stigmata’s formed on both of Heines arms that had been cut off.

“……..Fu…. Fuuuuck……… Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…..!!” (Heine)

Heine forms magic circles over his stigmata’s and attempts to cut them off from the stumps, however, the stigmata don’t remain stationary and rapidly expand.

“………Why!? This is strange. Zereo and Zeele didn’t have such power….!! What did you do to my holy swords!?” (Heine)

“These swords have always had this power you just weren’t able to master them.” (Ray)

“Shut up! Shit…… It shouldn’t be like this…… Why have I lost…..? I can’t lose to a mazokuuuuuuuu!!!” (Heine)

Heine puts all his magic power into <Agoras> judging that since Ray had sheathed Shigsheta he would be affected by it again, however, Ray simply stabs both swords into the ground and <Agoras> immediately stops.

“This is the correct way to use them.” (Ray)

Heine’s body is skewered by 44 blades.

“Uu………..Gyaaaaaaaaaaa…..!!!!” (Heine)

A high pitched scream rings out.

The twin swords of Zeele and Zereo had multiplied underground and sprouted 44 blades from the ground.

Every wound changed into a stigmata rendering the healing from <De Igeria> useless.

“…..Aaaah…….. Help……. It hurts….. Aaaaaah……. Healing……. Why do I look like this……? Aaaaaaah…. It hurts….!!!” (Heine)

Unable to withstand the pain Heine just screams.

“Oi. You! I surrender! Heal me quickly! This is just a school test. Don’t you think this is too much?” (Heine)

Ray gave his refreshing smile to Heines haughty objection.

“Unfortunately I’m not very good at magic but since you’ve surrendered I won’t interfere while you heal yourself.” (Ray)

“…..Idiot……. I can’t……!! Ah……aaaaaah. It hurts…… It hurts……. help…….. Help me…..!!” (Heine)

“Is it really that painful? They’re not very big wounds you know? I think there’s far more hellish suffering to be had in this world.” (Ray)


Ray laughs and then smiles.

“Who knows. It was a thought that just popped into my head.” (Ray)

Turning his back on Heine Ray walks off.

“Oi, wait…….where are you going!? Help me! Help, help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” (Heine)

Heine’s screams echo throughout the city.

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