82. Lake Seimei barrier

“The hero academy selection class [Jerga Kanon] and the Libest team from the demon king academy 3rd years will now start the opposition test. Keep the honour and pride of your ancestors and fight fairly.” (Diego)

Diego signals the start of the test.

Those of us on the lakeshore will be watching the test via Remote Clairvoyance <Rimnet>. The images are being sent by falcons used by the hero academy flying over the lake and swimming in the lake.

“I’m sorry Arnos-kun.”

Menou says coming over to me.

“What for?” (Arnos)

“About Libest-kun. He said some bad things about you.” (Menou)

“Hardly the first time I’ve had royals complaining about me.” (Arnos)

Menou’s face takes on an apologetic look.

“Libest-kun is usually a gentle child but most people take great pride in their blood and deeply respect the demon king of tyranny.” (Menou)

Menou keeps watching <Rimnet> while talking.

“Libest-kun has the ability to compete for the top spot amongst the 3rd years now but when he entered the school he was close to dropping out. He was unable to use Demon King Army <Guys> so he couldn’t become a group leader.” (Menou)

“That does surprise me.” (Arnos)

“I know right? Libest-kun doesn’t like fighting so somewhere in his heart he refused to develop his army magic or any offensive magic.” (Menou)

“He doesn’t sound like a mazoku.” (Arnos)

“Perhaps. He hated the demon king who committed all kinds of atrocious acts and hated admitting that he shared the same blood.” (Menou)

That’s an unnecessary concern. It doesn’t matter who your ancestors were, you are you regardless of what blood you share.

Well, in this current era perhaps they now have the chance to think like that?

“What changed him?” (Arnos)

Menou’s expression became nostalgic. Do you remember that time?

“When he was in his 2nd year I was in charge of his class and he confided in me that he didn’t like fighting. He consulted with me because he was considering leaving the academy.” (Menou)

The classes in the demon king academy are biased towards combat so if you hate fighting dropping out would be natural.

“So I said to him that <Guys> was certainly developed for war but the founder probably developed the magic to protect the mazoku, otherwise, why would the demon king of tyranny whose life was being targetted by many enemies create a magic that shares his power out and weakens him?” (Menou)


“Is that written in a textbook?” (Arnos)

“If you only teach what’s written in textbooks then you don’t need teachers.” (Menou)

That certainly a teacher like thing to say.

“Don’t you think so Arnos-kun?” (Menou)

“Who knows.” (Arnos)

I caught Misha looking at me with a smile that said she’d seen right through me.

“Even if you hate fighting, power is sometimes needed to protect something. Maybe the founder was like Libest-kun and never really wanted to fight? I think this became important to him because Libest-kun now respects the founder and has pride in the royalty.” (Menou)

“He went too far though and joined the royal faction.” (Arnos)

Menou smiles wryly.

“A little bit. I think the demon king of tyranny became a special existence to him more than anyone else.” (Menou)

That would explain why he really didn’t like me calling myself the demon king of tyranny more than most.

He probably also holds respect for the teacher that set him on that path and that’s why he wants to put right how Menou has been treated himself.

“I see him, my prided student. He will surely win.” (Menou)

Menou lets out a little laugh.

Looking at <Rimnet> both sides are about to move.

The Jerga Kanon team are located in the underwater city filled with buildings and temples whilst the Libest team are located near the underwater caves and mountains.

Both teams have Underwater Activity <Coco> cast on them which allows them to breath underwater and lasts as long as you have magic power left.

“Preparations are ready Libest-sama!”

All his subordinates have a resolute attitude.

Is Libest from a good family or highly capable? You can see respect from all his members. Perhaps it’s simply the result of an outcast fighting his way to the top position.

“Do it!” (Libest)


Following standard tactics, Libest built his demon king castle where he was standing.

It’s a long and narrow castle like a tower. The water flowing around it started swirling violently forming a wall preventing access to the demon king castle.

Due to the change in water flow the fish and even the huge rocks caught in it are sucked in and torn to pieces.

Apparently, there’s a terrain effect that strengthens water magic.

Libest’s guardian team seems to be excellent. Normally you wouldn’t be able to build a castle and set up those whirling currents with the magic of just 2 people.

“Beautiful demon king castle.”

Misha mutters while watching <Rimnet>

“He’s not just a 3rd year for show. 1st years could never make a castle like that.” (Misha)

Misha tilts her head to one side in wonder.

“Except for you.” (Arnos)

Misha nodded.

“First of all the <Shamans> will scout the enemy. The big difference between <Asura> and <Guys> is the Heroes <Braves> and the Sages <Wiseman>. In exchange for not being able to build a castle the <Wiseman> can use special support magic.” (Libest)

Fumu. As expected of the 3rd year students. They actually studied a little.

Libest’s group has 3 shamans. One casts a net of magic power over a wide area and confirms the position of the heroes. One investigates any changes in magic power using their demon eyes and the last one magically manipulates the fish swimming in the lake to investigate the enemy in detail.

They are looking for the <Wiseman> who can strengthen the <Braves>. They can also buff the attack magic of the <Mages> and buff the healing magic of the <Healers>. They support everyone basically.

Using <Guys> the caster receives the demerits that would normally apply to the <Mages> and <Healers> but under <Asura> the <Wiseman> are a little different in that they can buff the entire unit with no backlash.

All the heroes are strengthened by the <Wiseman> so the first thing to do is eliminate the <Wiseman>.


One of the <Shamans> reports in.

“It’s strange. The fish familiars are not operating as expected.”

“Same here. Every time I try to cast the magic net it gets interrupted.”

“My demon eyes are the same. I can’t see any magic power over there.”

In other words, it’s not possible to scout the enemy at all.

Libest thinks carefully.

“It could be an application of anti-magic that’s hindering our magic.”

“A formation of <Cavaliers>, <Shamans> and <Healers> will go out and scout the enemy. Avoid fighting as much as possible. If you find something strange report in immediately using <Liikus>.” (Libest)


3 teams of 3 leave the demon king castle and take different routes to the city where Jerga Kanon is based.

They carefully advance into enemy territory.

“I see we have summer bugs flying into the fire.”

Laos appears in front of one of the units.

“Libest-sama one of the Heroes <Braves> has appeared!”

One of the <Shamans> immediately report in but there is no reply.

“Libest-sama? Libest-sama……!?”

There’s no answer no matter how many times they try to call.

<Liikus> appears to have been cut off.

“Haaa. You can’t use <Liikus>. You do get that right?” (Laos)

Laos fist is wrapped in flames giving off a holy glow.

Despite being underwater the flames are still burning.

“I’ll buy you time. Get back to the demon king castle!”

The <Cavalier> tries to pull his sword from its sheath but it won’t come out.


In that instant, Laos approaches close to the <Cavalier>

“Oraa!” (Laos)


Laos fist connects with the <Cavaliers> stomach.


The <Healer> immediately uses Anti-magic Healing <Enshell> but as soon as the magic circle forms it disappears.

“………What the……..?”

“Did you finally notice? Your magic power is weakening.” (Laos)

Laos approaches the <Healer> who tries to get away but their legs are getting slower and slower.

“Not only your magic power but your physical abilities as well. You are now weaker than a human!” (Laos)

The <Healer> was wrapped in flames and the <Shaman> followed soon after.

“Haa. I don’t even need my holy sword in this fight.” (Laos)

Laos uses <Liikus>

“Heine, Ledoriano. I’m done over here.” (Laos)

“Same here.”

“They will be aware that somethings up now. I’m going to head straight to the demon kings castle and invade it.” (Laos)

Laos left the city and headed straight towards the castle.

“It’s strange……” (Menou)

Menou mutters while watching <Rimnet>

“If its a magic field that stagnates magic power and causes weakness then the heroes should be affected as well but they are fine and can use <Liikus> as well…… I know the difference in magic power is normally great but today it’s feeble at best……” (Menou)

Menou gets lost in thought.

“The magic power of Libests team is being sealed but there’s no sign that it’s coming from the heroes side………. If it’s not being cast on them directly then how because no matter how you look at it the range is just too wide otherwise…….” (Menou)

Menou makes a bitter look while mumbling to herself.

“Fumu. In other words, are you saying that the hero side is doing something wrong or cheating?” (Arnos)

“…….It’s suspicious but there’s no evidence…… It could also be that they are just really good……” (Menou)

Her expression says that she finds that last part hard to swallow.

“I have proof.” (Arnos)


“They are using holy water that been dissolved in the lake. It’s a kind of special magic tool which doesn’t have a form. If you use its power it gives magic to the humans but for the mazoku it’s poisonous.” (Arnos)

The gods created holy water to seal the mazoku.

2000 years ago there were only a few people that could use it but it seems its been successfully passed down.

Holy water is a high-grade magic ingredient.

Even for me, this is the first time I’ve ever seen it being used. It seems they’ve successfully devised a method to conceal the existence of the holy water.

“Holy water mixed in with normal water creates a magic formation.” (Arnos)

When I told her Menou stares at the lake with her demon eyes.

“……..I don’t understand……. How can you tell different kinds of water that have mixed together…..?” (Menou)

It will be hard to spot since the magic power is very well concealed.

“I’ll show you.” (Arnos)

I touch one of Menou’s eyes, draw a formation on it and pour my magic power into it strengthening her demon eyes.

“Eh…..? This is……..?”

“You can see magic power much better now. This is the world I see.” (Arnos)

This was only possible because Menou’s demon eyes were of a sufficiently high level to begin with. If they weren’t this would have destroyed her eyes.

“…..Incredible……. I can see magic power far more clearly than the materials themselves….” (Menou)

Menou gazes into the water projected by <Rimnet>. She should be able to clearly see the holy water forming a magic formation in the lake.

“This is……. a formula for a barrier system technique…..? I don’t understand its specific effects though….” (Menou)

“It draws out the power of the holy water, raises the humans magic power and seals the power of the mazoku. Holy water naturally flows into Lake Seimei. The hero side is supplied with unlimited magic power and the mazoku will endlessly have their power chipped away at.” (Arnos)

“….With that….. As expected there never was a geographical advantage for us. It’s a power source only usable by the heroes side.” (Menou)

Menou’s voice is filled with resentment.

If you know that holy water is flowing out as long as you don’t draw on your magic power it becomes neither poison nor medicine.

I had wondered if they’d use the power of the holy water under the guise of some kind of test.

Do you want to win that much you’d be willing to have a grudge along with any future relationship? Or did you think it would go unnoticed?

“What will you do? With this its not even a game.” (Arnos)

“Thank you. With this, there is enough evidence. I’m going to go and protest.” (Menou)

With an angry look, Menou heads over to Diego.

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