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Some thoughts – not a chapter

Hi all.

First off, thank you for all the support to my last message. I’ve somewhat gotten over my peeve for the spoilers so I will more than likely be carrying the series on. Also, like someone pointed out, the author is quite good at building up the setting even if you know the ending so there’s still enjoyment to be had in the story.

Secondly, I am considering taking up an infill project. It will very much be an as and when project since Maou Gaukin is my primary focus but it will be a fall back project if I get demotivated again. I was going to carry on with ultimate porter but the author deleted the raws so that’s a no go.

I was considering the WN version of [In a Different World with a Smartphone]. I know there are 19 volumes of the LN translated but someone mentioned it in the comments and I’d forgotten about it. I did enjoy it as a slice of life fluff but found out that most of the links on NU are dead so I’d have to start from the beginning which doesn’t bother me since I can’t remember a lot of the story anyway. What’s peoples thoughts on the matter? Would there be any interest in it? Like I say it would be an infill as and when project.

Thanks all

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