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Hi all.

First off, thank you for all the support to my last message. I’ve somewhat gotten over my peeve for the spoilers so I will more than likely be carrying the series on. Also, like someone pointed out, the author is quite good at building up the setting even if you know the ending so there’s still enjoyment to be had in the story.

Secondly, I am considering taking up an infill project. It will very much be an as and when project since Maou Gaukin is my primary focus but it will be a fall back project if I get demotivated again. I was going to carry on with ultimate porter but the author deleted the raws so that’s a no go.

I was considering the WN version of [In a Different World with a Smartphone]. I know there are 19 volumes of the LN translated but someone mentioned it in the comments and I’d forgotten about it. I did enjoy it as a slice of life fluff but found out that most of the links on NU are dead so I’d have to start from the beginning which doesn’t bother me since I can’t remember a lot of the story anyway. What’s peoples thoughts on the matter? Would there be any interest in it? Like I say it would be an infill as and when project.

Thanks all

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  1. I know it’s already translated, but you could do Kumo Desu Ga, Nani ka? The a large portion of it is machine translated and unreadable after chapter 122 to maybe chapter 218. Chapters are short from what I remember so not much work needs to be done.

  2. Could you translate โ€œ IS THIS A ZOMBIE OF THE DEAD light novel. It had two anime seasons and ~22 novel volumes. The translator stopped nearly three years ago at volume 8. Could you please translate a few chaps every so now and then. Itโ€™s very funny and cute. Similar themes to this. Vampire/demon/zombie/harem but in Japan. One of my fav series of all time. PLZZZZZZ AND THANK YOU FOR EEVEYTHING.

  3. If you are thinking about Isekai Smartphone, give a head up to Pixel, since I don’t know if he will continue someday (last at 437)

  4. the storyline of isekai with smartphone has been lengthened unneccessarily for profit, from what I’ve heard, and the later the story is the more boring it seems. So you might want to reconsider it.

    for the proposal, could you please be so kind to take “Boku no bungeibu ni bitch ga iru nante arienai”? It’s the first one that introduced me to 2D culture, and it had been dropped everywhere I could dig up on the internet. I cannot even find any converts in foreign languages, and I miss it much.

    • I second reconsidering Smartphone, though not for the reasons mentioned above.

      There’s two things to know:

      1) Smartphone is licensed by, most of the novels they translate are LN versions and they often leave the WN content alone but any short stories or illustrations they’ve acted on in the past. The illustrations posted in comments is the same, you could face a DMCA notice and whether you get it sorted out or not it’s a hassle as hosting companies are pretty quick to dump people when getting them.

      2) It really becomes all-too-generic in the latter chapters, what novelty the titular Smartphone brings to the table becomes moot when the MC can do everything and is recreating all convenient technology constantly for his people. A lot of chapters are dominated by this cycle of small problem > technology from another world implemented via magic > harem and/or friends giving ‘Oooo!’ and ‘Aaaah!’ reactions. The larger problems are solved by upscaling any aforementioned inventions and said inventions are usually the newest ones that coincidentally are a magic fix for the large problem due to MCs massive amount of magic power.

  5. Oh my, this would have been the perfect time to check out LNDB, were it not down.
    You could have just reload the page until you found something to your liking.
    But my recommendation is that you can look for a oneshot, or a short series.

  6. You might want to get in contact with whatever group originally did those early chapters and find out why they were deleted. Maybe there’s hardly any differences with the WN and LN, so they deleted them to avoid conflict with the licensed LN.

  7. I hear that smartphone one is terribly boring, like Death March levels of boring.
    So I’ll use this opportunity to throw ‘kaifuku jutsushi no yarinaoshi’ into the ring because its damn fun to read in the WN. Certainly for Mature audiences and apparently its getting an anime but nfi how thats gonna work, would be heavily censored to the point of being entirely different.
    A lot of people go ‘hurr2edgy4me’ but I think its a great story, at least reading up to where it stopped getting translated. You just gotta give it a bit to get into its groove and nothing else I can say cos spoilers.
    I think it stopped being translated a good year or 2 ago, also an opportunity to go back and start earlier by going over the machine translations if you were that keen.

    Whenever you see a translator group open offers my mind always goes blank lmao.
    But at least I was able to push Asian Hobbyist into picking up ‘Instant Death’ so thats one victory.

  8. So glad you are feeling more motivated, and I think having a “fall back project” is great!

    I don’t know what is going on recent in the light novel scenario, and the one I used to enjoy already has official traslations, so I’d feel bad for suggesting that one. (But in case someone else is interested, it was Clockwork Planet)

    Good luck with the future project!

  9. You could try Broke Mercenary dunno, i hear Smartphone is a bunch of every possible cliche trow together

  10. First off I just wanna say thank you so much for all your work for demon king and even though I mostly lurk I just wanna say it’s been a great few years for me in this site

    I feel kinda weird requesting this but could you do [Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai]? It’s an isekai about a veterinarian that got sent to a fantasy land except from what I saw in the manga the focus shifts to a modern guy in a medieval world. He deals with politics, honey traps and a caste like society where slaves are as normal to them as cars are to us.

    The manga at least has this weird tone where everything seems pretty fantastic on the surface but it’s obvious to both the MC and reader that there’s a dark undertone in that world.

  11. Please lets go with this…it will be fast…
    1 project at a time….

    Though i want to read it too….
    1 project at a time

  12. Hi, I was wondering why not have one of your more dedicated/consistent readers edit the comments as you release chapters ? That way if there are spoilers, you yourself can avoid them ?

  13. please
    anything but isekai smartphone
    I like an OP mc
    but not the dumb one
    whose job is only building his harem

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