Update – Not a chapter

Hi all.

There obviously hasn’t been a chapter released in a while and there are two reasons for that.

One is due to a family emergency which can’t be helped and the other is an extreme lack of motivation.

The reason for the extreme lack of motivation is spoilers (thank you very much). I did not read ahead and I was enjoying this novel translating as I went but thanks to certain individuals I now know (in no particular order): Who the reincarnation of Kanon is, who Avos Dillheavia is and what’s going on with that whole plot arc, who Misa’s parents are and what’s going on with Eleonor.

Since I doubt all of that is covered in this volume I probably know the next several volumes worth of plot so what’s the point? I might as well be translating a walkthrough or a wiki page for all of the surprise that’s left.

It takes me (give or take) 6 hours to do a chapter where if I read ahead by myself I could read each chapter in 5 to 10 minutes.

Some people have said disable the comments but I like the comments (generally). I like the interaction of the readers and the theory crafting that goes on. It’s what really makes the translating worth it. I don’t want thanks for what I do, it’s just nice to see people getting enthusiastic about something and it feels like we are reading along together.

Someone else commented that there appear to be spoiler addons for the site which I will be looking into but I highly doubt they would be used.

I will be releasing a chapter this weekend and I will finish the current volume/arc since I feel I owe you readers that but what happens after that when the next volume starts remains to be seen.

Thanks to all readers of my site and look forward to the chapter release this weekend.

53 thoughts on “Update – Not a chapter

  1. You don’t owe anyone anything. You specifically asked your readers not to spoil the story, so I believe that if you lost your motivation to translate, that’s on your shitty readers. Do whatever makes you happy, and don’t worry, I’m grateful for your translations and will accept if you want to stop.

    • Just to be clear, I’m not calling all your readers shitty, just the ones that you asked for a favor and went and did what you didn’t want to, without caring for others. Felt like my wording could be misunderstood.

  2. close coments open a discord and gave some of us to nuke spoilers. if you feel like it. if you feel you dont want to translate any more i will thank you for all the chapters until now and tank you for all the effort you put. wish you the best 🙂

    • ^Do this, was about to comment it myself. It will make managing spoilers easier since you can appoint some moderators to make sure this doesnt happen

    • Muito obrigado pelos capítulos até agora!!
      Eu realmente acho que conta spoiler e uma desgraça mesmo só seve pra estragar história e fazer perde a motivação essas pessoas que contam só querem ferra tudo!!!

    • Discord might be the way to go (If I can figure it out. I don’t use it.) I’d probably keep comments open though (on a trial basis anyway) but only for signed in users which might possibly help a little bit.

      • You should really open a discord it’s very simple, unless you wanna add bots and sfuff which can be added later on.
        If you want I can create a server for you

  3. I do sincerely hope you continue working on this novel, because it’s pretty hilarious and a good story for me to kill time with every week. I honestly view your releases as one of the highlights of my week, as there are few novels I am following nowadays.

    I agree with spoilers and those assholes intentionally posting them being a motivation killer. Please consider making a discord channel, or one of your readers can make one for you with spoiler channels and moderators taking care of the ones who would post advanced content. Once that is made, you can close the comments, which are very hard to moderate without spoiling yourself if a person does so purposefully.

    That way, you would both get the discussions from your legitimate readers and fans of the novel, being able to read about their theorycrafting and thoughts on the plot, as well as prevent spoilers from appearing.

    • Good point and it’s something I’ll probably look at but I don’t know Discord at all (I don’t use it) so I’ll play around a little this weekend. I might keep my comments open on a trial basis but only for signed in users which might limit some of the spoilers.

  4. Sooo, I really like that you are adapting the Novel since there isn’t any other English Realease of the Novel. There is just the manga how is far behind the novels. Oh and I always enjoy each Chapter what you are realising. I would suggest that you are completing this volume and then make a long break. Where you can watch the anime of the novel, just to give it a rest. I am sure that after a few months there would be no more problems with spoilers. But there will always be idiots.

    • Just that you know Idiots is related to the ones how are spoiling even if they know what are the major plot points are, they should keep there mouth shut. Because it’s also interesting how it happens and what the little story’s are between the major points, if you know it.

    • the problem here is that they’re spoiling big major stuff, literally the main villain identity is spoiled. etc. this is not someone who just wants to look smartass and get praises, they’re straight up full-time assholes and it’s disgusting. hope translator made discord to check discussions and continued the work, this is great novel.

  5. People who comment spoilers are asses. Thet just want attention because they didn’t get any. I even saw tempusinfinitum at weakest mage novel telling some guy to stop spoiling. Seriously, spoiling the story is not the way.

  6. I’m the opposite on spoilers. I actively search for spoilers when I’m curious. it’s all about the journey for me of getting to the punchline. I can also see other’s perspective on hating know what’s gonna happen, but it’s just not me. If/when you make a discord make sure make a channel for untranslated spoilers so those that do want spoilers can talk and ask about. (just mute the channel so you don’t get notification on it and leave moderating it to a mod that doesn’t mind) this will help prevent inadvertent spoilers in other channels too as there is a specific place.

    I’m just gonna put this out there that this is my first comment here as I’m a complete lurker so the spoilers didn’t come from me 😛

  7. Damn Man,
    Who the hell released those spoilers.
    In fact i remember someone saying that wether we want to know who eleonor is or something.
    See what happens when you spoil the story.
    Everyone suffers. In fact the novel smartphone(which i followed) was dropped due to too many spoilers.
    We know you can read the actual novel(you know the language it was written in) but please man, if you know the story then atleast let others enjoy it.
    Don’t just make the translator loose his motivation.
    In fact i am pretty sure he was also enjoying it while he was translation for us.damn.
    I really request the translator to not stop translating and others to not spoil it.
    Please dude don’t leave us. It is a very good novel and i am enjoying it to the fullest.

    • You’re right I was really enjoying it. I hadn’t realised that smartphone had been dropped. I sort of lost track of it at some point but i enjoyed it. I might pick it up as an infill project. Might give me some motivation back.

      • I would be very happy if you could do that
        And please close the discord in that if you start any new projects. I know you like discussion but it will only result the same way as this one.
        Besides dad translators changed quite a few times for similar reasons(if i remember correctly)
        Thanks for all the work you have done
        But if you can please don’t drop this one or please tell another translator to pick this one up.
        The story is quite interesting and they would love to translate it for us(i hope)
        Btw could you tell me the language it was written in. You know maybe i would have to learn the language if all goes south.🤣🤣
        And the site of the raw novel. If you can please mail me instead of putting it here. BTW sorry for long replies. Can’t help as i go with the flow.

      • Humans suck as a general rule. I understand if you give this up. I can support your caffeine addiction weekly if that helps any. 🙂 I know nothing about blog websites. That said, is there one you can make private and people would have to submit for invite approval to read your blogs? I am willing to chip in 20 USD a month to a “Paypal” or a like site, if that helps you get a safer inter-web space to write in. I am disabled and bed bound. So reading and coloring are the only things that keep me sane.

        • Thank you for the offer but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with ongoing payments from someone. I am happy that what I do gives you enjoyment though.

          I might set up a discord server (if I can figure out how) so people can chat away on there and make the comments section on my blog sign in only so no anon’s can spoil without being named and shamed.

  8. Regardless of what you decide to do after this volume, thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to this novel! As interesting as the story is, your translations made reading this novel very enjoyable.


  9. You have my support with any decision you take in the figure. You’ve already took your time translating all the novel up to this point, so we don’t have any right to tell you what yo do. I’ve enjoyed reading your work and want yo properly thank you.

  10. “Since I doubt all of that is covered in this volume I probably know the next several volumes worth of plot so what’s the point? I might as well be translating a walkthrough or a wiki page for all of the surprise that’s left”

    for the content that was spoiled it covers this Arc and the next one only ( volume 3 and 4)
    If it motivates you even a little bit, the author is quite talented at building things So even with the current spoilers you’re safe for Volume 5 and there on, also while those friggin morons spoiled precious information, the build up can still surprise you quite a bit I think.

    As for the comments, like others said opening a discord might be the best solution, like this you can have a spoiler section that you can royally ignore and you can have people that smite idiots spoiling out of bounds, it’ll prolly make the discussion more dynamics too

    As always Tanks for the food, and hope you family problems gets better

  11. I’m sorry to read that people were insensitive and continued to post spoilers even after you asked them to stop. I’ll be sad if you decide not to continue, but I will understand.
    You’ve given us a great gift, both in the translations themselves and in having a place to interact and post theories and whatnot. I hope your personal circumstances get better, and that you find motivation to continue with us after this volume.

  12. First of all, I thank you for all your work translating this novel and consideration for us, then, I am really mad at those people that spoiled those plots, and even though you don’t owe anything to us I have to say that I will be very sad if this series stops, I laughed a lot with it and I find the time that I use to read the chapter to be very enjoyable but I will understand if you choose to drop this series because you had warned about the spoilers and you took so many of them.
    That being said, I support the idea of a discord server and that you pick some readers to be moderators and, if it appears, clean up any spoiler in the commentaries.

  13. I am sorry that you got hit with the spoiler bat. People do suck. I am thankful for all that you have translated. I do hope you continue translating, if not i do understand. Once again thank you for all you have done and will do until you stop.

  14. Спасибо за перевод но не надо из за подобных людей останавливаться я с нетерпением жду продолжения каждый раз


  16. Tristemente hablo castellano y tengo que usar el traductor de google para leer capítulos en inglés. No vale la traducción del japonés por lo que doy las gracias de corazón a los que traducen las novelas al ingles. ¡Gracias por tu trabajo!

    Ahora, no entiendo porqué aparecieron comentarios como esos en unos capítulos tan primerizos. Si hay gente que sabe de la historia tan adelantada ¿Porqué se meten en capítulos anteriores para publicar spoilers?¿Les vale de algo ver por ejemplo el capítulo 70 si van por el 200? Hay partes buenas que se quieren volver a leer pero ¿es necesario los spoilers de capítulos más avanzados?

    Para toda la gente que hace eso seguramente para reírse o pasar el rato les digo una cosa. Es una falta de respeto tanto para el creador de la historia, el traductor que lo hace por hobbie (y por dinero también) y todos los lectores que se encuentran esperando más capítulos.

    Traductor/traductora, espero que si no es con esta buena novela sigas traduciendo otras. Lo espero con impaciencia.

  17. Sabía que esto sucedería luego de ver los malditos comentarios spoiler del anterior. Santo Dios, acabo escribiendo en español porque, sinceramente hasta de compartir mis opiniones en inglés da flojera.

    Todos entenderemos si dejas de traducir la novela, falta de motivación y para colmo, problemas familiares. Sin embargo, siempre se agradecerá el hecho de que sigas traduciéndola pese a las dificultades.

    En todo caso sería, lamentable, otra novela muerta.

  18. The anime is finally starting soon, and it’s probably inevitable that the anime will overtake the translations. Do you think the spoilers would’ve bothered you as much if they at least came from the anime instead of people who would’ve read the WN on their own? Especially if the anime was never delayed, since the events you were spoiled on may have been covered by now.

    I guess this is basically a “gonna watch the anime?” question.

  19. Hi Stranger, I picked up your site to read ahead. I really appreciate it. I do have my suspicions as the author isn’t exactly coy at hiding important characters. (Like why miss an opp to increase harem with large assets?)

    Theory crafting aside. A simple suggestion if possible is to put a paywall on comments. Or pay for membership and only members can comment.

    1. You can ban people that spoil, and it will cost them. Worse case you still get some money for it
    2. It allows us to appreciate and thank you for your work.

  20. I dont know if you read this…..

    But this story makes me happy….

    Family, friends and day to day life…
    Makes me cry…

    So plz…
    I know spoilers are bad….but plzzzzzzzzz

    I don’t want this to end…

    Lets finish this together…..

    I hope you remember about us too….


  21. They’re not wrong. Spoilers aren’t nice. I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped translating but I’m glad you didn’t for now. Thanks for letting us know. I really like this novel so it would suck if there’s no more translations just coz of some dumb spoilers

  22. I know you have lost motivation for continuing but u should know we all readers are glad that you are translating for us. I do not read comments generally so i dont know whats ahead but i’ll understand your reasons if u say u are tired of translating this. Its a really good novel too

  23. So like I’ve been wondering.
    This update is dated June 24. It’s been really long now. I really want new chapters 🙁

    • ???????????? What? I’m confused. I’ve just released chapter 96. My homepage shows the new chapters, there’s also the projects page and novel updates also has the release links. I’m not trying to be rude here but how have you not seen the updates?

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