77. Unrest

10 days later.

The academy exchange starts today.

Me and Ray returned to our room from the dining room and Ray immediately collapsed on the bed.

“Going to sleep?” (Arnos)

“Yeah. We’ve still got time.” (Ray)

After eating so much Ray must have become sleepy because he immediately fell asleep.

At the same time, a tapping sound started coming from somewhere.

The window?


Opening the window I could see Misha outside.

“What’s wrong?” (Arnos)

“Cat-san. Nyaa.” (Misha)

When Misha called out a familiar black cat came running over.

After jumping on Misha’s shoulder it then jumps onto my window sill.

One of the old seven demon emperors Aivis Necron.

“What’s happened in Deiruheido?” (Arnos)

Like Melheys I instructed Aivis to investigate Avos Dillheavia in Deiruheido.

He must have urgent business after coming all the way out here.

“Three of the old seven demon emperors have disappeared from Deiruheido.” (Aivis)

“Oh. Where have they gone?” (Arnos)

“I’ve confirmed that they’ve entered Gairadeite but I lost them in this city. They definitely haven’t left it though. They’re hiding here somewhere.” (Aivis)

This happened at the exact same time as the exchange? No way this is anything other than planned.

“Any relationship with the hero academy?” (Arnos)

“I don’t know yet. I have a network of human contacts in the hero academy but none of them has seen the missing emperors yet.” (Aivis)

If Avos Dillheavia and the hero academy are colluding together that makes for a plain but understandable situation.

“Understood. Continue looking for any movement of the missing emperors.” (Arnos)

“Your will. I have one more thing I’d like to tell you. It may not be related to Avos Dillheavia but it’s still worrisome.” (Aivis)

“What’s that?” (Arnos)

“On my arrival here I overheard some humans talking about the legend of the deep darkness.” (Aivis)

Fumu. Didn’t that storekeeper say something about that as well?

“What is that anyway?” (Arnos)

“It’s an oral tradition passed down amongst the humans for a long time now. It says that soon the deep darkness will once again swallow Azeshion but don’t be afraid and offer prayers and hope to our legendary hero. If you do, he will return and the light of hope will clear away the darkness.” (Aivis)

That’s a very common legend.

“This deep darkness could be the demon king of tyranny.” (Aivis)

“You think its a legend prophesising my reincarnation?” (Arnos)

“I do. It could have been handed down so they know to kill you when you are reborn.” (Aivis)

“Fumu. What’s your basis for that thought?” (Arnos)

“After it piqued my interest I looked into it and found that this tale had been passed down and spread to the whole of Azeshion from the students and graduates of the hero academy. The deep darkness is said to bring despair to the humans but the heroes never explained exactly what it is.” (Aivis)

It’s probably only the deep trust that they have in the heroes that allowed such a vague rumour to spread. Humans have always believed in the strangest of things.

“In other words, since the hero academy is mostly unknown to the mazoku they are plotting to kill the reincarnated demon king again and this time around they even want to destroy his origin so he can’t revive.” (Arnos)

“I believe it was done that way on purpose because if it specifically mentioned the demon king of tyranny us old seven demon emperors would have heard about it. This way they can avoid a confrontation with Deiruheido by calling it the deep darkness.” (Aivis)

The world became peaceful and interactions between the humans and the mazoku were cut off. Were they waiting in the shadows while publicly pretending to forget?

“It’s not an impossible story but there’s some inconsistencies. For one, the name of the demon king even here in the hero academy is Avos Dillheavia.” (Arnos)

“Really? Are you certain?” (Aivis)

“There seems to be a gag order on that information but one of the students let it slip out. I’m not going to say I’m definitely correct as they may be lying about the name but let’s just say I’m very sure it’s correct.” (Arnos)

Aivis falls into silence while thinking.

If they had managed to keep a legend about the resurrection of the demon king of tyranny going for 2000 years all the while looking for ways to defeat him you wouldn’t have thought they’d get his name wrong. The hero academy will never fight me because they are looking to fight the false demon king.

“Is it possible the plans of Avos and the hero academy are connected with each other to create this situation?” (Aivis)

“Possibly and three of the old seven demon emperors have come here.” (Arnos)

There’s three camps in Gairadeite now each with different expectations. There’s Avos, the heroes and this me.

The chances of nothing happening is none existent.

There’s also the chance of other unexpected situations appearing as well.

“You chase after the demon emperors whereabouts and I’m going to search the academy since today is the start of the exchange.” (Arnos)

“Your will.” (Aivis)

Aivis jumps out of the window.

“Work?” (Misha)

Misha grabbed onto the window sill and pulled herself up but only enough for her face to peep in for some reason.

“Work?” (Arnos)

“Demon king work?” (Misha)

Ahh, I see.

“Pretty much. Looks like we’ve come to a troublesome place.” (Arnos)

“Help?” (Misha)

“If it’s necessary. What were you doing outside?” (Arnos)

“Going to school.” Misha says in her usual indifferent tone.

“Isn’t it still early?” (Arnos)

“Because its the first day.” (Misha)

Indeed. That’s very Misha

I threw my body through the open window and landed outside.

Misha looks at me with a curious look.

“Let’s go together.” (Arnos)

“Nn.” Misha nodded happily.

Taking a leisurely walk me and Misha arrive at the hero academy.

Putting my hand on the door I go to unlock <Digit> but its opens automatically. Have the opening conditions been altered?

“That reminds me. Where do we actually need to go to?” (Arnos)

“Grand auditorium.” (Misha)

Looking around Misha points

“There.” (Misha)

Looking over I see a signboard with the words grand auditorium on it and pointing us in the direction of it.

I assume this has been prepared for us?

Following the instructions of the signboards, we go up some stairs and follow a passage to the back of the academy.

Arriving at the end of the corridor we find a pair of double doors and a plate saying Grand Auditorium.

Opening the door a very large space greets my eyes. The seats tier upwards and the blackboard is on the lowest platform so everyone can see.

“Big.” (Misha)

“There’s a lot of students between us and the hero academy.” (Arnos)

There’s two whole classes of just us mazoku alone then there’s the heroes. If you count us all it will probably need a classroom this big.

“Wooo its Arnos-kun. Good morning.”

In the front row is a girl with long black hair waving at me.

Its Eleonor. She runs up the stairs and comes over to us.

“You’re early Arnos-kun. That’s unexpected. Are you possibly an honour student?” (Eleonor)

“It was just on a whim.” (Arnos)

Misha cocked her head in curiosity.

“Acquaintance?” (Misha)

“Aah, sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet. Hero academy 3rd year Eleonor Bianca.”

Misha bowed her head.

“Demon king academy first year Misha Necron.”

“Pleased to meet you Misha-chan. I’m fine with Eleonor.”

Misha nods.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Is now okay? I have a question about the hero Kanon—” (Arnos)

Just then a voice sounded from the entrance.

“Hee. I wonder what it is? I’ll answer if you like demon king academy onii-san.” (1)

The blonde boy I saw in the library comes over.

Ledoriano and Laos were also with him.

“Pleasure to meet you. Hero academy selection class [Jergakanon] 3rd rank, reincarnated from the second origin of the hero Kanon. Holy ground creation knight Heine Kanon Iorg.”

Fumu. Every single one of them has a long self-introduction.

“I heard that Laos was bothering you. I’m sorry about that. He’s a little too quick to quarrel with people.” (Heine)

“No need to apologise. I was just lightly playing with him.” (Arnos)

Standing next to Heine Laos frowns.

“I’m grateful for you saying that. Aah, do you want to play something with me as well?” (Heine)

Hou. He just said something amusing.

“What kind of play?” (Arnos)

“Today’s class is a lecture. For a bit of recreation, I’m planning on doing something like a rivalry between Deruzogedo and Arclaniska. How about if the loser answers whatever the winner asks?” (Heine)

I see

“I don’t mind.” (Arnos)

“Well then.” (Heine)

Heine casts <Zekt>

Those who lose in today’s game answer the questions of the winner without lying.

“By the way, one of my questions is I want to know who the demon king of tyranny is.” (Heine)

Heine starts probing a little with his question trying to sound us out.

“Of course, even if you ask about the competition yo—” (Heine)

I stop listening to him and just signed <Zekt>

“Hee. Is that okay? You signed it so easily. This is different from going all out with magic you know.” (Heine)

“There’s no problem even if you find out who the demon king of tyranny is. Anyway…..” (Arnos)

I’ll teach Heine and the others the obvious truth.

“No matter what the conditions are, I’ll never lose.” (Arnos)

(1)  A stylistic choice on my part here leaving it as onii-san. I’ve never thought translating onii-san as older brother works very well in English when they actually aren’t the older brother so I left it as onii-san. I could’ve gone with demon king academy bro but I feel that gives off a different vibe than onii-san.

TN: The author left a little note at the end saying how nervous they were about writing Misa and Ray together but they were pleased that the bookmark count didn’t go down much. I guess they were really worried about that for some reason lol.

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