76. Shellfish necklace

Leaving the hero academy I found Sasha standing by the side of the gate.

“Were you waiting for me Sasha?” (Arnos)

Upon hearing my voice she turns towards me with a smile but she appears to change her mind and starts glaring at me instead.

“I wasn’t waiting for you. You were so slow I wondered if something had happened and came back.” (Sasha)

“You were worried about me?” (Arnos)

“What are y…..” Sasha stopped and thought about what she was saying and started again “I was wondering if you’d killed them all before the academy exchange had even started.” (Sasha)

I laughed. Even I know that much.

“Even though we are told that this exchange is to learn each other’s magic methods its main goal is to foster friendship between Deiruheido and Azeshion which would be very difficult if you go rampaging like you do in Deruzogedo.” (Sasha)

“The other side doesn’t appear to know that.” (Arnos)

As if losing her momentum Sasha falls silent.

“……Certainly, given our histories together I wonder if we can become friends……” (Sasha)

When I start walking Sasha starts walking next to me.

“Well, like I said earlier its only false history that the hero Kanon defeated me that’s been passed on. It’s probably premature to think that all humans are hostile to the mazoku.” (Arnos)

“Why?” (Sasha)

“The uncontrollable and unimaginably powerful demon king brought peace to the world on a whim. The humans can’t forget their fear of the demon king with that story since if he reincarnates he might decide to destroy the world on a whim this time.” (Arnos)

Sasha nods.

“Even if he knew it was a lie did the hero decide to say that he did to reassure the people?” (Sasha)

“It would be the best thing to do. It’s a true fact that the demon king of tyranny did die after all. Besides, even if your enemy who committed all kinds of atrocities said he wanted peace few would believe it.” (Arnos)

That’s why the great war started 2000 years ago. Grudges on top of grudges swirling together before finally overflowing. I hated it.

“They strongly believe that legend that’s been passed down and since they believe themselves to be descendants of heroes as well it’s obvious they will have a strong opinion of the mazoku. It’s pretty adorable actually.” (Arnos)

“And who was the one who childishly hit that human who was trying to appear clever a while ago?” (Sasha)

Sasha stares at me.

“I was only playing with him. It was cute.” (Arnos)

“……….Ahh….I see. Giving people lifetime traumas is cute……” (Sasha)

He seemed fine about it. There’s no need to worry.

“Apart from saying that friendship is not the goal what else did you find out?” (Sasha)

“Nothing I can understand and the mysteries have increased.” (Arnos)

“Okay?” (Sasha)

2000 years ago the hero Kanon was killed by humans.

It was obviously after I had died and started my process of reincarnation so what exactly happened? Why would humans kill the hero who saved humanity by fighting the demon king of tyranny all his life?

Was he involved in a power struggle or was Avos Dillheavia involved?

At the moment the quickest way appears to be asking Eleonor what happened.

“Apparently that Laos guy was just pretending to be beaten by me.” (Arnos)

“…….Were they testing us or do we need to be wary?” (Sasha)

“It seems they wanted to test my strength so they openly picked a quarrel.” (Arnos)

“Hmph. How impertinent.” (Sasha)

Sasha’s eyes become sharp. Looks like she’s getting angry. It’s probably been building up since the trouble a little while ago.

I wonder if they will have another little play for me to act out the next time we meet in the exams?

“Nee Arnos.” (Sasha)

Sasha notices something and pulls on my sleeve.

“Over there.” (Sasha)

Following Sasha’s gaze, I see an androgynous white-haired man and a quirky looking brown-haired girl.

It’s Ray and Misa. They are both walking together down the road and seem to have a nice atmosphere around them

“Looks like they’ve finished giving advice to the fan union.” (Arnos)

“Wait.” (Sasha)

As I was about to call out Sasha grabbed my hand.

“What?” (Arnos)

“Errm……it would be bad to disturb them.” (Sasha)

“Why?” (Arnos)

“Well, we might not be disturbing them but I think we would be disturbing them.” (Sasha)

Fumu. What a roundabout comment.

“Errgh! What are your eyes for? Put simply Misa likes Ray.” (Sasha)

“Oh.” (Arnos)

When did this happen? How interesting.

“What about Ray?” (Arnos)

“……I can never tell what that guys thinking but he talks to Misa a lot. You’re a man. Don’t you talk about these things? Can’t you understand this through your male bond or something?” (Sasha)

“Unfortunately I’ve never had such a talk.” (Arnos)

“…….I see.” (Sasha)

Turning a corner Ray and Misa enter the main central street.

“Let’s follow them.” (Arnos)

“Haaa!? We can’t! That would be shameless.” (Sasha)

“You don’t have to come if you’re not interested.” (Arnos)

Following Ray, I enter the main central street.

It’s very crowded but with my demon eyes, I’ll never lose sight of them and listening really hard I could hear their conversation.

“Fufufu it’s great. There’s so many stalls around.” (Misa)

“Is there a festival going on as well?” (Ray)

Ray and Misa are smiling and laughing together as usual.

“If I remember correctly I think this is the birthday of the great hero Jerga. I’m sure that’s what it said on the guide we were given by the academy. They celebrate the day Jerga was born and it seems to go on for a whole month.” (Misa)

“Ohh.” (Ray)

Ray happily walks down the street watching the street performers and looking at the stands.

Suddenly they stop and look at a stall.

“Want to try it?” (Ray)

“Yeah. I’ll give it a go.” (Misa)

They both head over to a stall that looks like an archery stall. There’s wooden bows on the stand and it looks like there’s different prizes depending on what you hit.

Deiruheido and Azeshion have different currencies but our money was converted before we left.

After paying Misa picked up a bow.

I’d say the targets were about 8 meters away and you get three arrows.

Misa aimed at the targets and missed all three times.

“Ahahaha. No good at all.” (Misa)

Although she failed Misa looked like she was having fun.

“You having a go Ray?” (Misa)

“I’ve never used a bow before.” (Ray)

Ray pays the shopkeeper and takes the bow from Misa.

“What were you aiming for?” (Ray)

“That target there.” (Misa)

The prize Misa was pointing at was a shell necklace.

“Can you hit it?” (Misa)

Ray draws the bow and aims.

His first arrow grazes the target.

“Almost. Only a bit more.” (Misa)

“I’ll hit it next time.” Ray says and smiles his refreshing smile

“Eh? You sure about saying that? Won’t you be ashamed if you miss?” (Misa)

“Want to bet?” (Ray)

“Then please treat me to something when you miss.” (Misa)

“Fine.” (Ray)

As Ray said fine his arrow had already been planted right in the middle of the target.

“Waaa! I should have expected that and right in the centre no less. Amazing.” (Misa)

That’s the first time you’ve used a bow?

Even when it’s not a sword I see his fast growth is still present.

“……..What’s with this? All that flirting going on between them……” (Sasha)

Standing behind me and peeking out from my back is Sasha. It seems she was interested after all.

“Arent those two always like this though?” (Arnos)

“You’re wrong. This atmosphere is at least 3 times more sweeter than usual.” (Sasha)

Sasha has an envious look on her face.

“Congratulations. With that level of skill even if the deep darkness comes you’ll be safe.” (shopkeeper)

“…….Deep darkness?”

“Ooops. Sorry. I shouldn’t say such things during a birthday celebration. Now, which one would you like?” (shopkeeper)

The shopkeeper shows them a selection of necklaces.

“Do you have a single shellfish?” (Ray)

The shopkeeper picks up a shellfish necklace.

“I do indeed. Are you going to put it on her?” (Shopkeeper)

The shopkeeper passes a necklace with two shells on it to Ray.

“Thank you.” (Ray)

Ray and Misa leave the stall.

“Ahahaha. We’ve been misunderstood. Sorry.” (Misa)

“Why? I don’t mind.” (Ray)

“Ah……I….I see……ahaha…….” (Misa)

Misa laughs shyly.

“Were you happy?” (Ray)

“Eh? What do you mean?” (Misa)

“Don’t you like Arnos? You might be misunderstood if you’re with me.” (Ray)

Misa hurriedly shook her head and her hands.

“You’re wrong. It’s a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding! I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Arnos-sama but just thinking about it is scary. I say it because I’m a member of the fan union which is a cover for us unificationists. Besides…..” (Misa)

Ray smiles a bright smile.

“In that case it’s fine.” (Ray)

“……Errm, what’s fine….?” (Misa)

Ray holds out the necklace.

“It’s fine because I was going to give this to you.” (Ray)

“Eh…..?” (Misa)

Misa looks surprised as she looks at Ray.

“It’s my thanks for taking care of my mother. I’m sorry its nothing special.” (Ray)

“No…….I didn’t do anything useful at all. Ray-sans mother was saved by Arnos-sama.” (Misa)

“You tried to save my mother at the risk of your own life. For someone who you didn’t know very well, this is nowhere near enough to repay you.” (Ray)

“…..If you say it like that I’ll go shy again……” (Misa)

“Me too.” (Ray)

Ray stares into Misa’s eyes.

“But……is it okay….?” (Misa)

“Wasnt the bet my win?” (Ray)

“Ah……..that’s right……” (Misa)

Misa blushed a deep red.

“Will you take it?” (Ray)

Misa nods with a shy smile

Taking the necklace from Ray she tries to put it on.

“Eh? What’s with this clasp? How do you open it? It’s different from Deiruheido.” (Misa)

“Here, let me.” (Ray)

Ray takes the necklace and easily undoes the clasp before reaching over to Misa and putting the necklace on her.

“Ahaha…..sorry……….well…..?” (Misa)

“It suits you.” (Ray)

Misa shyly looks down.

“It’s beautiful. This necklace has two shells and two strings. Is this design popular in Azeshion?” (Misa)

“Looks like it.” (Ray)

Their conversation stops and even in the hustle and bustle off the main street time seems to have stopped for them.

How long did they stand there before Ray says

“Shall we go and see what else is going on?”

“Yes.” (Misa)

The two of them set-off side by side, however, the street is getting even busier and Misa is struggling to stay by Ray.

“Misa-san.” (Ray)

Ray grabs her hand.

“…….Errm….that’s……” (Misa)

“I can’t use Though Transmission <Liikus> very well and I’d be troubled if I lost sight of you.” (Ray)

“Ah……that’s right………yes……” (Misa)

Holding hands the two of them enjoy the festival with smiles on their faces.

Authors note: Isn’t Ray surprisingly quick?

I’m afraid this time it’s not another harem member but the other heroines are safe!

Misa had a flag with Ray since the beginning and she wasn’t treated as a heroine too much. I hope you can pray for their happiness.

TN: I guess the author was worried some people might see this as NTR or something lol.

Translators rant corner: Okay time for me to go on a rant. It’s been a while since the last one and I shouldn’t have to especially after such a lovely and heartwarming chapter but here we go.

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I get people want faster releases, hell, I want faster releases but life isn’t that nice. I work in a pharmacy dispensing medicines for care homes and as such, I am not on lockdown. I have been at work through all of this and thanks to self-isolation my team of 10 people is down to 4 trying to make sure 12 care homes of elderly and vulnerable people get their medications. That’s a lot of people, requiring a lot of shifts from me and my colleagues so I don’t have the time to release a lot.

Hopefully, I’ll calm down for the next release but I’m just one spoiler away from saying screw this. I really am.

On a lighter note this is for all you awesome readers who don’t spoil and do loads of theory crafting in the comments or just generally comment please know that you all make me smile (and laugh at some of them) and you people are the only reason this chapter was released so thank you all and please enjoy this fluffy nice chapter.

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