74. Reincarnated person


Eleonor suddenly bows her head in apology.

“What for?” (Arnos)

A questioning look appeared on her face.

“Eh? Isn’t the name of the demon king of tyranny something that shouldn’t be said out loud?”

“Aah.” (Arnos)

She’s on about that. It seems they do have information about the mazoku even though we haven’t had any official exchanges.

Who found that information out and for what reason?

“Errm, well, you don’t like other people speaking his name out, right?” (Eleonor)

“I don’t care.” (Arnos)

Eleonor looks at Sasha.

“I’m not bothered either but it’s probably best if you don’t say it out loud when we start the exchange. If you rile the royals up it will become a pain.” (Sasha)

Eleonor exhaled in relief.

“I’m glad both of you aren’t bothered. I was told to never say it out loud as it would cause a big problem. What if a mazoku says it though? Is that okay?” (Eleonor)

“Well, sort of.” (Sasha)

It seems she has quite a loose character since she easily came out and said it despite being warned.

“Anyway, I’m sorry for being careless.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor sticks her tongue out slightly at her failure.

“Ah, hang on a sec.” Eleonor stops suddenly “We’ve passed it. Sorry, this is where you want to go.”

Turning around Elenor walks back a bit and opens a door we’ve just passed.

Inside is a well ventilated circular atrium. You can see stairs in various places leading upwards to the top floor and as far as the eye can see are bookshelves filled to the brim with books.

“This is the magic library that the hero academy is proud of. Books on magic are collected from all over Azeshion. The only lore you cant find here is regarding Deiruheido and other countries.” (Eleonor)

As soon as Eleonor finished talking she walked over to a certain shelf.

“Lore on the heroes should be somewhere around here. Which hero are you interested in?” (Eleonor)

“Kanon.” (Arnos)

“Wow! The hero Kanon is even popular in Deiruheido!” (Eleonor)

She looks happy though she’s being serious and has stopped playing around.

“Is it because he beat the demon king of tyranny?” (Eleonor)

At her words, Sasha gave her a sharp gaze.

“Aah……..so..sorry. Please forget I said that……..” (Eleonor)

Eleonor seems quite apologetic.

“What do you mean? When did the hero Kanon beat the demon king of tyranny?” (Sasha)

Sasha moves closer to Eleonor step by step.

In the past, I’m sure her <demon eyes of ruin> would have appeared by now.

“Sorry….” (Eleonor)

“I’m not asking if you’re sorry, I’m asking what you meant. Is the lore here that the hero Kanon beat the demon king of tyranny?” (Sasha)

Elenor nods while still looking apologetic.

“Who made the wall?” (Sasha)

“…….Errm, what wall?” (Eleanor)

“<Beno Ieven>. The wall that dived the world into four.” (Sasha)

“Do you mean the Four Great Sages Barrier <Aru Ent>?” (Eleonor)

Sasha’s face takes on a dubious expression.

“<Aru Ent>?……….” (Sasha)

“It’s the barrier the hero Kanon created to protect the humans, spirits and gods from the mazoku counterattack after killing the demon king of tyranny.” (Eleonor)

“Stop screwing around” (Sasha)

Speaking in a low angry voice, Sasha glares at Eleonor.

Fumu. This is troublesome.

I lightly put my hand on Sasha’s head to calm her down.

“Wha…..wait…..Arnos…….hand. What are you doing suddenly?” (Sasha)

“Don’t get angry Sasha. This is hardly surprising.” (Arnos)

Sasha looks the other way sulking slightly.

“……But it was the wall you made using your own life…..” (Sasha)

Sasha muttered it so low only I could hear it.

“I’m happy about your feelings but humans are creatures that modify history whenever it’s convenient for them. If you get serious about each and every little thing your body won’t last.” (Arnos)

“…..If you’re fine with it then so am I……. Your hand…..let go…….” (Sasha)

I let go like asked and Sasha lets out a little “Aah”.

I look to see what’s wrong.

“…..It’s nothing…..” (Sasha)

Sasha looks down

“I’m sorry.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor apologised again.

“Was that another thing you weren’t supposed to speak about?” (Arnos)

Eleonor nods.

“How is the history of that event told in Deiruheido?” (Eleonor)

“The demon king of tyranny gathered the hero, the great spirit and the god of creation in Deruzogedo where they combined their powers to create the wall and divide the world into four. Unable to withstand the enormous magic power the demon king lost his body and said he would reincarnate two thousand years in the future which is this era.” (Arnos)

Eleonor listens to my explanation with a blank look on her face.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. Since the moment you were born you’ve been taught that the hero beat the demon king after all.” (Arnos)

Eleonor nods at my words while still looking puzzled.

“Don’t be fooled Eleonor.”

A cold, sharp voice calls out.

Looking over at a desk I saw a man with an open book wearing the same scarlet uniform as Eleonor.

Blue hair and cold eyes like ice look out sharply from behind a pair of glasses.

“It’s the way of the mazoku to manipulate words so they seem genuine and deceive people.”

Fumu. Unlike Eleonor, the wind of hostility blows from this one.

It seems the hero academy has very mixed students.

“To begin with.” The man closes the book and slowly comes over to us. “Why would the demon king who committed many acts of atrocity make a wall that would protect humans at the cost of his own life? It’s totally nonsensical. They worship their ancestors too much and refuse to accept defeat. So much so in fact, it can only be called stupidity as it stops them from thinking properly.”

The man stops and turns to me.

“Don’t you think so guest from the demon king academy?”

“Fumu. I have the exact same opinion human. Then, in your free and forward-thinking way you should think about it a bit as well. The world wall <Aru Ent> was it? How was it possible to create and sustain such a huge magic barrier with only you humans magic power?” (Arnos)

The man puts his index finger to his glasses and casually said.

“It’s impossible. But doing the impossible is what a hero does. It’s no wonder you can’t understand it mazoku. The hearts and prayers of us humans wishing for peace allows the hero to perform miracles.”

“Fu….kukuku.” laughter leaks deep from my stomach. “Kuhahahahahah. A miracle huh? That’s not a nice way to put it. It seems even now just like in the old days you humans can still amaze me. A word of advice human. There’s no such convenient thing in this world as a miracle that will come true if you simply pray.” (Arnos)

“I didn’t think you would understand it.”

The man brushes me off with his words.

“Be careful. Don’t let yourself be deceived by the gods.” (Arnos)

The man shows a reaction to my words.

“Are you a reincarnated person?” (Arnos)

While still looking at me with a cold expression the man says.

“Hero academy selection class [Jergakanon] 2nd rank, reincarnated from the first origin of the hero Kanon. Holy water guardian knight Ledoriano Kanon Azeschen.”

This person has reincarnated from the first origin and the hero Kanon?

“Fumu. I don’t think so.” (Arnos)

Ledoriano makes a stern expression.

“What was that?” (Ledoriano)

“I said there’s no way I can believe that you are a reincarnation of Kanon. That, or with having seven origins some of them will turn out to be losers.” (Arnos)

Of the seven origins Kanon had, six were collected from others. The original origin would be Kanon’s own.

It’s no wonder that since the other six origins would not fully inherit the existence known as Kanon there would be some change in quality after all these years.

“……I suggest you take your words back.” (Ledoriano)

“Which ones?” (Arnos)

“The remark about me not being the hero Kanon. You may not know but inheriting the origin of the legendary Kanon is something we humans bear with great pride. We will not stand idly by when someone denies it.” (Ledoriano)


“Nope, don’t get it. Buring with pride and boasting about yourself? It doesn’t matter who your ancestors are or how legendary the hero was, what’s the point sticking to those boring things?” (Arnos)

Ledoriano sighs.

“Just for you, I’ll explain it again.” (Ledoriano)

Putting his fingertip to his glasses again he threatens me in his cool tone.

“Slow down already Ledoriano.”

I hear a voice coming from the second floor. Looking up I can see someone sitting on the edge of the window.

It’s a red-haired man also in a scarlet uniform.

“I sensed mazoku magic power so I came to check it out. What’s going on?”

The red-haired man jumped from the second floor and landed in front of Ledoriano.

“Let me give you my name first. Hero academy selection class [Jergakanon] 4th rank, reincarnated from the third origin of the hero Kanon. Holy flame destruction knight Laos Kanon Jillfou.”

Laos takes a step forward.

“What’s your name?” (Laos)

“Fumu. You seem to be a failure as well.” (Arnos)

“What…..?” (Laos)

Laos frowned at my remark.

“You seem to have poor hearing. I said that I didn’t think that you were Kanon.” (Arnos)

“Hey, mazoku whose name I don’t know.” Laos speaks with anger in his words. “Don’t you know the name of the person who defeated your leader?”

“Are you trying to appear smart? If you want to believe in false history that’s up to you but you should observe the other party first before speaking.” (Arnos)

Laos face takes on an irritated expression.

“It’s still not too late. I’m not an ogre and anyone can make a mistake” (Laos)

Laos releases magic power from his whole body in a threatening manner.

“Admit that the demon king of tyranny was defeated by the hero and that the wall was built by the hero and then I’ll forgive you.” (Laos)

I can help but laugh at his words.

“Hou. Are you looking down on me?” (Laos)

“Fumu. I understand.” (Arnos)

“……What?” (Laos)

“The hero defeated the demon king of tyranny? You really shouldn’t blindly believe in things you haven’t personally seen.” (Arnos)

Laos glares at me, his eyes full of bloodlust.

“Fine. Then let me teach you the power of the hero kanon who defeated the demon king of tyranny. Perhaps then you will understand.” (Laos)

“Stop it Laos. He’s a guest. It’ll be troublesome if you hurt him.” (Ledoriano)

“I’m not going to use my sacred sword but this guy doesn’t seem to know anything about heroes so as a substitute for a greeting I’m going to lightly show him the power of a hero.” (Laos)

“Stop it. Are you really going to go wild in such a plac—” (Ledoriano)

I laughed and cut him off.

“By all means, I would love to be taught it. This power of a hero.” (Arnos)

“Hey, this guys motivated as well.” (Laos)

Ledoriano sighs and gives up.

“Be prepared to be punished later then.” (Ledoriano)

Laos steps forward totally ignoring Ledoriano’s words and makes two fists. Fire ignites from both his fists and wraps around them.

“Don’t blink. I’ll show you something amazing!!!” (Laos)

Laos throws out a fist without moving from the spot and holy flames slam into me.

“Fumu. When it comes to blinking —”

I close my eyes and the next moment the holy flames go out and Laos is blown backwards through a number of bookshelves before finally stopping embedded in the wall.

“What was that?” (Ledoriano)

“Wha……..ga….ha……what was that…….?” (Laos)

Laos doesn’t seem to understand what happened.

“…..What…..did you do……?” (Laos)

“What did I do? I blinked.” (Arnos)

The wind pressure generated by my blink that I had poured magic power into blew out the holy flames and tore the anti-magic of Laos into shreds.

“….Imp…..ossi……ble……! Such……an absurd…..thing……!”

It doesn’t seem like Laos can move at the moment.

“Add that to your history textbooks. A descendent of the hero Kanon was done in by a blink.” (Arnos)

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