67. Academy exchange

We enter our classroom and take our seats.

“Oh yeah Ray about that thing you mentioned before.”


Leaning back in his chair Ray looks over at me.

“Have you got time after school?”

“You going somewhere?”

“Somewhere secret. I’ll give you a demon sword.”

“Ooh. I look forward to it.”

Quiet voices come from the classroom.

It’s my fan union.

“Hey, hey, did you hear that?”


“After school Arnos-sama is going to give Ray-kun his demon sword…….!”

“In other words……!?”

“Arnos-sama’s sword has become a demon swoooooord!!”

“A demon sword, kyaaaaaaa!”

“Should I report it to honoured mother………….?”

“She might be shocked though…………”

“You’re right…..but.”

Fumu. Apparently, there seems to be another misunderstanding. I can’t let this be reported to my mother or even more misunderstandings will arise.

“Elen, Jessica.”

When I call their names they turn to look at me in surprise.

“Ye…..yesss Arnos-sama!”

“What is it!?”

I’ll gently persuade them.

“It’s a secret from my mother.”


“I’ll protect it with my life!”

That should do it. It takes time to resolve misunderstandings but at least they shouldn’t talk about it now. If you don’t know something you can’t misunderstand it.

“What should we do? We’ve been sworn to secrecy……..”

“So it’s true after all……..”

Sasha sends an amazed look my way.


“Nothing. I just wonder if this will work out like you hope.”

I laughed at Sasha’s words.

“This much is no big deal.”

“I don’t think you’ve got the margin you think you do. I’m pretty sure this situation will be irreparable soon.”

“Are you worried?”

“…….I’m not worried particularly……” Sasha murmurs.

The bell to begin lessons rings out but no one comes.

“Strange.” Misha mutters from her seat next to me. “Emilia-sensei is always on time.”

Sasha speaks up as she notices something.

“Nee. Didn’t Emilia-sensei attack your mother on the day of the tournament?”


“…….What’s wrong?” Sasha asks me as I start laughing.

“What do you think happened to her?”

Sasha pulled back a little at my words.

“Stop it. Don’t laugh like a demon king………..”

I only laughed normally though and I am the demon king so of course my laugh is a demon king laugh.

“Okay, everyone back in your seats.”

A woman with long ears enters the classroom.

She’s wearing the same black academic robes that Emilia wore so she’s obviously a  teacher here.

“Right, it’s nice to meet you all. I’m Menou Historia and I’m in charge of the 3rd year class 1. Though it’s only temporary I’ll also be in charge of this class.”

The classroom becomes noisy.

One of the female students raises her hand and asks.

“Sensei, what happened to Emilia-sensei?”

“I haven’t been told much myself so I don’t know many details but it appears Emilia-sensei has resigned from the demon king academy.”

The classroom got even noisier.


“………….Wasn’t her resignation a bit quick?”

“Usually there’d be a leaving speech. Is she sick or injured?”

“Without Emilia-sensei that inept person is going to become even more arrogant…….”

Menou claps her hands.

“Yes yes, everyone quieten down. I wasn’t able to meet her so I don’t know the circumstances hence I can’t answer your questions. All I can say is it was so sudden we haven’t been able to recruit a new teacher yet so I’m filling in temporarily.”

“But don’t you teach a third-year class Menou-sensei?”

“Isn’t it impossible to teach us both together?”

“Nn. Of course I can’t do that but it was so sudden there’s no other choice. I’ll be making both you and my other class do self-study every other day and alternate between you both. It will only be for about a week though.”

“A week? Will a new teacher start next week?”

“Yes, though it’s not actually due to Emilia-sensei. It had already been planned that there would be an exchange with Deruzogedo.”

The whole classroom seems puzzled. Apparently, no one knew of this.

“What’s an academy exchange sensei?”

“Simply put it means going to a different school and interacting with the students and teachers there, learning new things, new ways of doing things and working hard together.”

The class still seems full of doubt.

“A different school……?”

“In Deiruheido the demon king academy is the top school. There’s nothing that can’t be learnt here. Regardless of who it is, is there any merit in this exchange?”

“That true and until now Deruzogedo had no opportunity to interact with any other schools apart from those in Deiruheido.” (Menou)

“Where else is there apart from Deiruheido?”

“Azeshion. We’ve been talking to the hero academy in the royal capital of Gairadeite for a number of years now trying to make it happen. Though it was a bit sudden they’ve agreed to it this time for some reason.” (Menou)

The students let out a surprised voice.

“Azeshion? Doesn’t that mean its a human school?”

“What’s a hero? Have you heard of it before?”

“No. I’ve got no idea.”

“If I remember correctly weren’t the heroes one of the groups fighting against the demon king of tyranny? I’m sure in the past humans and mazoku were enemies with the mazoku being led by the demon king and the humans being led by the hero.”

“I see. Arent humans weak though? Is a hero strong?”


Fumu. There seem to be records of the heroes but they are not well known in Deiruheido. After I created the wall all interactions with humans ceased. With the battles gone the fights with the heroes also became a thing of the past.

It’s no surprise really that the details of a 2000-year-old war with the humans is not discussed much.

That being said, it seems to be relevant now.

The fact that the heroes are treated as a small thing by the mazoku in Deiruheido coupled with this sudden hero academy exchange seems very much like a plan of Avos Dillheavia.

Should I check in with Melhey’s later?

“Everyone seems to be lacking in their studies. You should have lightly touched on the heroes in your history lessons.”

Menou faces the blackboard and writes Hero Corps <Asura> and 7 classes.

“I’ll do a quick and easy review. It’s said that the heroes developed army magic during the great war and that was the Hero Corp <Asura>. The basic structure is the same as Demon King Army <Guys> with 7 classes.”

Menou turns to look at the students.

“Right. Does anyone remember them?”

Nobody raises their hand so Menou looks at Misha questioningly.

“Haven’t learnt it yet.”

“………That’s right. Isn’t this something the third years are taught?” (Menou)

Fumu. Apparently, Menou was a bit careless and seems embarrassed now. I raise my hand while the teacher seems troubled.

“Hero <Brave>,  Sage<Wiseman>, Mage <Mage>, Priest <Healer>, Summoner <Summoner>, Holy Knight <Cavalier> and Spirit User <Shaman>. Those are the seven classes and they align with the classes of Demon King Army <Guys>.”

Menou seems really happy with my answer.

“Correct answer. Do you know the difference between <Asura> and <Guys>?”

“<Guys> is army magic just the same as <Asura>, however, the biggest difference is the Demon King <King> gives his magic power to his subordinates whereas with <Asura> the subordinates give their power to the Hero <Brave>. Also, <Guys> focuses on castle building and defence whereas <Asura> was developed to destroy the castle.”

The hero gathers power and defeats the demon king.

Cut off the head. It was the only way those with inferior power could beat the mazoku. If the mazoku lose their leader they very quickly become nothing more than a disorderly rabble.

“However, <Asura> doesn’t prove its worth by itself. Sanctuary <Ask> turns your companion’s hearts into magic power and enables you to fight against powerful mazoku with the power it gives you.” (Arnos)

“That’s great. You are studying properly. Sanctuary <Ask> is prayer magic and isn’t something that can be taught at this academy. In that sense, I think this exchange will be meaningful for Deruzogedo as well.”

Strange. 2000 years later they are going to teach each other the magic they developed to defeat each other.

“However, <Asura> and <Ask> are both magics only usable by the hero. The purpose of studying it is to learn the techniques and magic and peer deeper into its abyss. Eventually, I think the magic will be able to be applied and developed for the mazoku as well. That’s why I think this exchange………”

Menou’s words trailed off and she turned to look at me with a questioning face.

“…..Eh? How do you know about <Ask>? You won’t have been taught that yet.”

“Sensei, never mind <Asura> and <Ask>. We’re first years. A lot of us are still practising and learning to cast <Guys>.”

When that was pointed out by one of the students Menou raised her voice and went  “Aah!”.

“I see. I’m sorry. I mistook you for my 3rd-year class……..!”

After apologising, Menou looked at me again with a questioning look.

“………..You. Why do you know about <Asura>? And as for <Ask> not even the 3rd years have been taught about that yet………”

“Because I saw it so much in the past I got tired of it. Also, Menou, your explanation is wrong.”

I draw a magic formation and activate a certain magic.


Menou’s face was full of surprise.

“……No way…..that’s………<Asura>……..”

Menou knew what <Asura> looked like so I assume she must have seen it at the hero academy.

“This magic can be used by anyone, not just the hero but <Guys> is more efficient for the mazoku to use.”

Menou doesn’t appear to be able to keep up with what’s happening and can’t speak. She just keeps staring at <Asura> in utter amazement.

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