66. Tranquil morning

In the darkness, I felt a little hand touch me.


I hear the voice of a familiar girl as I’m gently shaken.


I open my eyes and see a girls face looking at me.

Beautiful blue eyes and long platinum blonde hair with ringlets that tickle the tip of my nose.

It’s Misha.

“Woke up?”


Misha laughs happily and says

“Good morning.”

Getting out of my bed I ask Misha

“Why are you here Misha?”

I draw a magic circle under my feet and change my pyjamas into my uniform instantly.

“Practising making bento today.”

I see. Was my mother teaching you how to make bento’s while she was making mine?

“I also made breakfast.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Misha blinks several times and looks surprised at my words.

“What’s wrong?”

“Going to eat?”

“We are talking about breakfast right?”

Misha nods a couple of times and points to herself.


“Can’t I?”

“Mother made Arnos’ share.”

I see.

“Let’s go then.”


Misha answers plainly like normal and opens the door.

Her expression is as deadpan as ever but she seems depressed.

“I’ll happily trade my breakfast for the one Misha made.”

Misha stares into my eyes searching for my true intent.

“………That okay?”

“If it’s okay with you.”

Misha thought a little before answering.

“Arnos likes mothers cooking.”

“I do indeed, but I seldom get a chance to eat your cooking.”

Misha looked down a little and smiled a shy but happy smile.


“I’m just whimsical.”

Misha shakes her head.

“Did Arnos understand?”

“Understand what?”

“My feelings?”

“That you were a bit disappointed?”

Misha lowers her eyes slightly when I pointed it out.


“You often look at me as well.”

When it comes to seeing right to the bottom of my heart no one else comes close to matching Misha.

“However, my demon eyes won’t lose to you.”

When I say that Misha’s eyes open a little and she laughs.

“Did I say something funny?”

“Have a guess”

Why did she laugh?

“Are you happy?” (A)

“Look more.” (M)

Misha answered me but didn’t give me an actual answer.

Misha heads down to the living room and I follow.

Breakfast is set out ready on the table but only for two people.

“My parents?”


My dad is still helping out the workshop that helped him with the Kongo Iron sword. Thanks to the demon sword tournament my dad seems to have been acknowledged as a superior craftsman now. He’s even been told he can go and help out anytime he wants in the future.

“My mom?”

“A customer asked for an appraisal at their home but it’s quite far away.”

So she left early then.

“Arnos was tired from the tournament so they said they didn’t want to wake you.”

I wasn’t actually tired but I guess it’s a parent thing.

“Shall we eat?”


It’s usually quite noisy thanks to my noisy parents but me and Misha had a quiet breakfast together.

After finishing breakfast we tidy up and leave the house together.

Walking side by side we take a leisurely walk to school.

I could have used <Gatom> but we have plenty of time. There’s no need to hurry.

It’s not a bad feeling at all attending school while slowly taking in the morning streets.


We encounter a face we know well.

It’s Sasha and she’s looking at us suspiciously.

“……….Why are you coming to school with Misha?”

“Because we met this morning.”

“I can see that you’ve met up. I was asking why. Don’t you want to tell me? Is the explanation awkward?”

“Bento.” Misha says. “I had Arnos’ mother teach me.”

“I see. Hmph. You did say you were learning cooking. If you were going this morning you should have told me.”

Sasha seems slightly dissatisfied. Do you feel left out?

“I said.”

“Eh? When?”

“When I went out this morning.”

Sasha looks down in thought but doesn’t seem to remember at all.

“You’d already gone when I got up though…….”

Misha shakes her head.

“That was the second time.”


I see. Sasha fell asleep again after Misha told her.

“Fumu. Sasha’s weak in the mornings it seems.”

“I’m not really……….”

Misha nods at me.

“Very weak.”

“I’m not. It just takes me a while to get out of bed, my head is all fluffy and my memories a bit vague. That’s all.”

How is that not weak? Have you listened to yourself?

“What’s with those triumphant eyes?” (S)

“It’s fine. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Being weak in the mornings isn’t a problem. Your life isn’t over because of it.”

“Can you stop talking like you’re saying something really important?” (S)

I told her she didn’t have to be ashamed but it looks like she didn’t understand what I was saying.

“Whatever. It’s fine. Let hurry up and get going.” (S)

As soon as Sasha started walking Misha hurried after her.


“About what?”

“……..I went alone.”

“I don’t mind that. It can’t be helped that you expressly left early this morning and made a big detour to Arnos’s house.”

Misha looks down thinking.

“……I won’t go anymore……”

“Why? I said I don’t mind. If Misha wants to go then just go.”

Misha falls silent and I start laughing.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing at all except you’ve done nothing but lie since we met up Sasha. If you wanted to come to my house you should just say so.”

“I………. I didn’t say I wanted to come or anything……”

Her words feebly drop off at the end.

“There’s no point in being stubborn. You are weak in the mornings and couldn’t come anyway but don’t worry about it. In front of me, your morning weakness means nothing.”

“…..Errrm. You seem to be exaggerating a bit there but what do you intend to do?”

“I’ll come to you and wake you up myself.”


Sasha’s face turns beet red.

“I’m not as nice as Misha. Don’t think I’ll let you fall asleep twice in front of me.”

I look into Sasha’s eyes while talking.


“What’s your answer?”

Sasha couldn’t meet my eyes and looks down.


Sasha’s answer is very faint. Is it really so embarrassing not being able to get up in the morning?

“We can all go together next time.” I say to Misha who nods happily.

“…..Bu…….but…its weird that Arnos will come to wake me up just so I can go to Arnos’ house.”

Sasha starts mumbling to herself.

“Yo. Good morning.”

I turned around and Ray was standing there.


Misha and Sahsa say good morning to Ray together.

“Have you always gone to school together?”

“No. It’s just a coincidence this morning.”

Ray walks over to my side.

“Oh, by the way. Do you have any idea where I can find a good demon sword?”

“Fumu. A stand-in for Initeio?”

“Because it was spectacularly broken it can be fixed but it will take quite a while so I need a replacement for the time being.”

Fair enough. Not like he can have Sheila become his sword every time he needs one. I wonder if I’ve got a suitable sword for Ray in my treasury?

“Good morning everyone!”

In the distance, Misa waved at us and runs over to us where we greet her.

“This is unusual all of you attending school together.”

“Yeah. Apparently its a coincidence.” Ray says.

“That’s right. *Fufufu* but it’s nice being able to attend school this way since I was always alone in the mornings.” (Misa)

“That’s surprising. I didn’t think you were someone that got lonely easily.”

“Ahahaha…..That’s a secret…….”

As two people make a little exchange we continue on our way to Deruzogedo enjoying the tranquil morning calm.

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  1. thx for the chapter. that sweet waifu moment. misha really cemented his place as main waifu and sasha is just as tsundere as ever.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Guys, since when Misha’s haircut is ringlet style? At least in the illustration it should be bob cut no?

  3. Thanks for the chapter! The initials to indicate speech were super helpful!

    Random thought: because Misha is so quiet and Sasha so explosive in my head I imagine them as Rei and Asuka, from Evangelion.

  4. this is why you read the novel, that detail completely got left out in the anime, and we don’t need to talk about the manga because even up till now there’s no EL updates on it

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