Prologue ~The hero and the human king~

2000 years ago in the royal capital Gairadeite which is located in the centre of the human continent of Azeshion.

Gairadeite is also the stronghold of the Gairadeite demon king subjugation forces as well as the hero chosen by the holy sword Kanon.

Even though its the capital city Gairadeite is also a military city filled with anti-magic circles and weapons in case of a surprise mazoku attack.

An ordinary mazoku would disappear as soon as they stepped one foot in the city but the one currently walking in a dignified manner through what had become a beehive of activity was not ordinary.

He was the demon king of tyranny Arnos Voldigod.

The barriers meant to repel enemies were useless against him. He may as well have been walking on weeds for they had the same effect on him.

His eyes were focused on two men coming towards him.

One is the Hero carrying the holy sword Kanon and the other is the commander of the Gairadeite demon king subjugation force and the king of Gairadeite Jerga.

Jerga is about 60 years old but his vigour and magic power greatly exceed those of an average human. He is also the former hero and Kanons teacher.

Before Kanon was born he was the one who desperately fought many mazoku to protect Azeshion. Even after retiring from the front lines he still causes huge amounts of damage to the mazoku with his leadership of the demon king subjugation forces.

“I’ll go Kanon.” Jerga said in a determined voice.

“If I fire Sacred Fire Light Cannon <Teo Trias> at point-blank range even the demon king of tyranny won’t be able to avoid it. It should stop his feet for an instant. In that instant run him through with the holy sword.”


“Don’t hesitate Kanon. Have courage. Either way, I don’t have long left and if the life of this old man helps bring about a peaceful world then it’s a cheap price to pay.”

A magic circle filled with holy light forms at Jerga’s feet. It’s a skill only usable by a hero.

Sanctuary <Ask>. It’s a grand magic that unites peoples hearts and converts their hopes and wishes into magic.

With this, humans who are inferior in magic to the mazoku can oppose them.


“Demon king…….the demon king of tyranny has appeared today….please….”

“All our hopes and wishes are yours Jerga-sama…….”

“Please bring about a peaceful world………”

“Protect our tomorrow…..!!”

The overflowing thoughts of the people flow into Sanctuary <Ask> and the sacred light begins to gather on Jerga.

The royal capital of Gairadeite is the last stronghold of humanity so the strength of the prayers was enormous and continued swelling.

“Here I come you bastard! I’ll clear up the sadness of all the people you’ve killed!!”

Wearing Sanctuary <Ask> Jerga rushes the demon king of tyranny while Kanon readies his holy sword.

The demon king Arnos deploys 50 gates and launches a barrage of Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon <Geo Greys>.

The jet black suns hit Jerga one after the other. Even though <Ask> has been turned into anti-magic the power of the demon king is tremendous and his life is shaved off in an instant.

“…….This is…….nothing………compared to the pain I felt when my wife and child were murdered by you……!!”

The former hero keeps moving forward while surrounded in loud black explosions.


Jerga’s hand approaches the demon king of tyranny, however.


With just one more step to go the right arm of the demon king pierces Jerga’s abdomen.

“Fumu. You are not the only tragedy here King of the humans. Humans murdered my mother while she was still carrying me in her womb. The feeling of being born from a corpse was the worst.”

Jerga laughs while spitting blood.

“…….Fall into hell with me demon king of tyranny…….”

Jerga reaches for the demon king while still being impaled.

“Sacred Fire Light Cannon <Teo Trias>”

<Ask> converts the feelings of the people into a magic shell and releases it.

A large explosion rings out and wraps them in sacred light.

“Kanon! Do it n⚊”

Jerga’s words are cut off as his lung is crushed and the power leaves his body.

“…….Bast……..ard………our comrades……..”

The power of <Teo Trias> was insufficient. Originally, there was enough power to penetrate the demon kings anti-magic barrier but the prayers and wishes fell off dramatically.

“What? I simply intimidated people.”

Before killing the formidable Jerga, Arnos chipped away at the power of <Teo Trias> by intimidating the demon king subjugation army which was supplying him with magic power via their prayers and wishes.

If he wanted to, Arnos could neutralise all the humans in the city due to their inherently low anti-magic capabilities. Killing them would be just as easy.

“……How dare……never forgive…..only you will I never forgive you bastard!!”

“Fumu. Well, that’s that then. From what I can see your origin is already at its limit. You’ve fought well but your human body, once dead, can never be revived again. If you die now nobody will be able to bring you back.”

Arnos finished speaking and then crushed Jerga’s other lung.


“Although you hadn’t got long left anyway.”

Jerga collapses on the spot.

“Now then hero Kanon.” The demon king said to Kanon who had readied his holy sword. “Don’t you want peace to come soon?”

Kanon glares at the demon king.

“That’s a nice line from the man who plunged the world into chaos.”

“From your point of view that may be so. I want peace in Deiruheido and if possible I’d like to achieve it without destroying Azeshion.”

Kanon stares at demon king with an alert look.

“If my words interest you at all come to Deruzogedo. I have also invited the great spirit and the creation god as well. If none of you likes what I’ve got to say then you can all join powers and try to defeat me.”

As soon as he finishes speaking the demon king of tyranny turns his back on Kanon and leaves using Transfer <Gatom>.


Kanon immediately rushes over to Jerga and casts anti-magic healing <Enshell> on him. Although the wounds were made by the demon king they were surprisingly shallow so they didn’t require much effort to heal.


“Don’t worry.”

Jerga stands up and Kanon speaks.

“…..Shall I return your origin sensei?”

The hero Kanon has 7 origins but he was not born that way. He obtained them by transferring them from other people using the power of the holy sword.

By taking a little bit of origin from multiple people he obtained 7 origins that allowed him to compete with the demon king.

Amongst those people that gave him some of their origin was Jerga.

“Such a thing is impossible now. Even with the holy sword, the origin that has been separated cannot be fully returned to its original state.”

“Even so. I can still restore some of your origin sensei. As it is now…….sensei…….”

“Kanon. It was a decision I made. I bet on you beating the demon king. Not only me either. Everyone that gave you some of their origin is the same.” Jerga says with a firm will.

“You are hope. Defeat the demon king and save the world. You are the only sun still shining in this world covered in darkness. Even if it doesn’t come true now, someday, your hold sword will fulfil the longing of humanity. I will not lose that hope.”

Listening to the words of Jerga, Kanon falls silent.

After a while he says.

“…..What do you think sensei?”

“About what?”

“What the demon king of tyranny said earlier.”

Jerga answered immedaitely.

“I don’t believe it. Mazoku are creatures that live to kill humans. Do we destroy them or do they destroy us? It’s one or the other. Coexistence is impossible.”

Kanon nods but there’s a shadow in his expression.

“Kanon. You are kind but the mazoku are creatures that do not deserve your kindness. They are a corrupt existence that do not belong in this world. You do not need to feel guilty about killing them. Slaughtering them will be salvation for them. Have courage for you are the hero chosen by the holy sword.”


When Kanon answered Jerga swayed and fell down on one knee.


“…….Aah. Stop being so noisy. I’m just tired. I’m old………”

Kanon stares at him anxiously.


“I’m fine. Go and let everyone know that the demon king has left. Everyone is probably still feeling uneasy.”


Jerga stares at Kanon’s back as he runs towards the castle.

“……………Is this my limit?…………Seems like it………”

Jerga draws a magic formation on the ground and disappears using <Gatom>.

He arrives in a dimly lit room covered everywhere with magic formations. Even the walls and ceiling are covered.

They are probably maintaining the huge globe of water that’s floating in the room.

It’s not just water though. It’s a magic tool with no form. It’s said to be Holy water cleansed by a god.

“……..The mazoku must be destroyed…….”

Jerga looks at the holy water ball.

“……..Even if this body turns into magic……” he mutters with a dark look.

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  1. Thank you for the translation! Didnt have problems with the ads either.

    So new arc. Hoping Arnos mom wont ship Arnos with the hero if he also reincarnated.
    Cause now im comfused. Was the hero a master of origin magic, or the sword is the one that gives the ability?

    • I did wonder that myself. Not sure. In the vol 2 prologue Arnos made it sound like Kanon was a master of origin magic but this prologue makes it sound like it was the sword. Either Arnos didn’t know it was the sword and not Kanon (a human secret maybe?) or maybe it was a bit of both with Kanon being a master of origin magic and the swords ability combined?

      Personally, I’d say Arnos didn’t know and assumed it was Kanon and not the swords ability. Not like the sword would give him a chance to examine it since it was made to kill him.

  2. i already hate the king lol. preaching how his family died but seem fine with how arnos mother died at the hand if the human. then again it still not clear who started it first. so im gonna abstain from cursing him even further

    • “You do not need to feel guilty about killing them. Slaughtering them will be salvation for them”
      Doesn’t matter who started killing if trying to stop it. Or a fanatic who only bothers with reasons to convince others to kill.
      I can see king implanting suicide bomb in hero while lying to telling him that it’s something to protect him at peace talks. After all a hero that talks peace is a traitor.
      Well, he’s a villain easy to hate.

  3. Hero has seven origins, and there are seven demon emperors. I guess Jerga is Avos or atleast related to him somehow.

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