64. The true worth of the demon king

“…….Arnos my mom is—”

Ray is cut off in the middle of speaking as Melheys cancels <Rimnet>.

“Fumu. Bit of  panic there Melheys cutting the magic like that but it’s already too late.”

“Really? I wonder about that? Everything inside <Azeishis> is my territory. Even you cannot travel back and forth between different dimensions without a landmark.”

<Beno Ieven> appears all around me again.

“As you can see I have more of <Beno Ieven> in storage. Do you think Ray Grandori who’s lost his sword can defeat this? Now I’ve cancelled <Rimnet> how are you going to follow my magic power to the dimension he’s in and cast anti-magic?”

“Your point is?”

“Surely you can see that only the hostage has changed? Your actions and the actions of Ray Grandori were all meaningless. Even his mother’s death was meaningless.”

“Really? The thing is, thanks to that meaningless waste I now have the means to attack you.”

“Another bluff like last time. I won’t be fooled again. Act like an adult and sign the Contract <Zekt> and save the life of Ray Grandori.”

<Zekt> magic is deployed in front of my eyes. In exchange for all my remaining magic, Ray will not be touched is written on it.

“I’ll give you three seconds. Three.”

Melheys starts counting down as if to threaten me.


“Fumu. Look behind you Melheys.”

“I’m not playing your games. One.”

Ignoring my words he continues.


“I told you to turn around Melheys. I’ve captured you now.”

I immediately capture his magic by force and cross dimensions using Transfer <Gatom>. My world dyes white and the figure of Melheys appears before me.

My left arm that had been severed was now grasping onto his right shoulder.

“……..Impossible………Your arm was severed by Initeio. Magic shouldn’t be working yet………How the hell have you managed to cast magic on it………?”

“Magic? What are you saying? Did you think my arm would stop moving just because it was cut off?”

“………..Kuu. You’ve strayed quite far from common sense there……”

Opening a magic gate Melhey’s tries to escape but I follow him with <Gatom>.

Melheys appears in another dimension and I appear soon after.

“It doesn’t matter where you run to. As long as my arm is attached to you I can follow you anywhere.”

I’ve marked my arm with magic so no matter where he goes in his <Azeishis> I’ll just follow him with <Gatom>. I mean it would be a real pain if he ran away. After seeing that he wasn’t cautious about my arm at all I waited for an opportunity to grab him with it.

“Now then. What now?”

I tried to provoke Melhey’s but he disappeared into his gate magic again so I just followed with <Gatom>.

The next moment a jet black aurora appeared in front of my eyes. A large amount of <Beno Ieven> was here and it immediately attacked me.

Wearing anti-magic I confronted the raging wave and an intense sound of magical powers rang out.

“This is where I store all the <Beno Ieven> I acquired.”

Using my demon eyes I can see Melheys standing behind the black aurora. Only the corner he was standing in was a safe zone.

“Because you blindly believed that my only option left was to escape you followed me with no caution. This is the end Arnos-sama. Preparations to defeat you are finally complete.”

Melheys waves the Kings Sceptre.

All the magic power in the surroundings is compressed around me.

The wall that divided the world is now trying to crush me.

“Your pride ends here. It never occurred to you that your power would be below the level of magic I had stored here did it?. You were always going on about how you would beat me. Let me teach you something nice to take into your next life. That arrogance of yours is why you lost.”

Is there a reason he has to speak in such an exaggerated manner? It is true though that if I relaxed my anti-magic I’d disappear in an instant.

“It’s useless. It’s good if you think like that. I absorbed half of your magic with the absorption bracelet and if we add on what you’ve expended since then you’re down to about 30%. Half of the power I absorbed from you is stored in this sceptre.”

My magic power pops and my anti-magic layers are destroyed one after another.

“If we assume two people fight and they are the same but one has 50% and the other has 30% then even a child will understand the outcome. If I then add my magic to that 50% you have no chance of  winning!!”

Though I put all my power into my anti-magic <Beno Ieven> is constantly crushing it by condensing itself over me. The aura of darkness has become a shrinking globe that completely covers me and is getting smaller every moment.

“Well well. I thought you’d disappear in an instant but you really live up to the name of the demon king of tyranny, however, you have almost no magic left.”

In a coup de grace Melheys pours all his power and the power from the sceptre into <Beno Ieven> in one go.

The black sphere emits an ominous light and causes my anti-magic to shrink.

“Goodbye demon king of tyranny Arnos Voldigod-sama.”

The globe compressed so much it was unable to keep its shape and cracked letting out more streaks of ominous light. The next moment a black explosion detonated.

“Your era is over. No, it was already over 2000 years ago.”

The black explosion settles and the aurora fades away. Melheys was gazing at the spectacle and soaking in the lingering feeling of victory.

“Fumu. I’d like to hear more about that.”

Melhey’s eyes open wide at that voice.


Eventually, the light and aurora completely disappear and I stood calmly in the centre of <Beno Ieven> without a single wound.


Melheys cannot understand the situation and stands there stunned and muttering to himself.

“What? I finally got used to this body after reincarnating. That’s all”

Melheys has an astonished expression and his mouth falls open.


Weak words leaked out of his mouth.

“……..Did he not show his true worth?………maybe…..no that’s absurd…….!? Until now, while using all that magic……while showing off all that power…….he had not regained the strength he had from before his reincarnation….!?”

“It’s like you said earlier. Newly reincarnated Mazoku only have about one-tenth of their old strength and I am no exception.”


Melheys has such a hopeless expression on his face that even I feel pity for him.

In short, the power Melheys robbed doesn’t even come to 10%.

“You should have stopped playing around and just finished me before I got used to this body.”

I hold up my hand and release magic power. Particles of black light fill my palm and the next moment expand and fill the whole room.

“…….Is this a three-dimensional magic formation of Deruzogedo….? How?…….This <Azeishis> should be isolated in a different dimension……”

“Come, Venuzdonoa.”

In response to my call, countless black particles rise up and gather at my feet. What appeared was a sword-shaped shadow. No object was there only a shadow.

“I was thinking about when you said it was a waste Melheys.”

The shadow sword rises up as if drawn to my hand.

“I’ll tell you what the real waste is.”

Is he even listening to me? He’s just staring at me like he can’t believe it.

“…..What……..the hell is that……?”

“It doesn’t follow reason nor anything number related or things related to distance whether it be magical or conventional. Anything that can be reasoned returns to nothing before this principle destroying sword. It’s useless to think about what it can or can’t do.”

As I grasp the handle the shadow reversed and a dark coloured long sword appeared there.

“Enemies in front of me are simply destroyed. That is the only principle that Venuzdonoa allows to exist.”

“……How much of a demon king of tyranny are you trying to be!! There can’t be such an irrational magic…….!!”

Melheys made a gate in front of him that’s different to the ones from before. It’s much more extravagant.

“Oh? An absolute space?”

“Indeed. This space is an absolute territory that only the caster can enter. It’s an <Azeshis> that makes it impossible to defeat the person inside.”

The gate opens and Melheys steps inside.

“I’ll withdraw for now Arnos-sama. After calculating your new strength I will come up with a new strategy to defeat you and return. Please look forward to it.”

I set Venuzdonoa up in a low stance.

“It’s regrettable Melheys.”

I slash in front of me with my sword.

The space in front of me is split in half and falls apart revealing Melheys.

“….How……? Absolute space is a space completely isolated from the world……It’s not possible to interfere from the outside but it was broken…….”

“Reason does not exist before this sword.”

I calmly step forward and swing Venuzdonoa at Melheys who barely avoids it, however, both his feet are cut off and he falls to the ground.

“How…….how…….I definitely dodged……..”

“Did you think avoiding it meant you’d avoided it?”

“….Such…….such a reason……”

He creates a magic gate again but not just one this time but thousands.

“……….It’s a dreadful demon sword but it can’t escape from the fact its a sword. It can’t cut all these gates at once….!!”

Simple but effective. Spam a lot of decoy gates and escape in one of them, however, the next moment they were all cut and shatter.

“….This….how…….when did you cut them all…..?”

“Did you think if I didn’t cut them all they couldn’t be cut?”


I slowly approach Melheys who seems to be in a state where he can’t understand anything.

“……Impossible…..such a thing……shouldn’t be possible….”

Standing beside Melheys I look down at him from a height.

His expression is stained with fear and despair.

“Carve this into your crafty mind. This is a true waste.”

I pierce Melheys’ head with Venuzdonoa.

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      • I don’t think you understand what deus ex machina means. A dem is a plot device where an impossible to solve problem in the story gets resolved abruptly in an unexpected and unlikely way.

        The sword doesn’t do that in any way shape or form it’s simply capable of cosmic-tier feats. Something you’d see characters like The Beyonder, or EoS Meng Hao(if you like chinese novels) do.

        Just because someone’s item or someone has cosmic-tier feats(with creation or destruction of natural law or other abstract power concepts such as the principle destroying sword) doesn’t mean it’s a deus ex machina.

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