No new Maou Gakuin chapter courtesy of BT

Hi all.

This isn’t a release as you may have gathered but a heads up for you all. I move house tomorrow but due to BT (British Telecom) being unbelievably crap at anything they do I will not have internet in my new home for the foreseeable future and I lose my current internet at midnight tonight. I started my home move with BT on December 14th and as of the 9th of January I am currently at 7 cancelled broadband orders (due to unknown reasons), 3 mini-hub cancellations (due to reasons that change every time I ring them), an active open complaint and more lies being told than a bunch of politicians at a poker game. I am now at a point where I’m moving and have no internet or mains phone line nor any idea when I will have internet or even a mains line. Even if I change providers I’m looking at 2 weeks minimum so there will be no updates until I get internet again. I’m sorry for everyone waiting patiently for an update I really am. A big thank you to you all. See you all soon™

10 thoughts on “No new Maou Gakuin chapter courtesy of BT

  1. ….ugh.. after waiting this long, it doesn’t matter if I have to wait for another one or so week. But the bad thing is the cliff hanger and the most awaited fight.
    Anyway, I still appreciate your translations.

    • Had no idea that those kinds of companies were this useless in other countries too…
      you have my utmost sympathies.

      Die, useless telecommunication companies!

  2. I’m with BT too, they’re a huge pain to deal with. When we moved we didn’t have internet for a month but thankfully did have a landline. For some reason they seem to put them through as different orders even when they’re a bundle, which makes things even worse. Hope you get it sorted soon!

  3. ugh. a crappy situation you’re in.
    that’s exactly the kind of situation that often appears in horror movie. that’s pretty scary. 😱

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