58. Mother’s words

Returning to my original location I pick up my sword sheath dropped by Emilia.


Spotting me my mother rushes over and hugs me tightly.

“Are you okay? Are you injured?”

Fumu. That should be my line.

“I’m fine. How about you mother?”

“Arnos-chan healed me so I’m fine. What about Emilia-sensei?”

“I lightly chastised her. She won’t be able to work in the school anymore after this scandal.”

Emilia intended to destroy my sword so I couldn’t participate in the finals. It wasn’t a plot by Avos Dilheavia.

If you don’t like the result then don’t have me join the tournament to begin with.

This was purely her own decision.

Avos Dilheavia named himself the demon king of tyranny and instilled the idea of royal superiority amongst the mazoku but he doesn’t hold total authority. Other people like Emilia who went against his wishes will certainly appear.

“I see………. I’m really happy that Arnos-chan is safe.”

My mother seems relived.

“Ah, of course. Here you go Arnos-chan.”

My mother hands me my sword.

“Ahh, thanks.”

“Fufuu. I promised Arnos-chan I’d protect it no matter what.”

I sheath my sword and ask my mother.

“You going home?”


My mother takes my hand I held out and I turned to the fan union girls.

“See you.”

“Yes! Good night Arnos-sama.”

“Aah. I hope you all have good dreams.”

Using <Gatom> I return home.

“I’m going out for a bit mother.”

“Eh? What is it? What about dinner?”

“I’m needed at the magic clinic. I was in the middle of my visit. I’ll eat when I come back.”

“I see. Who are you visiting?”

“Ray’s mother.”

My mother has a worried expression.

“Is she sick?”

“I think she’s past the worst of it now.”

“I understand. Off you go.”

Waving at my mother I use <Gatom> again and transfer to the special sickroom in the Lognoss clinic.

Misa is by Ray’s mother’s side who’s currently sleeping.

Root Conversion <Lilia> was completed in time and Sheila’s condition is currently stable so I was able to help my mother but I’m not optimistic about Sheila.

Misa noticed me and was about to speak when I held up my hand.

“Someone’s coming.” I say in a low voice

I cast Illusion Mimicry <Rainel> to become invisible and Hiding Magic <Najira> to conceal my magic power.

The door opened and Ray came in carrying a bag in one hand and a cup in the other.

“I didn’t know if you’d be hungry so I brought some bread.”

Ray went to give the bread to Misa and noticed something.

“What’s this magic…….?”

“It’s called Root Conversion <Lilia>. Because I’m a half spirit like your mother I can share my magic powers with her. It’s difficult and inefficient but……”

Originally it would have been considered absurd to convert the traditions and rumours from one kind to another so even with the formula now optimally arranged it has its limits.

“I wondered if it might be effective with half spirits and it seems I was right.”

Misa lies for me.

“Is it helping?”

“……Don’t worry, I’ll definitely help her……..then Ray-san can stop listening to the royal factions………”

If Ray is being monitored then they should have heard this line. If I move quickly I might get the other persons identity but the current situation is also convenient.

Although stable, Sheila is still in danger. This technique is not efficient in the slightest and truth be told Misa’s origin won’t last either.

The other side has no reason to hurry things up yet.

“Don’t forget I have the contracted demon sword implanted in me.”

Ray took the bread from the bag and gave it to Misa.

“Shouldn’t you take a break? Your body won’t last at this rate.”

He must have seen that Misa’s magic power has decreased considerably.

“……..It’s okay…….because the finals are tomorrow…….”

“My mother’s power certainly seems to have recovered a little but you won’t make it at this pace. Your body will collapse first.”

“It’s fine even if I collapse.”

“Is that magic shaving your origin away? Even I can understand that your magic power is steadily decreasing.”

Misa nods.

“Will you die?”

“…..It’s a possibility……”

“You should think carefully. Your work for the unification faction is important. Is it okay if such a silly sentiment makes it impossible for you to fulfil your goal?”

“……….Is it a silly sentiment?”

“I think so. Even if you stake your life now you can only save one person. Someday you will really need to stake your life on the line and that time will be when you need to fight to save many people.”

Listening to it Misa laughed.

“Such a time won’t come.”


“Ray-san. I’ve never met my father due to the current Deiruheido and the royals. Someday I want to meet my father. I stared the unification faction so that one day there won’t be any more children like me.”

Ray has a serious face listening to Misa.

“If so, then even more reason to keep your life for that time.”

“Right now there is a person who is unable to see their mother due to the royals. Abandoning such a person to save others is not something the unification faction will do.”

Letting the few die to save the many would be the correct action.  In fact, that’s how I’ve worked all this time. As the demon king of tyranny, there were things that couldn’t be protected without me destroying something else first.

“…….I can’t wait for that ‘sometime’. I want to save now. I want to help those that are suffering now. If I don’t think like that then I won’t be able to put my life on the line when that ‘sometime’ arrives.”

Ray relaxes his shoulders and speaks to Misa in a gentle voice.

“You are strong.”

“…..I’m stupid……..I’m not smart like Ray-san……”

“Not at all. You have courage, unlike me.”

Misa laughs then quickly hides a pained expression.

Ray slowly walks over to Misa and stands by her.

“Thank you.”

“No it’s no big dea—”

Ray strikes Misa on the back of the neck causing her to faint. At the same time I cancelled <Lilia>.

“I’m sorry. If I didn’t stop you now, you’d have died.” Ray mutters as if regretting his lack of courage.

Putting his hand on his head his shoulders drop as if wondering what to do now. He seems lost.

After a while, Rays straightens up and a small voice rings out.


His head raises.



Ray immediately approaches the bed and bought his face closer to Sheila who opened her eyes slightly.


Ray smiled in front of his mother who had regained consciousness after a long time, however, it was a smile that threatened to turn into tears at any moment.

“Please wait mom, I’ll cure you soon.”

“…..It’s okay…..”


“……I’ve been conscious all this time. I know everything. It’s fine Ray. You are you and you do what you want to do…….. You are carefree, absentminded and only think about swords but you are also a very kind child. Mother will be happy if you live freely and happily.”

Tears fall on Sheila’s cheek.

“What are you saying mom? I’ll help you so don’t worry.”

“Don’t lose……Ray. Mother is always by your side. Take care of your important friends.”

As if using up all her power Sheila closes her eyes.


Ray calls her.


Sheila didn’t respond and seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

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