57. The demon kings curse

Were you frightened by my bloodlust? Emilia trembles while backing away.

“What’s wrong? Is this low born mixed-blood so scary?”

“……..Yeah, don’t flatter yourself……………. I’m not scared!”

While speaking Emilia is falling back while looking for an opportunity to escape.

“Don’t move.”

When I say that Emilia casts Flight <Fres> and flew into the sky.

“I said, don’t move.”

Emilia’s body immediately stopped moving and even manipulating magic became impossible so she crashed back down to the ground.

My words which were filled with anger and magic power carried a compulsion within them. They broke through Emilia’s anti-magic without any difficulty and restrained her body and magic power.

Emilia was still trying to escape but she was no better than a Daruma doll now and could only roll around on the ground shamefully. (1)

I walk slowly over to Emilia and stop.

Her expression was a mixture of humiliation and fear.


I casually grab Emilia by the scruff of her neck and pick her up one-handed.

“………Release me…….! What are you doing?”

Ignoring her question I walk over the where the fan union girls have fallen and throw her on the ground.


Even though she can’t move Emilia still tries to get away by rolling around on the ground.

“I’m going to play around a bit. It would be best if you remain afraid of me.”

I approach the fan union girls and activate a magic formation over every one of them.

Looking them over with my demon eyes I can see that all of them are barely breathing.

Activating Healing <Ent> I heal all their bodies at once then create new clothing for them using Construction Creation <Ibis>.


They slowly wake up and look at me.

Even though I’ve healed their wounds their consciousness are still hazy and they look at me in a daze.

“……We intended to protect your mother……..but…..”

Did you think you didn’t protect her? She makes a regretful face.

“Let’s hear your name.”


“Your name. What is it?”

“…..Elen. Elen Mihais……”

I ask the next girl.

“You are?”

“……Jessica Arnet……”


“…..Maia Zemut……”

One after the other I ask all their names.

“Nono Inota.”

“Shia Minshen.”

“Himuka Houra.”

“Casa Krenoa.”

“Shelia Nijem.”

“Elen, Jessica, Maia, Nono, Shia, Himuka, Casa, Shelia.”

I said each name one by one.

“I will remember all your names for the rest of my life.”

The fan union girls didn’t seem to be able to talk and just started crying silently.

“You should all rest now.”

Turning around I return to Emilia.

“Now then. Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

I grab Emilia by the scruff of her neck again.

“….Wha…..what are you going to do with me………!?”

“My mother will get worried if I do it here so let’s change places.”

I used Transfer <Gatom> and after the pure white had faded an Arena appeared before us.

I throw Emilia on the floor and say.

“You may move.”

I create a demon sword using <Ibis> and throw it towards Emilia where it lodges right next to her head.

“Use it. I’m going to beat you down until your rotten character is fixed.”

Emilia stood up and turned her gaze to me.

“Don’t look down on me you inept mixed-blood…….!”

“Hou. You seem energetic. Come.”

Emilia pulls out the demon sword and slashes me.

As soon as she does an electric current runs down the blade and eats into her body.


Emilia instinctively let’s go and the sword falls to the floor.

“Ku. Kukuku. What was that Emilia? Can’t you handle the demon sword? Weren’t you part of the great royalty?”

Emilia glares at me while grovelling on the floor.

“…..You inept person, amongst the lowest of the low. So self-important so……gokaa……!!”

I step on Emilia’s head and press it against the floor.

“Watch your mouth Emilia. I am not feeling kind today.”

Holding my hand out the demon sword rises off the floor and floats to my hand.

“How about begging for your life?”


“Admit I am the demon king of tyranny. If you do, I might have a change of heart.”

Anger enters Emilia’s eyes as she speaks to me.

“…….How laughable. No matter how smart you try to appear you are not the demon king of tyranny. You can’t even become a demon emperor. You are just an inept person of vulgar low birth who——.”

I stab my demon sword in her back pinning her to the ground.


“I guess I can admire that attitude. Now then, I’ll say it again. Beg for your life.”

“Who wou——Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

An electric current runs through the blade again causing intense pain for Emilia.

“…..Haa…..haa…….. No matter what you do your blood will never be noble…… That will not change…..”

“Fumu. I don’t really care. By the way, this demon sword is poisonous. It’s a magic tool with some interesting effects. The host body that’s stabbed with this sword becomes a seedbed for a hundred poisonous rice worms that will fight and eat each other. Because they are poisonous, the bigger they get the more pain the host is in and eventually the host’s internal organs will be eaten.”


“Listen. Can you hear it? The sound of them crawling through your body.”


I put more weight on Emilia’s head.

“I’ll teach you another interesting thing as well. When one poisonous rice worm is left it merges with the power of the host.”

“……………What do you mean……..?”

“Don’t you get it? I mean that you will become the rice worm. It’s a strong curse.  You will never be able to revert to your original body.”

“You……you..how much of a coward are you? Do you think the prestige of the royal families will be diminished by such an act……..!?”

I look down at Emilia.

“Your pain seems to have disappeared Emilia.”


“Its evidence that your body is getting closer to merging.”

Her face turned pale.


“What wrong? You should continue. Something about the nobility of royalty and so on.”

Emilia leaked a voice while he face was filled with humiliation.

“……….Please stop it…….. please……….”

“Fumu. I guess you have about a minute left. How is it? The feeling of being reborn?”

“Please! Please stop it!! Please help me!!”

“It’s not that bad actually. You will obtain stronger magic than you have now. You can take revenge on me then. Eh?”

Emilia’s body starts shaking.

“….You……How cold-blooded are you……!?”

“Ku, kukuku. Hahahahahaha. Cold-blooded? This me?”

I vigorously stamp on Emilia’s face.

“Don’t make me laugh woman. Not after what you did to my mother.”

Emilia falls silent at my stone-cold voice.

“Now then. It’s about time.”

I fall silent and wait for the time to pass.

Looking down at Emilia’s face I can see tears falling non-stop.

“……..Under……I understand…….”

“What do you understand?”

Emilia forces out a thin voice while gritting her teeth and twisting her face in humiliation.

“……Demon King of tyranny Arnos Voldigod-sama…….. Please grant me mercy……”

“I refuse.”

Emilia begins weeping like a child.

“…..Lie…… did you lie…….?  When I begged for my life…..”

“I said I might change my mind. I decided not to.”

Finding no words to say tears come out of her eyes again.

“Five seconds left.”

Emilia couldn’t speak anymore and just looked in despair.

“Three, two, one.”

She closes her eyes.


There’s no change in the body of Emilia.

Ten seconds pass, then another twenty and still she remains the same.

She opens her eyes.


“Kukukuku. Hahahahaha. Haven’t you noticed yet? The poisonous rice worms were a lie. No, actually it was hilarious. Did you think you had received mercy? You can let out a surprisingly modest voice.”

Emilia’s face dyes red.

“I spared your life.”

“….I…..wont…..forgive you……….!!”

Emilia grabs my foot with pure hatred on her face.

“…..I’ll never forgive you!! No matter how strong you are your power has no nobility! It’s the power of a vile, vulgar mixed race! The disgrace you have given to the royalty here, someday, sometime…….you’ll regret it….!! Even if I can’t do it, my child will and if they cant do it their children will and their children and their children. Each generation will bear a grudge against you!!”


I return her glare with tens of times more hatred than she is sending at me.

“It is this me that does not forgive you. Let me teach you the reason I spared your life.”

I kick Emilia onto her back and thrust my hand into her chest grabbing her heart.


“Receive my curse until the end of time.”

Emilia who was kicking her feet stopped breathing after several seconds and then stopped moving.

“Realise it. Your arrogance.”

I draw a magic formation on the floor and use Mazoku Training <Azuheb>. A girl with brown hair and brown eyes appears on the formation. 

The girl opens her eyes and stares at the body of Emilia in surprise.

“I’m dead…..but this is…….?”

I tell the confused looking girl.

“How does it feel being reborn Emilia?”

“What is this? My body……. My magic power……”

Emilia seems to be unable to hide her surprise at the weakness of her new body.

“….Like this….. Do you intend to humiliate me with this magic? With such low born power…………!?”

Laughter leaks deep from within my body.

“Kukukuku. Hahahahahaha. I see. Low born power? This is great. Listen up Emilia.”

I told her to look down.

“You still think of yourself as royalty?”


“I reincarnated you using Reincarnation <Silica>. I bought you back with the mixed blood of humans and mazoku. Look into your own abyss with your demon eyes.”

“…….A lie……..”

Emilia falls to her knees. Her whole body is shaking and she keeps muttering “a lie…..a lie……” in an incoherent manner.

She keeps checking the blood flowing through her body again and again. There’s no mistake. She’s a mixed-blood no matter how much she looks. Far from royalty, she’s not even a pure mazoku anymore.

Emilia stands up with a crazy look on her face and grabs the demon sword near to her.

“Wrong…… It’s wrong….. It’s not me.”

Struggling she strongly puts the blade to her neck.

“You can die Emilia but I’ve cursed your origin. No matter how many times you die, until the end of time, you are cursed to be reborn as a mixed-blood mazoku.”

Blood flows from Emilia’s neck. The demon sword falls from her hands and clangs to the floor.

“…..I’ll study this curse……”

“You cannot escape my curse.”

Did my words crush her hope? Emilia collapses in place.


Emilia shook her head again and again while her eyes were empty.

“Take a good look at Deiruheido from your new position. You might notice your opinions were unexpectedly biased.”

“No…………… Such a thing……no……..”

I use <Gatom> to leave this place and as my world dies pure white


A crazy sounding scream rings out.

(1) A daruma doll is a traditional Japanese hollow round doll. I’m sure pretty much everyone has seen them before.

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    • He doesn’t want to. He’s had enough of fighting. That’s why he made the wall 2000 years ago. All he wants to do is doss around doing whatever he wants and solve the mystery of Avos Dillhevia.

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      • the thing is the transformation is permanent. reformation would not lift the curse she would just stop viewing it as a curse.

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