51. Message

I waited in front of the waiting room and soon enough the door opened and Ray came out.


Ray’s smile seemed a bit troubled after seeing me and Misa.

“I thought you might turn a blind eye Arnos.”

“I was going to. Whatever your circumstances are, you have decided not to rely on me and it would have been rude to ask, however, my subordinate wants to know.”

Misa walked in front of me and spoke to Ray.

“Has the royal faction said something to you?”

“Who knows? Perhaps they offered me enough money to last a lifetime or perhaps they recommended me to be a demon emperor.”

“……I don’t believe you to be a person that would move for such things.”

Ray laughs.

“You overestimate me. You should be careful with that. A lot of people say crap that the world wants to hear.”

Misa doesn’t seem convinced by Ray’s words.

“….I know that. But you Ray-san…………you aren’t like that.”

“We’ve not long met. I wouldn’t trust me that much.” Ray says with a gentle smile.

Doesn’t seem like he’s going to say what his real intention is.

Misa bites her lip in vexation. Looks like she’s got nothing more to say.

“The Lognoss magic clinic was built by Elio Roodwell using his own money so it’s basically a facility belonging to the royal faction.”

“Pretty much.” Ray answers without breaking his smile.

“Is your mother healthy?”

“Yeah. Like I said before it’s nothing serious. She’s getting better.”

“I’d like to meet her at least once.”

“She’ll be leaving the hospital soon. You can meet her then.”

Fumu. Is that so.

“That reminds me. After looking at the upcoming matches it seems like we’ll be meeting in the finals.”

“It’s a shame we can’t fight at our full power.”

Ray looks at my sword.

“You might not be able to feel any magic power but this sword was forged by a true master craftsman. It’s power rivals that of your demon sword so you should challenge me without holding back.”

Ray laughs.



Ray starts heading to the audience seats.


“Sorry. I’m part of the royal faction now. Seem’s like we won’t be able to get along any more.”

Ray walks past us then stops.

“Oh, I forgot something Arnos.”


Ray looks over his shoulder.

“…..I’ll kill you.”

I just laughed.

“If you want to kill me then you’d better prepare yourself for death .”

“It’s not a threat. I’m already prepared for death.”

“Hou. If you’re already prepared then want to try?”

As I finished speaking I disappeared and reappeared behind Ray.

“I can see you Arnos.”

Ray swings Initeio around in a circular strike.

Although I’ve applied anti-magic and magic barriers his sword easily slashes through them and bites into my left arm.

A pure white blade digs into my left arm and blood flows.

“Fumu. To be able to cut my arm. How wonderful.”

“……..I had intended to get your head at the same time as your arm……”

Ray vomits blood due to my right arm that’s pierced his chest.

“And I had intended to crush your heart but your body is pretty robust as well.”

Misa shouted out after watching our battle.

“Arnos-sama, Ray-san….! You don’t have to do this……!!”

Misa looks really worried.

“Don’t worry. I’m only checking his resolution. I don’t forgive anyone who challenges me no matter who they are. If you’re looking for mercy from a friend then you won’t find it here.”

“I’m relieved. If you are that serious then I can cut you down with no hesitation.”

Ray smiles his refreshing smile.

“Well then.”

“Ahh, see you in the finals.”

Ray left and headed to the audience seating.


“It seems he’s been collared somehow.”

Misa’s eyes rounded as she looks at me.

“I tried to confirm it through direct contact. Some type of magic tool has been embedded in his body.”

“…..It was only an instant. Did something like that happen….?”

“That was the point of our little exchange.”

The magic tool buried in his body is synced with his magic so it’s hard to see. I can tell by using my demon eyes that whatever is stuffed into Ray is quite a powerful thing.

“…..When did you notice a magic tool was embedded in him….?”

“Ray gave out some hints like when he said he was already prepared for death. I had thought that he meant he was ready to die when we fought but he meant his actions are being limited by a tool that can kill him. I’m guessing that if he was to ask for help he’ll be killed.”

Ray is most likely being monitored by magic or by that tool.

If he was to ask for help his observer will probably activate that device in his body and kill him.

“I know he said he was prepared to die but that’s it…..?”

“He also said we couldn’t fight at our full power and that he was going to kill me. Those bits bothered me as well.  He’s the type that doesn’t get wound up by his enemy and just nonchalantly cuts them down. It was too provocative so I started thinking. Also, when he cut my arm he deliberately left his chest open so I pretended to go for his heart and checked.”

Due to that, I was able to find the tool.

It must have been the only tactic he could come up with to let me know something was wrong without alerting his observer.

If it had gone wrong would his life have ended?

“…….I’m amazed……..all I saw was Arnos-sama and Ray-san quarrelling……..both of you are amazing……”

“These type of things used to happen a lot back in the old days.”

Things were a lot more sly and tricky 2000 years ago.

“…….Is it the work of the royal faction….?”

“It’s reasonable to think so.”

Or is it the work of Avos Dillheavia?

“Wouldn’t you have to be a skilled master to embed a magic tool in Ray-sans body?”

There is that possibility, however.

“Ray’s mother must be involved.”

“I thought she was in that magic clinic?”

“Aah, she is. Thinking about his words though it was probably a message for me to do something.”

It adds up if you assume his mother is a hostage and that’s the reason he allowed the tool to be embedded in his body.

That man asked for my help in a very tight situation. There’s no reason not to respond to his request.

“What are you going to do?” Misa asks with words loaded with anger. “I can’t forgive people who act this way. I’ll show them they can’t do what they want just because they are royalty.”

“Then come with me. I don’t know who they are but they put their hands on my friend. They will not get away with this.”


As I start to head off to the magic clinic I remember something and stop.

“That reminds me, isn’t the second round about to begin?”

If I recall correctly, everything except the final match will be held today.

“Fumu. Please wait a while. I need to clean up the remaining small fry first.”

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  1. Hm so that’s what’s going on. As expected of Arnos-sama. I lol’d at how little he thought of the tournament though. It’s a given he will reach the finals.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • he beat the previous champion like it was nothing, and the runner-up got shrekt by a guy he beat with a tree branch, nothing much to see for him honestly

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