48. Demon sword tournament

On the day of the demon sword tournament, my mother rushed up to me as I tried to leave the house.

“Wait Arnos-chan! Mothers coming with you!”

My mothers all dressed up in her going out clothes.

“You’re coming to Deruzogedo?”

“Un. The school sent me a ticket and anyone with a ticket to the tournament can enter the grounds.” 

“I still haven’t decided if I’m taking part yet.”

I’ve arranged to meet Aivis at the school and get his report first.

I’ll make my decision based on what he tells me.

“You still not sure if you can get a good enough sword?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

If I explain my true reasons my mother wouldn’t really understand so I’ll stick to my previous story.

“You might get your sword so mothers coming along. Also, I want to see the school Arnos-chan goes to.”

I’m not sure what she’s expecting to see but its fine.

“Shall we go then?”


We lock up and as we start walking my mothers links her arm with mine.

“Fufufu. I rarely get a chance to go out with Arnos-chan. Mother’s happy.”

It’s a bit hard to walk with you sticking to me like this though……….

“Nee, Arnos-chan.”

My mother looks very happy.

“…….That’s true.”

It’s fine I suppose.

Hanging on to my arm so I can’t escape my mother seems so happy. I’m not going to pour cold water on her mood.

“Have you seen father recently?”

After dashing out he came back once then left again and hasn’t been back since. I guess he’s still working hard on obtaining a demon sword.

“He’s helping out at other blacksmiths since they are short-staffed.”

I see. Is that price he paid for knowledge on demon swords?

“He’s only troubling you though.”

My mother laughs happily.

“Perhaps, but I don’t mind. That person is a hard worker so it’s okay.”

I’ve never seen my father work. To be honest, I can’t imagine it at all when I think about his usual everyday figure.

“Speaking of which Arnos-chan, is the other person chosen from your class Ray-kun?”

Walking leisurely I answer my mother’s questions and after arriving at school I lead her to the arena.

“If you carry straight on you will get to the audience seats.”

“Un, thank you Arnos-chan. Do your best.”

“Aah. We shall see.”

“Mother supports you!”

My mother left without listening to my words.

Since we walked quite slowly the tournament should be ready to start.

The very first match is also my match so I really don’t have much time left.

I didn’t head to the waiting room though. I left the arena and headed to the demon tree forest.

The forest had completely recovered after our matches and wash now lush and green again.

After walking for a while a *nyaa* came from above.

Looking up a black cat is perched on a branch. With a light gait, it comes down the tree. It’s Aivis.

“What have you found?”

The black cat opens its mouth.

“Gaius and Idol, two of the old seven demon emperors are involved in the tournament behind the scenes.”

Those two?

Gaius’ memories were erased and his body taken over by a subordinate of Avos Dillheavia. I never checked Idol but its very likely its the same with him as well.

“What’s their aim?”

“I believe it’s you Arnos-sama. I think they are trying to trap you somehow.”

“If that’s the case then they are probably trying to beat me by using the rules.”

Aivis agrees.

“They will probably try to reduce your power by using the rules against you Arnos-sama.”

Fumu. This is probably the most likely scenario.

“What’s the location of Gaius and Idol?”

“I don’t know, but I found out that they will be coming to watch the finals tomorrow.”

I don’t think they will just be watching though.

It seems like they have anticipated me wining today and going through to the finals.

“What about Melheys?”

“He’s a hard one to catch sight of, but from what I can find he doesn’t seem to be involved in the management side of the tournament. There’s no sign that he’s intending to defy you Arnos-sama.”

Is he innocent?

Oh well. I still can’t confirm either way so no point worrying about it.

“What about Ray?”

“Ray Grandori’s mother is hospitalised in the Lognoss magic clinic. Her condition isn’t good. She’s close to death and healing magic is barely effective. Somehow the hospital has managed to at least stabilise her though.”

That’s why he looked so down. Why didn’t he depend on me though?

“What’s the disease?”

“The doctor’s notes state its spirit sickness.”

Fumu. I’ve never heard of it.

“What kind of disease is it?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard of it. I had to look it up and apparently, it’s very rare.”

So that’s why she’s admitted to the best magic clinic in Deiruheido.

“Anything else?”

“That’s all I’ve managed to find.”

To understand his mother’s illness I’ll have to examine her directly. It doesn’t sound like a disease associated with mazoku though.

“Sorry for the trouble I’ve put you through. I’ll be depending on you again.”

“Your will.”

Aivis walks off into the forest.

I return to the arena but head to the audience seats and not the waiting room for the participants.

I’ll wait here for a while.

“Without further ado, the first round of the Deiruheido demon sword tournament shall begin!”

A voice comes from the owl flying in the sky.

“First up is Kurt Roodwell from the Lognoss demon sword association!!”

A long-haired man with delicate features appears on the arena along with a great cheer. A thin rapier type demon sword hangs from his waist.

“He’s here! The winner of the last tournament! Deiruheido’s strongest swordsman Kurt Roodwell!!”

“Shocking! The first match and he’s here!”

“Aah. At only 20 years old he rapidly cut down all his opponents. He can only have gotten better. I look forward to it.”

“He’s over 300 now. I wonder how much more polished his sword techniques are? It’s scary just thinking about it.”

“Who’s the unlucky fellow to get Kurt on the first round?”

Apparently, he’s some type of celebrity and the audience is excited.

“The Lognoss demon sword association is a famous group amongst the royal factions.”

Misa says while coming over to me.

“I see. By the way, is that the younger or older brother of Emilia?”


Is her whole family in the royal faction? Not that unusual I suppose.

“Next up is Arnos Voldigod from the Deruzogedo demon king school!”

Even though the owl says that no one shows up obviously since I’m standing here.

“…….I’m sorry. Because of us………”

“What are you saying? Me taking part only furthers the plan of Avos Dilheavia.”

If I don’t participate I’m sure that guys plans will start to unravel.

If I do this I may catch them by surprise.

Now then. How do you intend to proceed with this?

They probably made this plan without even considering I’d escape. Whatever their plan is, I doubt it will work without me taking part.

I may be the demon king of tyranny but the person I’m fighting is not that sword tournament participant but Avos Dillheavia.

I say all that but that’s assuming I’ve read the situation correctly in the first place.

“…..Oi. Maybe his opponent isn’t going to show up……?”

“Because their opponent is Kurt it might be a bit heavy for a student. Perhaps they ran away?”

“But I heard that recently the unification faction is spreading the news around that the demon king of tyranny has been reborn and it’s this Arnos Voldigod person.”

“Aah. There was such a rumour wasn’t there.”

“Haha, how ridiculous. He’s supposed to be a mixed blood. Why are mixed bloods even in the academy? They should all work for the royals like most of the other mixed bloods.”

“How true. No matter how hard they try they can never become demon emperors. It’s stupid.”

“Good grief. That unification faction and this Arnos are all brats. Its nothing but a dream.”

No doubt those raising their voices are a royal group since they are making sure a nearby group of white-clothed students can hear them.

The students were obviously mixed races and were clenching their fists in anger while enduring it.

They are surrounded by royalty so all they can do is endure it.

Am I hope for the white-clothed students? If I don’t go out there, their regrets won’t go away.

This situation though. Did Avos Dillheavia plan this provocation just in case I didn’t show up?

“How do you know they can’t become demon emperors!?”

A familiar voice reaches my ears.

Looking around I see her.

My mother.

“Ahh? What was that Nee-chan? Don’t you know? Demon emperors are royalty. That’s the order of things.”

My mother firmly brushes away the hand of a man that’s reaching for her face.

“Arnos-chan will definitely become a demon emperor!”

My mother doesn’t know I’m the demon king of tyranny.

She should know from investigating the demon emperors that you have to be a royal to be a demon emperor but she declares it so without any hesitation.

She doesn’t seem to know I’m here but I guess she couldn’t keep silent when my dream was insulted.


Someone taps me on my shoulder and when I turn around it’s my out of breath father.

“………Haa…….haa…….I was looking…….for you…….”

My father offered me a sword.

“A demon sword papa forged himself using Kongo iron. Now you can join.” (1)

Using my demon eyes I can see that my father has a lot of bandages under his clothes.

“Father…….your injuries….?”

“Oh? You can tell? Hahaha. I had to climb some pretty steep cliffs to get to the Kongo iron……. I messed up and fell once though. Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch!”

Even raising your arms should be painful. Every time he raised his arm to hammer the sword it would have been painful.

Did you complete this sword with your body like this?

For me.

“Anyway, off you go. If you win this tournament even mixed races might be able to become demon emperors.”

He just said something sensible. Both my parents are being optimistic and my father knew mixed races couldn’t be demon emperors but he’s still trying his best to support his son’s dream.

“Misa. Please tell Melheys that the arrangements he’s making are not necessary.”


By not taking part in this tournament I know Avos Dillheavia will show himself, however……….

Yare yare. Why should I of all people have to be careful about a small fry that can’t be bothered to confront me directly?

I’ve got more important matters to deal with.

“Participant Arnos Voldigod! Are you coming? You have 10 seconds to come to the stage or else you will be disqualified.”

“That’s me. I’m here.”

I walk to the edge of the audience seats and jump to the arena stage.

Even though its a misunderstanding I still lied as a result of it.

I want to be a demon emperor. I don’t have a demon sword.

However, I can’t tell the truth to my mother and father.

At the very least, let’s change this lie.

Even if there’s some things I can’t talk to them about right now, the feeling of wanting to see the happy faces of my parents is not a lie.

Compared to that, the plots of Avos Dillheavia are trivial. No matter how many tricks you come at me with I’ll smash them right in front of you.

“I thought you’d run away hero-dono of the unification faction.” (2)

Kurt turns a cold gaze towards me.

“Fumu. I got lost a little bit. Did you wait long?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll forgive it out of respect for your courage in appearing in front of me instead of running away.”

“Oh my goodness. How very tolerant of you.”

Kurt watches me with alert eyes.

I have no doubt he’s a master swordsman.

Speaking of his sword arm alone he’s probably better than the old seven demon emperor Gaius.

“I’m sorry that you’ve wasted your time but……..”

I set up the Kongo iron sword my father made for me.

“I’ll end this in one minute.”

(1)Kongo in this context means an indestructible substance.

(2) Kurt calls him eiyuu and not yuusha. For those that don’t know both mean hero but yuusha is more of a “chosen one” type of hero where eiyuu is more of a great general, war hero, great leader etc.

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