45. Misha’s questions

After speaking to Melheys I returned home.

Usually, my mother is tending the front but since the shop is closed there’s no one there.

“Welcome back.”

A quiet, indifferent sounding voice calls out to me.

Misha unexpectedly appeared from the kitchen.

Honestly, I was a little surprised.

“What’s wrong?”

“Cooking practise.”

My mother also appears from the kitchen.

“Welcome back Arnos-chan. Dinner will be done soon. I made it with Misha-chan today.”

I see.

“You taking lessons from my mother?”

*Kokuri* Misha nods.

“Misha-chan said she wanted to make delicious food for Arnos-chan. I’m teaching her when we both have the time.”

When did they make this promise?

“Mother’s going to go finish dinner.”

“Me too.”

“Thank you but it’s okay now Misha-chan. What’s left is easy thanks to you. Why don’t you stay and chat with Arnos-chan?”

Misha thought a little and nodded.

“Ou, welcome back Arnos.”

My father who had just finished his work came out of the studio.

“I’m home.”

“You’ve done something great again it seems. The demon sword tournament was it?”

My mother smiled at my father’s words.

“Yes! That’s right! Congratulations Arnos-chan. Emilia-sensei came by today to tell us. Arnos-chan is truly a genius. One of only 2 people chosen from the class!”

My mother hugs me tightly.

It seems they really want me to participate in the demon sword tournament if they’ve gone as far as to tell my mother and father.

“I don’t know if I’m going to enter or not yet.”

“Eh? Why? If you get a good result in the demon sword tournament it’s easier to become a demon emperor.”

That’s news to me.


Misha nods at my question.

“Achievements are required to become a demon emperor and results from the tournament count.”

I see. Even in this peaceful era you still need strength to some extent.

“I don’t have a sword anyway.”

I’ll just go with that.

“If it’s a sword leave it to your father. What type of sword do you want?”

Even if I intended to enter it’s not something I can entrust to my father……

“A normal sword is impossible as it would break in one blow. All participants need a demon sword.”

My father folds his arms and starts thinking.

“A demon sword was it? Papa’s heard of them. Aren’t they made with a special metal? A type of iron that can cut anything?”

My father’s blacksmith knowledge is from a human country.  Even if you say a demon sword, they are not always magical. A demon sword only needs recognition to cut well.

“Alright. Papa’s going out.”

My fathers face shows a proud expression. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

“Now? It’s dinner time…….”

“It’ll just be for a couple days Isabella. Can you mind the shop?”

My mother laughs and smiles at my fathers who’s acting manly.

“Yes. Take care dear.”

Though he seems excited, whatever sword my dad makes will be destroyed by a demon sword.

It’s also a bit premature. I don’t know if I’m entering the tournament yet.

“Don’t worry about a sword father.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not about a sword. Papa just remembered he has a little bit of business to attend to.”

Really? What business do you have that requires you to be away for a couple days?

His excuse is just absurd.

“Even with a sword its a demon sword tournament.”

“I know that. Well then, papa is off.”

My father laughs while clapping my shoulder.

“Right. Protect your mother for me while I’m gone.”

“No, wait father.”

My father just laughs and claps my shoulder again.

“Right. Protect your mother for me while I’m gone.”


What was that?

“Father, please listen. I—”

My father laughs again and claps my shoulder.

“Right. Protect your mother for me while I’m gone.”

Is he a broken magic doll?

“…………………….Aah. Leave it to me……………”

My father gives me a big thumbs up at my words.

Yare yare. I can’t keep up with my father at all.

“See you later.”

My father opened the door and left.


Fumu…….It’s fine I guess?

Even though I can’t use it in the tournament if its a good sword it will still be a good showpiece for the shop.

Though my father wants to grow the store he seems to have no intention of actually making any good money.

He does work hard though.

Firstly, how can I stop my father’s misunderstanding?

“Well then. Mama will finish dinner.”

My mother returns to the kitchen.

“Don’t you want to participate in the tournament?” Misha asks.

“The royal faction is planning to beat me by using the rules though I don’t think I’ll lose even if the rules are not in my favour. There’s nothing to gain if I do a participate though.”

Is this part of Avos Dillheavia’s plan? I’m hoping he shows his tail if things go well. If he’s got nothing to do with it there’s no point me participating because I couldn’t care less about the royal factions.

If it’s a worthless game I might as well heed Melheys advice.

If that’s the case……


At my words, a familiar spirit owl entered through the window.


The immediately flew away after I gave it the order through Thought Transmission <Liikus>

“Is the academy closed tomorrow Misha?”

Misha nods.

“Do you have any plans?”

Misha shakes her head.

“Do you want to go out somewhere then?”

Misha looks at me with her deadpan expression.

“…..Go out?”


Misha falls silent and thinks.

“………Us two?”

“That a problem?”

Misha shook her head frantically.

“Looking forward to it.” She says while smiling.

“Is there anywhere you want to go?”


“Is there anything you want to do?”


Fumu. She really has no desires.

Saying that, this is Misha. She may just be holding back.

“What does Arnos want to do?”

“Anything is good. You can be a bit more forceful Misha.”

Misha blinks a little as if she’s surprised.



“……..Must think I’m boring…….”

“Even doing something dull can be fun.”

Misha smiled happily.

“Arnos is kind.”


Misha nods.

“I’ll teach you.” Mishas eyes meet mine “My favourite thing.”

“What is it?”

“Not yet. Secret.”

Is tomorrow going to be fun after all?


Nn? Misha is still staring at me.

She’s not saying anything but she doesn’t seem to be waiting for me to say anything either.

I think she wants to ask me something.

“What’s wrong? You can ask anything.”

Misha suddenly looks a little embarrassed.

“……..What kind of clothes does Arnos like?”

“Clothes? Let’s see. I don’t really care about appearance. If I had to say then probably a frock coat.”

“Frock coat?”

Misha looked a little surprised then spoke in a slightly uneasy voice.

“……..Suit me……..?”



We both realised our conversations had gone in opposite directions.

“Are you talking about clothes for you to wear Misha?”

Misha nods.

“Even if you ask me I don’t really understand women’s clothes.”

“…….What colour do you like?”

Were talking about clothes for Misha to wear.

“Let’s see……. White is good. Your uniform looks good on you.”

Misha eyes round a little bit.

“Prefer trousers or skirts?”

“…….That’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that.”

Misha steps closer to me and stares into my face.

“Which one?”

Fumu. She’s being unusually insistent.

“I don’t really understand either of them……..”


Misha stares into my eyes while asking.


Misha keeps asking.

“Hard clothes?”

Hard clothes? Does she mean a formal dress?

Formal dresses aren’t bad but I wouldn’t say I like them.

“Light clothes then?”

I’ve never thought about any of this.

She’s asking questions quickly so I have no time to form an answer.

“I got it.”

I still haven’t answered anything but Misha withdraws.

“Arnos-chan, Misha-chan, dinners ready—.”

My mother’s voice comes from the dining room.


“…..Have you finished with your questions?”

*Fufuu* Misha laughs.

I went to the dining room together and with a happier than normal Misha.

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    • It’d be hilarious if he got a holy sword and then corrupted it to become a really strong demon sword.

      Even better would be if his father somehow found the weapon used by that time god or whatever and reforged it into a sword, and then Arnos uses some technique to disguise it as a demon sword.

  1. Gosh Misha points going up so much! I love how even though Arnos isn’t sure himself she’s just reading his expression hahaha. I’m excited to see how their date turns out. Though I’m seriously not sure Arnos even knows the concept of a date lol. He never had time to get close to anyone in that way. Plus with his magical asexual reproduction power I wonder if he even has the natural hormone based sex drive?

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  2. Somehow, when I read about Misha, I alwYs imagine that loli dragon from Maid Dragon or that Rook from High School DxD

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    • From the Dungeon exam?
      That was the King’s Scepter.
      Scepters are ornamental staffs signifying the authority of a ruler. Though some could be used as a mace to club an opponent, not gonna cut it as a sword.
      He did use a manifestation of the sword true form of the Demon King’s Castle. But that’s one of his trump cards.

  3. Finally Mish getting some love and her own time to shine, its true that for her being the first friend she’s really been left out in the cold.

    I like both sisters but Mish is my favorite so I appreciate this.

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