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37. Skirmish

The next day in Deruzogedo’s demon tree forest saw 2 sets of students gathered here for the exam taking place.

When the bell to signal the start of class sounded Emilia spoke.

“Now then. We will start the exam with Ray’s group and Arnos’ group.”

Ray walks towards me

“Did you sleep well yesterday?”

“Aah, I had a good night.”

“I didn’t sleep very well.”

“Fumu. Did you find a good book? Staying up late is bad for your health.”

“That’s true. Getting up was an effort this morning.”

Ray lets out a yawn as if to prove his point.

“Hey hey hey hey!” Sasha butted in.

What’s she complaining about now?

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t ‘what’s wrong’ me! The group test has started! This is an exam! What’s with this lukewarm air? Are you going on a day trip somewhere?”

Yare yare. It doesn’t mean we have to kill each other. We don’t have to be bloodthirsty about it, though there is a chance they may die accidentally.

“My bad. My subordinate nags a bit.”

I place my hand on Sasha’s head indirectly telling her to quieten down a bit.

“……Eerm…….hand…your hand…..I won’t shut up because of that…….”

Even so, Sasha’s loses her momentum and falls silent.


Misha makes an appearance from behind Sasha.

“….Wha….what are you saying…….?”

“Because Arnos is different than when he’s with Sasha.”

I’m different?

“Aah, I see Sasha. Are you envious because I talk peacefully with Ray but not with you?”

“Wha, what are you on about!? I’m not envious…….!”


I look at Sasha’s face but she turns away.

“…………………I’m not envious………..”

A feeble murmur leaks out.

“In the first place, the rivalry in the last test all came from you.”

Sasha looks my way and lets out a small groan.



Misa who had called out to Sasha flinched at Sasha’s angry look.

“…….Well. Should we fight as well?”

“What? In the match?”

“Yeah. Arnos-sama and Ray-san have promised to fight each other but we will only get in their way. Should we not fight each other?”

“How astonishing. This exam is a mock-up of a real war. What war arranges its fights beforehand?”

Misa smiled at Sasha’s cold tone.

“It seems you really liked that magic photo from yesterday.”

“….That’s…….not really…..”

Sasha’s eyes are swimming.

“Fufufu. If you beat me I’ll give it to you.”

For a brief moment, Misa shows a photo in her breast pocket.

“……Is that all you want to say?”

“Yes. Let’s fight each other to our best ability.”

Having given her message Misa returns to the Arnos Fan Union group.

“Aah, that’s right. Yesterday’s game was won by Arnos-kun right?”

“That’s right. Are you going to give me something?”

Ray shows a cool smile.

“Well then, how about we enjoy ourselves in this test.”

*Kuukuukuu* laughter leaks deep from my body

It’s a good line. Much better than those who strongly threaten and complain.

“Interesting. I look forward to it.”

“What about our base locations?”

“Choose wherever you like.”

“I’ll take the east then.”

Ray went back and called out to Misa.

“Shall we go? I may be an unreliable leader but I want you all to lend me your power.”

A surprised expression showed on Misa’s face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just that Ray-san is unusual to say something like that to us white clothes.”

“Aah, I’m bad at stuff like royalty and whatnot. It’s too difficult for me. I don’t get it. Occasionally, I do think though.”

“Think what?”

“Did the founder really say that?”

Misa stares at Ray with an astonished look.

“Did that person really say that royalty was so great?”

“….That person?”

“Aah, that’s a separate story but I’ve always felt uncomfortable. That demon king of tyranny that everyone talks about seems like a different person. Well, I say such things but I’m looked coldly on when I do since I’m one of the chaos generation. If you can keep it a secret I’d be really grateful.”

Misa laughs a little happily.

“Fufufu, I understand. By the way. Are you interested in the activities of the unification faction Ray-san?”

Judging by Ray’s story Misa must have thought it was a good idea so she started trying to recruit him.

“No, not at all.”

“Is that so? That’s disappointing. Then are you interested in the Arnos-sama fan union?”

Whilst having a peaceful conversation with Ray they head off over to the east side while we headed off to the west.

After a while, an owl flew into the sky and used Thought Transmission <Liikus>.

“The match between Ray’s group and Arno’s group will begin. Don’t bring shame to the founder and fight with all your might!!”

With same words as before the match began.


“I’ll deal with Misa and the other students.”

Misha stares at Sasha’s face.

“Want photo?”

“No! I want to show my power to that woman who thinks she can beat me.”

Even though it’s just a mock skirmish she seems fired up.

“Sasha. I want to say one thing.”


“Even though you will be outnumbered you are one of my subordinates. Don’t run away.”

She smiled at me in an aloof manner.

“That goes without saying. Please watch. I’ll knock them all down.”

“Fumu. Well then, I’ll give you a reward if you do your best.”

“What reward?”

“I’ll do anything. Think about your favourite thing.”

Sasha suddenly looks shy. What are you thinking about?



Sasha leans in close.

“Anything? Really? Anything at all?”

“Aah. What do you want?”

Her face went red hot and she turned away.

“……Nothing…….. I mean…….I’ll think about it.”

Apparently, there’s something she wants.

“Build a castle?” Misha asks.

“I guess. Can you build one for the time being?”

Misha nods and clasps her hands like she’s praying.

A great number of ice crystals appeared from the <Ice Lotus Leaf Ring> before forming a magic circle and begin to shine.

“Ice Castle”

Misha uses Construction Creation <Ibis>.

In the blink of an eye, the ground freezes and outer walls appear. After that, an ice throne, a bronze statue and a mirror appear. Next, the ice floor rises into the sky carrying our bodies upwards with force. Finally, the ceiling is constructed and a huge demon king castle made of ice appeared.

The throne stands between us.

“……How were you able to construct the castle so fast using <Ibis> Misha?” Sasha asks.

Misha tilted her head.

“Because the <Ice Lotus Leaf Ring>?”

“Well, there is that too.”

When I said that Sasha looks at me curiously.

“What else is there?”

“Listen to your own origin.”

Sasha’s eyes say she is dissatisfied with my light answer.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to hit the other side before they make their castle?”

“I’ll wait. I want to beat them in perfect condition so no complaints appear.”

Even though she’s competing with Misa I’m glad they seem close.

“Let’s have a look at the situation over there.”

Like before I activate my demon eyes and intercept their <Liikus>. I was also listening to Misha and Sasha as well.

“Aah, I think I can hear them now.”

“Eh? You can understand them?”

I heard the communication between Ray and Misa.

“Yo, Arnos-kun. You listening?”

Did you notice? It’s also possible Misa told him I can intercept <Liikus>.

“Well, I’ve got some free time. How’s your castle coming along?”

“It’s going to take a bit more time I think.”

“I’m bored.”

“Well then. Do you want to meet at the largest waterfall in the valley to kill some time?”


“Just the two of us?”

“Isn’t it better without obstacles?”

I knew he wasn’t the type to escape and hide but to challenge me this impressively is great.

What’s even better is he’s doing this despite knowing my power.

“I’ll head there now.”

“See you in a bit.”

<Liikus> is cut off. Misa must have stopped using it.

“I’m off to play a little.”

“Be careful.” Misha says.

“It’s good to play about but don’t end it before I beat Misa.”

If the leader of the group the Demon King <King> is beaten then it’s over.

“I’ll wait 30 minutes but I can’t guarantee any longer than that. Do your best.”

After saying that I use Transfer <Gatom>.

The world turns white then immediately regains colour.

The waterfall I appeared by is quite high at approximately 300 meters.

As expected he’s not here yet.

I sit on a handy rock and wait.

Before long a huge castle appeared in the east forest.

It looks pretty robust.

I heard footstep in the grass while I was checking out the castle.

I looked over and there was Ray.

“Yo. Been waiting long?”

“I just arrived.”

Ray walks over and stops just outside sword range.

“It’s a bit wearisome to start suddenly.”

“I don’t mind particularly but have you any more interesting ideas?”

Ray smiles a mischievous smile.

“Who do you think will win between your subordinates and the children of the fan union?”

I see.

“That look on your face. You’ve taught them something.”

“Misa was it? She said she wanted to join Arnos-kuns group plus I felt an affinity for her so I decided to give her some help.”

Interesting. A skirmish between subordinates.

“Of course my subordinates will win.”

I expand a magic circle on the waterfall and cast Remote Clairvoyance <Rimnet>.

Rays group and my group are both projected on the large waterfall which is acting as a huge screen.

“Did you hear that Sasha? Good news. I’ll wait until you conclude things with Misa.”

“That so. Thank you. Well, let’s get this done quickly.”

Sasha casts Flight <Fres> and heads straight to the other demon king castle where the fan union await.

It’s not a good thing really, to expose yourself in the sky like that but considering the difference between Misa’s and Sasha’s ability it’s not a problem this time.

“I came as requested Misa Iriologue. Come out or should I come in?”

“Fufufu. Thank you Sasha-san. To thank you for the trouble of coming here I’ll show you something interesting.”

*Zuzuzu* *Goaaaaaaa* the sound of an earthquake rings out.

Arms made out of rock extend from the castle and then legs. Before long it stands up.

A huge stone soldier imitating a castle stands there.

“…….I see. Physical Body <Guines>……however, to cast it on your castle…….”

Physical Body <Guines> is a magic that lets you manipulate objects and make them act like a living being. The bigger the object, the harder it is to operate and the more magic it requires.

The operation is probably shared by the entire fan union, however, even if you make all the members Shaman <Shaman> so they can benefit from magic strengthening they still won’t have enough magic.

“Are you lending them magic?”

Ray smiled.

“I’m not good at magic and because I don’t use it I’ve got power to spare.”

Thanks to Demon King Army <Guys> his excess power is being sent to the fan union.

“Here I go Sasha-san!”

The huge soldier raised an enormous sword over its head then cut down at Sasha.

“Kuh……..this thing……..!!”

Despite its huge size, it’s very quick.

Due to the wind pressure generated by the sword, Sasha can’t fly like she’d wish and barely avoided the attack.

“It’s useless without a body!!”

Sasha activates her <Demon Eyes of Ruin> and glares at the soldier.

The outer walls crumble and fall off but the soldier is just too big. Sasha can’t see all of it due to its size so she can’t completely destroy it.

“Should I have not lent my power?” Ray asks.

In addition to numbers, Ray has lent them his power so the disadvantage to Sasha is obvious


“Don’t take my subordinates lightly.”

I talked to Sasha via <Liikus>

“Do you want a hand Sasha?”

“That’s not necessary. Even though I’m outnumbered, if I borrow your power over just this much then I can’t call myself a subordinate of the demon king.”

“Well said. Then use Flame Prison Annihilation Canon <Geo Greys>”

It was probably an unexpected proposal as Sasha response was delayed.

“…….That’s impossible. I could barely cast it with 20 people last time. Even though my current class is Sorcerer <Mage> my magic is still insufficient.”

The Sorcerer <Mage> class benefits from having its attack magic buffed as well as having its magic increased. The trade-off is recovery magic and physical ability are decreased.

“You can borrow power from Misha.”

“….But that’s only two people…….”

“Can’t I trust you?”

After a moment of silence, Sasha said.

“……..Understood. Is that okay Misha?”

While dodging the swings from the huge soldier Sasha used <Liikus> to call Misha.

“Nn. I’ll develop a three-dimensional magic formation and give it to Sasha.”

Far away from the giant soldier in the western castle glittering crystals float above the ice castle and build a magic formation.

A huge magic circle appeared in front of the castle and takes on the shape of a gunport.

The powers of Misha and Sasha combine through <Guys>.

Sasha clings to the huge sword being swung down and holds up her hand.

Is she establishing an aim?

“GOOOOOO <Geo Greys>!!!”

The magic formation changes again and takes on the shape of a gun turret.

A black sun appears.

It boasts a huge amount of magic power. It shot out in a straight line towards the giant soldier leaving a trail of light behind it.

“Misa! Dodge!”

“Impossible! This size is!!”

*GOOOOOOOOO* The huge soldier is wrapped in a black sun.

It makes a rattling sound and an arm falls off, the feet collapse and the outer walls peel off.

The voices of the fan union scream out.


“As expected from the subordinates of Arnos-sama. To destroy such a huge soldier in just one shot. They’re too stroooooooooooong!!”

“Wait! I noticed something enormous!”

“Were about to die! What now!?”

“If we die like this it was because we were killed on the instruction of Arnos-sama. It’s indirect killing!”

“I’ll kill yoooooooooou!”

Another huge noise and the soldiers head fell off.

Authors note: Misha and Sasha are getting stronger for some reason.

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