35. Grand demon sword training

“Right. Now that Ray-kuns group has been decided I’ll begin the class.”

Emilia’s in high spirits, no doubt due to Ray becoming a group leader.

“We’ll be performing grand sword training today and since this is practical training we’ll be moving to the arena. Since a special lecturer is here please don’t be rude.”

All the students stand up and leave for the 2nd training ground.


Misha calls out to me as I start walking

“What’s up?”

“Do you know Ray?”

She’s asking something strange.

“No. Does it seem that way?”

Misha nods

“Looked like you were having fun.”

I see.

“Well, he’s an interesting guy.”

Do I know him?

It wasn’t only me who reincarnated. Some of my subordinates did as well. I wonder if that guy is one of them?

I say reincarnation but there’s various levels. Depending on the level of the source magic, it’s not uncommon for the memories and magic power to be overwritten, however, something will always be remembered somewhere in the heart.

“It’s possible we met 2000 years ago.”

“Nee. If we don’t hurry up class will start without us.”

Sasha calls out to us from the doorway.

“Shall we go?”


Along with Misha I start walking again.

When we enter the arena the students are standing in a circle around something.

Getting closer I see it’s Emilia and two other mazoku.

One is a huge person, double the height of a normal person with dark skin, thick arms and legs knotted with muscles and sporting a beard.

The other person is of normal height with long black hair and sharp eyes.

“Now then, the grand demon sword training will be conducted by 2 of the old seven demon emperors. Gaius Anzem-sama and Idol Anzeo-sama.”

The huge one is Anzem and long hair is Idol.

Their appearances are certainly the same as 2 mazoku that I made and their magical wavelengths are also similar, however, their origins and bodies may have been taken over by fusion magic as well.

I didn’t think 2 of them would come.

“Gaius-sama, Idol-sama, thank you for today.”

After bowing her head, Emilia went over to a corner so as not to disturb us.

“Hmm. Well then. Instead of a greeting shall we do something different?”

A deep voice is emitted.

Gaius raises his hand overhead and dozens of magic circles form.

“Same amount as the number of students.” Misha mutters next to me

“Looks like it.”

Magic gathers and sword blades appear from the centre of the formations.

“Wh…wha…..it’s demon swords…….”

“What’s with this absurd magic power……..? Why don’t they fall…..?”

While looking up the students edge back in fear from the demon swords overhead.

“Ooops. Stop moving little chicks.”

The deep voice of Gaius echoes and the students stop while shaking.

“That’s it. Be good and stay still. If you move you die.”

Gaius makes a fist and swings it down with all his might.


At the sound of his harsh voice demon swords pour down in a shower from the magic formations.



Screams come from many places in the arena but all the students were unhurt.

Demon swords pierced the ground at their feet.

“Well then. Take the sword at your feet and try it out.”

The students fearfully laid their hands on the swords.

“Eh? It won’t come out……”

“This is…….my magic powers being absorbed……..!”

“Uwaaaa! I can’t remove my hand! Help meeeeee!!”

Screams ring out again from all over.

“Haahaahaa. Don’t yell little chicks. That’s what a demon sword is. A true demon sword chooses its user. If you don’t show power appropriate to the demon sword you will have a bitter experience. Force your magic power in and force it to yield. If you half-ass it you might die.”

Fumu. They don’t seem to have been made with magic. They all appear to be the real thing.

I ascertained the wavelength of magic power in an instant and could choose a demon sword appropriate for all the students here if I wanted.

“As everybody knows the Deruzogedo demon sword tournament will be held soon. It’s a tournament to decide Deiruheido’s best swordsman and participants from all over Deiruheido will gather. Unlike you chicks, everyone will be outstanding. You have to bring your own sword and if you don’t have one then there’s no point participating.”

Gaius raises his voice to encourage the students.

“However, if you want to show off in the tournament then take out the sword! If you can do it then I’ll give it to you.”

I look over and Sasha is trying with all her might to pull out the sword but she’s not getting anywhere.

“Ha. What’s this Sasha? Can’t you pull it out?”

“………Noisy. Shut up………”

Misha is also trying to pull out her sword but it’s not going well either.

“Weak with swords.” Misha mutters.

Well, irrelevant of magic there’s strong and weak points.

<Ice Lotus Leaf Ring> and <Phoenix’s Vestment> are exceptional tools far superior to these swords and they are able to wear them no problem.

That reminds me, Shin was able to handle any demon sword but was absolutely useless with any other magic tool, however, since he solved everything with his sword he perfected his swordsmanship at least.

“……Arnos hasn’t even tried to touch his sword. Surely……can’t you pull it out?”

“Ku…kukuku, hahahahah. That’s a great joke Sasha.”

I look at the demon sword in front of me and in the next moment it showed it’s obedience to me by rising out of the ground by itself and moving to me.

“….Oi, look. Arnos pulled the sword out without even touching it…….”

“…..Damn it. How? I feel like I’ll lose just by touching it…….. Is that guy a monster…….?”

I grab the floating demon sword with my hand

“There’s only one sword in this world that won’t obey me.”

“…..I was sure you’d say there were none……”

“The holy sword the hero used in the age of myths. It was crafted by a master craftsman for the sole reason of killing me. Spirits dwell in the blade and the gods themselves blessed it. As you’d expect from that, it won’t obey me.”

Well, the only person capable of wielding it at that time was the hero Kanon.

Perhaps Shin might have been able to do it but there was never a chance for him to try.

In the first place, mazoku and sacred swords are not compatible. Also, if it was a sword designed to kill me I’d destroy it before it could be removed anyway.

“Now then.”

I start walking forward.

“Hang on. Are you going to do something again?”

Fumu. Sasha seems to understand me quite easily now.

“What? I’m only going to enliven this boring class a little.”

I walked over to Gaius who seemed impressed.

“Hmmm. You easily pulled out that demon sword. You have some promise.”

“This was disappointing. Because it was called grand demon sword training I thought there’d be an outrageous lecture but you put together such a boring play.”

Over in the distance, Emilia had a flustered look on her face while in front of me Gaius put his hand on his jaw in great interest.

“Haahaahaa. You’re a funny little guy. In short, it will be such a thing. I’ll teach you how to use a demon sword in actual battle!”

Gaius holds out his big hand and a huge magic formation forms. What appeared from it was a thick and large demon sword 3 times the height of Gaius.

Picking it up he swings it lightly with one hand causing students to step back from the wind pressure.

“….Bad, this is bad. That’s Gaius-sama’s maximum sword Grajeshion…..”

“Certainly…..That guy split the Neil mountain range in two with that sword……It’s not even on the level of a sword anymore……”

“As expected of Arnos but even he might not survive this time…..”

Fumu. As expected of one of the old seven demon emperors. He’s pretty powerful, however, my purpose is not to fight but just play a little.

“Idol. Do you want to play too?” I asked the long haired old seven demon emperor.

An unpleasant look came my way.

“You want to fight us 2 old seven demon emperors by yourself?”

“What? There will be 2 of us as well.”

Gaius showed a large smile at my words.

“Very well. I’ll do my best to match you. Who’s the other one?”

I glance over my shoulder.

“It’s Ray Grandori over there.”

Ray who hadn’t even touched the demon sword yet sent a curious look my way.

“That’s fine. Everyone else should withdraw. Right now we will show you the true essence of a demon sword!!”

Gaius sticks the large demon sword Grajeshion in the ground and a large magic circle appears on the floor of the arena. A magic barrier deployed covering me, Ray and the 2 old seven demon emperors.

“Yare yare. Every year for the last hundred years a least one person who doesn’t know their place appears.”

Idol opens both his hands and 2 magic formations appear forming 2 demon swords. One is a demon sword of ice and one is a demon sword of fire.

“Hou. Swords of ice and fire. Interesting. One turns its opponent to ash and the other freezes and shatters them.”

I walk over to Ray while talking. He’s still standing in front of the sword.

“….Before that, there’s something I don’t get. We’re fighting 2 of the old seven demon emperors. Is that okay…..?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s only a class. It’s not like we will be killed.”

“That’s fine then.” Ray says in a refreshing tone. “Won’t it be bad if we win though?”

Fu, kukuku.

Is that what you are worried about?

After all, he’s an interesting guy.

In this era, there will be hardly any mazoku that think they can defeat one of the old seven demon emperors.

“Show me your full power. Which one do you want to fight?”

Ray looks over at them.

“One of them is duel wielding ice and flame. One sword seems to be at a disadvantage.”

“Hou. Are you purposely choosing one that puts you at a disadvantage?”

“I’ve read the situation and I should have the harder fight.”

Has the possibility of losing not entered his mind?

Seems like it.

“Do you want to bet on who beats their opponent?”

“Then, Arnos-kun. If I win will you put me in your group?”

I heard his words and smiled broadly.

“You’re unexpectedly eager.”

“This seems easier than dealing with Arnos-kun directly in the group opposition test.”

Ray grabs the demon sword and pulls it out. After waving it around a few times he throws it at Idol with all his might.


Idol parried it with his flame blade turning the thrown demon sword into ash in an instant.

“I thought ‘he who makes the first move wins’ might work.”

Rays pulls another sword out of the ground and throws it at Idol again.

Ray begins running and immediately starts pulling swords out of the ground and throwing them at Idol.

A demon sword chooses its owner. It’s not normal to be able to use that many demon swords.

“Hmm. It’s the behaviour of a fool to look the other way on a battlefield.”

Without a sound, Gaius appeared behind me swinging his demon sword Grajeshion.

“Dodge well little chick!!”

Grajeshion swings down with great force and the tip of the blade hits my head directly.

The pressure from the sword makes a hole in the floor and a plume of dust rises up violently.


Gaius’ voice leaks out.

The tip of Grajeshion was broken off after hitting my head.

“You aimed at the wrong vital point Gaius. My heads pretty hard.”

“….Hard……such a level……this…. How? My sword is capable of splitting a mountain range in two.”

I slovenly set up my demon sword in a low position and said.

“Just because you split a mountain range you thought you could split my head?”

I release some blood lust and Gaius instantly retreats, however, in that moment he lost sight of me.

“Where…..? Disappeared…….there!?”

“Don’t panic so much Gaius. I’m just taking a leisurely walk.”

I cut both of his feet from behind. Gaius fell to his knees which caused his head to drop to a good height so I grabbed it with my left hand.

“Now then. How much do you remember?”

I stack origin magic Time Manipulation <Lebaido> and Recollection <Evii> and examine the surface of this guys memories.

They’ve been wiped. There’s no mention of the name Arnos Voldigod anywhere.

I concentrate my demon eyes and look deeply into the abyss of Gaius. Should I say as expected? There’s two origins.

One is the one I’ve just searched the memory of. The other one is probably a mazoku subordinate of Avos Dillheavia.

Unfortunately, without knowing its origin I cannot check the memory of the other mazoku.

Oh well. This is within my expectations. I didn’t think I’d catch his tail so easily.

“Do you want to continue?”

I release his head and place my sword against his neck instead.

Gaius said with a bitter expression.

“………………It’s my loss………”

At the declaration of defeat from one of the old seven demon emperors, a big cheer rose up from the arena.

Authors note: One chapter…… One of the old seven demon emperors appeared and is defeated in one chapter……….

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