33. Half a demon sword

“…..I’m sorry for all the noise…..”

Misa says to me after I signed everyone’s <Zekt>.

“Everyone got worked up seeing the raw Arnos-sama up close for the first time.”

“That expression. How to say it…….I don’t like it.”

Sasha says and next to her Misha nods.

“Like alcohol.”

“Fumu. Raw Arnos sake?”

“You don’t need to read so much into my words.”

She has a point.

“First of all, some off these people are in the same class as me so it’s not their first time. I don’t get the raw part either.”

“Ah, I’ll clarify. Arnos-sama has this atmosphere that seems to separate him from the rest of the world. To us, he’s in a place that we can’t see. Even though we are in the same classroom, today feels like the first day that you accepted my existence.”

“Well, honestly, until today you were beneath my notice.”


Misa seems slightly depressed.

“Don’t mind it. It’s my principle to ignore things that don’t interest me.”

“I’m not even going to respond to that statement.”

Misha nods in agreement with Sasha’s statement.

“I’ve learnt something today though. From now on you should fully taste the raw me to your heart’s content.”

“That expression……..is obscene………”

Misha leans her head to one side in puzzlement.

“Is raw Arnos obscene?”

“It’s alright. You don’t need to know about that Misha.”

Misha stared off into nothingness with her deadpan expression and muttered.


“Ah, if that’s so Misha-san then why don’t you join the Arnos fan union? I can teach you various things.”

Sasha quickly jumped in before Misha could respond.

“Absolutely not! I won’t let you teach weird things to my Misha! Can you stop your solicitation.”

“Ah, is that so? Why don’t you join too Sasha-san?”

“Haaa!? Why would I?”

Sasha’s voice raises in surprise.

“You’re worried about Misha-san aren’t you? Wouldn’t it be safer if you both joined?”

Misa says with a bright smile.

“I refuse. I have no reason to enter such a place.”

“Is that so? That’s disappointing.”

Misa moved over to Sasha and whispered in her ear.

“…….Right now, if you join, it comes with the magic photos of Arnos-sama I secretly took as a bonus.”

“Such a thing…….”

Sasha looks towards me for a moment.

“I’m not interested at all.”

While saying this Sasha brings her face close to Misa and whispers

“…..What sort of photos are they?”

“Fufufu, do you want to see? There’s one I took where he’s changing his clothes so he’s half-naked.”

“Half naked….!? Tha……that’s unhealthy……..Tha……rude….!!”

With a red hot face, Sasha raises her voice.

“Ah, don’t you like things like that? Well then, I’ll prepare something more wholesome  and cool looking.”


Misa puts on a blank expression


“Just to be sure I’ll take a look. Just to be sure.”

Sasha repeats herself.

Fumu. What are they talking about over there?

If I listened hard I could hear what they were saying but I won’t. They are whispering so they don’t want me to hear.

“I understand. Well then, I’ll guide you to the second floor. Arnos-sama could you wait a minute?”


It seems something has been decided between Sasha and Misa as they both head off up to the 2nd floor.

“Aren’t you going Misha?”

“Because Arnos isn’t going.”

“I see.”


After a few minutes, Sasha ran down the stairs.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“What happened to Sasha?”

“Fufufu. Something enjoyable.”

Misa says it like its something significant.

“Errm…..Arnos-sama. Actually, I have a request…..”

Misa asks, completely changing her expression to a serious one.


“I understand its an impudent request but would Arnos-sama have us in his team?”

I see. Actually, I think its a reasonable request.

Other than me all the group leaders are royalty. I doubt they would be willing to have unificationists in their team.

“There’s a condition for me to receive subordinates.”

“What is it?”

“They must be strong or interesting.”

Misa laughs like she’s troubled.

“It’s not that easy after all then…………..”

“One question. Why are you doing this?”

“When you say this, do you mean the unificationists?”

“Aah. Certainly, Deiruheido is ruled by the royalty and the mazoku are divided in two but there isn’t actually that much trouble from this system. Deirueido is ruled well and is at peace. If you close your eyes to the point that you will never have power then life is very comfortable.”

Even with the royal issue, this place is much better than 2000 years ago.

In the age of myths, powerless people died but now they can walk about freely.

“You don’t have great power and to unify the mazoku will bring great danger your way.”

“…..It’s just as Arnos-sama says.”

Misa looks down for an instant, however, she raises her face back up with a smile like she had instantly recovered.

“If it’s fine by you can I show you around the union tower? There’s something I want you to see.”

Misa looks at me earnestly. Doesn’t seem like she wants to answer me.

“Very well, guide me then.”

“Yes! This way!”

Misa starts climbing the stairs and explains about the union tower.

On the 2nd and 3rd floors are things relating to the Arnos fan union. It’s where they do their day to day activities.

There’s sculptures of me and diaries listing all my actions since I joined the school.

The 4th floor is a living space where you can sleep and the 5th floor is full of Deiruheido history books and mazoku related books.

I had a brief look but there were no true history books from 2000 years ago.

Going up the stairs we come to the top floor.

In the centre of the room was a stone pedestal with a demon sword stuck in it.

Fumu. It’s a strange structure.

Potentially, it feels like its magic power could rival a masterpiece from the age of myths but its incomplete.

The demon sword has been split in half vertically.

“Is this what you wanted to show me?”


Misa walked slowly forward and stopped in front of the sword staring at it.

I was going to ask something but decided to wait in silence.

Before long, Misa spoke up in a quiet voice.

“….You may have noticed Arnos-sama but I’m not a pure mazoku. My father is a mazoku but my mother is a spirit.”

Part mazoku and part spirit. That explains why I felt the power of the spirits in her magic. The fact that the spirits and the mazoku have come together is even more surprising than the humans and mazoku coming together.

“My mother seems to have died soon after I was born.”

Misa says a little sadly.

“I’ve never talked to my father. I don’t even know his face or his name.”


“My father is royalty and seems to be in a very high position. He might even be one of the demon emperors ruling some part of Deiruheido.”

I don’t get it.

“Did he do something wrong?”

Misha speaks up.

“The royal families are responsible for leaving descendants from the royal families. When they have children that have any blood other than a royal in them, that family is excluded from the royal family.”

“I see. As well as themselves it affects the entire family as well.”

Even if the child is of mixed blood that blood doesn’t get thinner and fade away.

It’s a very strange thought process.

“It’s as Misha-san says. I think my father understood it well that he shouldn’t fall in love with anyone other than a royal but he still seemed to have fallen in love with my mother anyway. Right?”

*Fufufu* Misa laughs.

“That’s just my delusion though. It would be nice to think so.”

Misa says it like that but he must have liked her mother since it came with such big risks to himself and his family.

“My father cannot talk to me. If it became known that he had a half-spirit child he would lose everything. So we’ve never met and I’ve never seen his face or even know his name.”

It’s different for myself but I can see not wanting to involve the rest of your family.

“On my 10th birthday, an unknown spirit owl bought me this half a sword.”

Misa gently touches the handle.

“In fact, it would be better to leave no trace at all but I think that this is a message from my father who cant say anything. The other half is surely owed by my father. Right now this sword is divided in 2 but one day it will become one. The day when royals and mixed blood will join hands will come. That is why my father is fighting. I’ve always thought that he’s waiting to pick me up and tell me so.”

Misa looks over her shoulder at me.

“Deiruheido is peaceful. The rule of the royals is excellent and I can go to this academy and live with no problems even though I don’t have any parents.”

She briefly stops speaking and smiles sadly before continuing.

“But I have nothing more than a life without inconvenience. Even if I was poor all I want is to spend my days with my father and laugh.”

Those last words were squeezed out and loaded with emotion.

“Father and daughter cannot even talk as they have been ripped apart. I want to end these sad things. Everyone’s the same. All the unificationists have never met their parents or have lost their families under the peaceful reign of the royals.”

Misa stares at me with an appealing look.

“Still, the gap between ideal and reality is deep. So when I saw Arnos-sama overwhelming the royal family with overwhelming power I thought that we had finally found our ray of hope. I’m able to believe in you, the demon king of tyranny.”

“Fumu. What if I wasn’t the founder, what would you do?”

“It doesn’t matter. We will even fight against the founder to achieve even a small bit of happiness if we have to.”

Misa firmly declared.

“What we believe is your words. You said you were the demon king of tyranny and we believe you.”

They don’t need the founder huh?

Certainly, it’s true that the unificationists don’t need a founder who’s royalty.

“Arnos-sama. Please forgive those of us who are weak but please lend us your strength. We will fight together……..”

I can grasp the general circumstances.

“When’s the next group opposition test?”

Was my question unexpected? Misa was not able to answer right away.

“Day after tomorrow.”

Misha answers instead.

“Well then Misa. In 2 days time, you should challenge me.”


“I’m not going to say you have to win but I don’t need subordinates that rely on my power. You said that you were ready to fight the founder if you had to. Prove to me that those words weren’t a lie and fight me.”

Staying quiet Misa then nodded in determination.

“Understood. I will be sure to meet the expectations of Arnos-sama.”

“Now then. Let’s call Sasha and get some lunch.”

We leave the room and head downstairs.

“Speaking of which, is Arnos-sama used to handling swords?”

Misa asks.

“Not really. I just swing my sword around with brute strength. Why?”

“Because tomorrow is a large scale military sword drill. I wondered if I’d see the cool figure of Arnos-sama.”

I remember hearing such a story.

“Oh yeah. If I’m not mistaken isn’t a guest lecturer coming?”

“Yes. According to Melheys-sama any time a grand military drill is held there’s a chance that one of the old seven demon emperors will turn up.”

Fumu. Avos Dilheavia must know that I have an idea about him now. Will he appear? Will he turn up for an ability inspection?

“Also, I don’t think many students know this yet but a transfer student is coming tomorrow as well.”

I didn’t notice the meaningful words Misa said.

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  1. How exactly does a ‘transfer student’ work, given that it’s in principle completely against what the school is about?

    In other words, it’s almost certainly fuckery from someone higher up.

    • Perhaps it was someone who they only recently found had the blood of the founder or was someone who until now had to keep their identity hidden.

      But yes, to do so should require a significant amount of influence. If it is the sword master from this volumes prologue, I wonder if his memories of Arnos are intact.

  2. Transfer student, so maybe not a demon + good with swords, Hero incoming? (They wanted to be friends in the next life)

    • We are either seeing the right hand sword guy that was mentioned a chapter or two ago or it the hero. I kinda want right hand man more but I have a feeling hero is higher chance.

  3. I’m sure the transfer student is Shin, and yeah i hope the transfer student is a “she”
    (and i don’t implying shin is me because of my name)

    • 100% most likely the transfer student will be a “he”, as there is a male character standing beside the MC in the cover of Volume 3 of the LN, so I think that’s him.

      • i’m pretty sure thats another dude and neither shin nor the hero. there’s a thing called yuusha academy later on from what i read in forums so i doubt we’re gonna be seeing the hero at the demon school,

  4. I feel like I know whom that transfer student is. Or I’m wrong and the instructor is who I think they are.

  5. How can Misa fight in group battle against him?
    Isn’t Arnos the only non royal who forced the teacher to grant him group leadership against the rules through contract?

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