32. Union

The class ends and it’s now lunchtime.

All the students stand up and leave the classroom to go and have lunch.

The king’s sceptre will be analysed by the school again and my score will be decided on.

I doubt they will fake a theft again but the demon king academy definitely doesn’t want to give an evaluation to an inept person like me.

Part of the reason is probably related to that unification faction Emilia mentioned. (1)


When I stood up a woman in white clothes called out to me.

It was Misa Iriologue who had stood up to Emilia earlier.


“Thank you for protecting me back there.”

“Aah, don’t worry about it. I didn’t protect you anyway.”

Misa laughed with a smile on her face at my words.

“However, thanks to what you did I avoided punishment. If Arnos-sama hadn’t found the Kings Sceptre I probably wouldn’t be coming to school for a while.”

Fumu. Were you going to stand by your convictions even when faced with punishment?

This fellow is someone I can respect.

“Misa was it?”

“Yes. It’s an honour that you remembered my name.”

“There’s something I’d like to know. What is the Unification group?”

Still smiling Misa answers.

“I’m sure you’re aware but present-day Deiruheido is governed by royalty.”

“I’ve got a rough idea but don’t know the details. Can you tell me?”

“With pleasure.”

Misa was more than happy to accept and started explaining.

“The Demon Emperors govern the various parts of Deiruheido and only royalty who completely inherit the blood of the founder can become demon emperors. The royalty has most of the power and us mixed races have no say in running Deiruheido. The mazoku are now divided into royalty and the others regardless of ability.”

Well, I guessed this after hearing the remarks of various nobles.

“In contrast to the royal families that advocate the principle of royal supremacy the unificationists are trying to unify the mazoku properly with no regard to pure or mixed blood.”

“In the present situation where the royal families dominate Deiruhido is the activities of the unification faction even possible?”

If the activities of the unification faction are banned in the school then nothing will change.

“Of course it’s not easy but we have strong backing in the unification faction.”

That’s surprising but it makes sense. Without powerful backing, the unification faction would be branded as rebels even if they insist they are peaceful.

“Who’s backing the unification faction?”

“One of the old seven demon emperors, Melheys Boran. Despite being one of the old seven demon emperors he agrees with the idea’s of the unification faction.”

One of the old seven demon emperors? It’s a bit confusing if that’s the case. The composition is easy enough though. All of the old seven demon emperors are members of the various royal families. The fellows running this academy have branded me, the demon king of tyranny as an inept person and are trying to replace me with another demon king of tyranny.

However, the unificationists insist on treating royalty and mixed races equally. If they get their way then all the efforts that have been made to brand me as an inept person will have been for nothing.

The old seven demon emperors do not appear to be monolithic either unless they have some purpose that will be easier to achieve if they support the unification faction.

I’ll need to wait for Aivis’ report before reaching any conclusions.

“……Arnos-sama. If you have an interest in the unification faction shall we introduce you to Melheys-sama?”

I can’t afford to accept this offer as just kindness. If one of the old seven demon emperors is trying to contact me then this could all be planned.

Whatever, If you don’t get on the hand offered then you will never reach the other side.

“I would be thankful if you could. Can we meet soon?”

“Yes. If it’s Arnos-sama I can safely say it will be done.”


“Myself and the others in the unification faction believe that Arnos-sama is the demon king of tyranny. You showed overwhelming power in the group opposition test and you showed wisdom and knowledge relating to magic research when we did the grand magic training. No other mazoku can do this.”

If you don’t care about royalty then ability is everything. Following that logic, it’s no surprise they think I’m the demon king of tyranny, however, after everything I’ve seen until now it’s suspicious. I can’t believe it too easily.

If I look at it from the point of view of the unification faction then they may see me as an easy figure to carry on their shoulders.

“Errm……..is everything okay?”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s talk to Melheys.”

Misa’s face bloomed joyfully at my words.

“Understood. If now’s a good time will you come to where my companions are gathered? I think everyone will be pleased to see Arnos-sama.”

Should I take this opportunity and go?

“Will you guide me?”

“Yes! Please follow me!”

Along with a joyful voice Misa moves along with a bounce in her step.

We leave the building and head outside.

“—–Are you also coming too?”

I ask Misha and Sasha who are closely sticking to each side of me.

“Sasha wants to go.”

“I’m not bothered particularly but as a subordinate of Arnos we should follow you.”

Yare yare. I guess they are both curious.

“Is it okay if they both come along Misa?”

Misa turned around and smiled.

“I don’t mind. You both believe Arnos-sama is the demon king of tyranny don’t you?”

Misha nods.

“Don’t lump us together. I don’t need belief as I know he is.”

Sasha says in a prickly manner.

Good grief. What are you competing with?

“Is that so? If Sasha-sama who is one of the chaos generation says so then it is even more convincing. Thank you very much.”

Misa smiles again.

“If possible, can you tell me how you know?”

“There’s nothing to decide with.”

Misa looked at me when I spoke.

“There’s no evidence. If there was I wouldn’t be branded as an inept person.”

“But Sasha-sama seems to know……”

“These two are special.”

Misa falls silent for a moment then mutters to herself “Is that so?”.

She wondered what was special about them but I wouldn’t say more than that.

For some reason, Sasha looks a little happy.

“Nee. The activities of you and your companions in the unification faction are forbidden here in school. Isn’t it likely that you are being watched when you gather together?”

“It’s fine. We were very troubled about this matter too but we came up with a good reason to exist that wouldn’t cause any problems even if we are watched.”

Misa stops in front of one of the union towers.

There’s many towers built on the site of Deruzogedo and some of them seem to be sites for union activity. These are places where students with common hobbies and interests gather.

There’s a fencing union where students can train in the way of the sword, a magic research union. Various unions exist.

There’s a plate over the door into the tower that has the unions name on in large letters.


“Fufufu. How’s this? Us fans of Arnos-sama formed an Arnos fan union so we can support Arnos-sama. What we are doing here is not the activities of the Unificationists. We are making pure remarks about Arnos-sama’s everyday life, his smart and manly figure and when he says something wonderful. We just talk about such things.”

“How stupid!”

Sasha intensely retorted to the proud Misa.

“So you say but it conforms to the rules of the demon king academy and avoids punishment. As long as we follow the rules then the words of Melheys-sama are effective.”

Misa then opens the door of the union tower and steps in.

“Anyway, the Arnos fan union is a temporary disguise to avoid public notice. Every day we are earnestly discussing ways to defeat the oppression of the royal families.”

When we entered the tower all the students inside turned to Arnos at once.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Arnos-sama! It’s Arnos-samaaaaa!!”

“No way. It’s a lie, right? Why? Why!?”

“What should I do? Right now? Maybe….Aren’t I breathing the same air as Arnos-sama!?”

“Right, that’s riiiiiight! A kiss! This is an indirect kiss!!”

“C….ca…….calm down! That means you’re indirectly kissing everyone here!!”

Sasha turned her gaze to Misa.

“What was that about earnest discussions?”

“Ah…..ahaha…..I’m ashamed to say, but this union did start out as a temporary thing but before we noticed it everyone had been taken in by Arnos-sama’s charm……..”

“There’s no need to be ashamed.”

At that time a girl seemed to have resolved herself and stood in front of me.

“A…Arnos-sama! Could you sign this!?”

The girl cast Contract <Zekt> and presented it to me.

Fumu. It’s a contract that states she will be my fan for her entire life.

I have no disadvantages at all. Frankly speaking its a silly way of using Contract <Zekt> but I can’t say that.

“Hey you, wait a minute. Stealing a march is no good. I want it too please!”

“Me too.”

Students start gathering around me one by one casting Contract <Zekt>.

No matter how much you examine it with your demon eyes its a contract that is only disadvantageous to them.

“Is this something common in this era?”

When I asked Misha she shook her head.

“Only for popular people.”

It’s a bit embarrassing to be called a popular person.

“Just because it’s popular you use <Zekt>. What does that even mean? Is that a good idea?”

“Were there no fan unions two thousand years ago?”

“I’ve never heard of one.”

Misha thought for a while then said.

“Everyone wants to show their loyalty.”

Fumu. I see. Loyalty? It does remind me of the atmosphere that Shin used to have. Are they proud to offer their loyalty to me?

I thought he was the only strange mazoku that thought like that. I guess times haven’t changed that much after all.

“Ah, errm, everyone. You can’t do something like this so suddenly. There’s an order to things.”

Misa broke through the women asking for my signature.

“Other than you it seems there are no other decent people. Is the unification faction going to be all right?”

“……..Everyone will be all right when the time comes…..ahahaha…….”

Misa seems to have no other choice but to laugh.

“Whatever. Don’t worry about it Misa. One or two signatures doesn’t matter. I’ll do as many as they like.”

“Eeh? Really? Then me too please!”

With incredible force and vigour Misa forms <Zekt> and bows her head.

Sasha’s eyes seem to say [you too?] when she looks at Misa.

“Ah…ahahaha……..Is it no good……?”

“Ah! Misa is unfair! Getting ahead like that!”

“That’s right. Everyone here wants Arnos-sama’s signature!”

At the other women’s protests Misa grandly says.

“No. In only this, I cannot back down. It was I that bought Arnos-sama here so I should have the honour of stealing the first signature! I will take the first issue!”

Magic particles begin to rise from Misa’s body. Is it because she’s getting ready for a fight?

Fumu. Her magic power wavelength is different from a normal mazoku. Is that the power of the spirits mixed in with her magic?

“Even so Misa, we won’t let you get away with it so easily…….”

“That’s right. Even if I throw everything else away I won’t hand over that first signature!”

Other women begin releasing magic power and the atmosphere quickly becomes explosive.

“…….Calm down everyone. Why are you fighting over such a silly thing?”

When Sasha asked several women replied.

“The signature of Arnos-sama is worth betting your life on!”

“Indeed. Even if I die here I have no regrets. It may seem strange but this is something we cant hand over!”

Misa smiled and had a philosophical look on her face.

“Please laugh if you like Sasha-san. If you like Arnos-sama then you cannot withdraw from this for we are the Arnos Fan Union.”

Magic power rises and magic sparks begin to scatter.

Just as they were all about to move in unison I said.

“Fumu. So the important thing here is that all members want the first signature?”

At my voice, all the female students stand still.

“That’s right, but everyone can’t get the first signature. Even if you sign at the same time there will still be an error of 0.1 or 0.01 seconds. That difference will separate the first and the others……”

“Why are you all getting so excited over the first signature…….? 0.1 seconds for the first time……..”

Sasha complains.

“Well, such is their beliefs. I don’t intend to laugh at them. If you believe me to be the demon king of tyranny then you should stop saying that something is impossible.”

I signed everyone’s <Zekt> at the same time.

“Eh? Eeeh? Kyaaaaa! Look ! Look! Signed it. He signed it!”

“Me too! Me too! I saw it! It didn’t even have a 0.1 second error time. It wasn’t even 0.00001 seconds. It’s an identical time!!”

“Really!? Everyone gets the first issueeeeeee!”

I said to the women that showed surprise.

“What? I used Time Manipulation <Lebaido> to stop time for a moment and signed everyone’s <Zekt>.”

As soon as I finished speaking screams came out.

“Stopped time to give us a signature!! Super cooooooooool!”

“My heart stops if you do such a thing!!”

Yare yare.

“So noisy over a signature.”

“If you think so then don’t sign anything else.”

Sasha mutters unneeded words from the side.

(1) I’ve changed united group to unification faction.

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