26. Lie



Sasha called my name.

I slowly got up, activated my demon eyes and looked at the magic formation only to find it still unfinished.

“Don’t tell me you couldn’t finish it in time?”

“That’s wrong. It will be completed by you.”

Sasha raises her hands and invokes magic. The moonlight that was pouring into the room scatters off into countless rays of light and fills in the missing pieces of the formation.

A huge completed nature magic circle fills the room.

I immediately started analysing the formation.

An accomplished mage in this age might need a whole day to decipher the hundreds of thousands of magic characters but I saw it all the moment I looked at it.

This is easy, however…….

“Kuku, kukukuku, kuhahahaha!! I see. Indeed I see it, Sasha. You never intended to win right from the beginning.”

Sasha smiled at my words.

“I know your power. Even with such a game, I would never have won no matter how good I was, however, I refuse to lose to fate.”

I see. She doesn’t want to lose to fate.

“As you guessed, my purpose is to have you use this great magic.”

“You planned well. You have to activate this magic to win and if I lost you’d order me to activate it anyway.”

Since I’m under <Zekt> I have to cast it. No matter who wins or loses the magic will still be cast which is what Sasha wants.

Of course with my power it’s not like I couldn’t get out of it but……….that would be inelegant and tasteless.

“All right. In honour of your wisdom and courage, I’ll accept the victory.”

I hold my hand out to the circle, synchronise with the magic wavelength of Sasha and activate the formation.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this magic. What is it?”

“Origin Tuning <Zekshiz>. It’s a magic that I developed.”

<Zekshiz> appears to be a magic that tampers with the wavelength of magic power.

It’s not a superficial synchronisation like I just did. It changes the actual origin and makes you like another person.

Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon <Geo Greys> is a high level magic that Sasha could barely cast so this circle would be beyond her power levels so that’s why she needed me to cast it.

The target of <Zekshiz> is Sasha herself.

“Your resolution. You’ve fully shown it to me.”

I activate <Zekshiz>.

Sasha body begins to shine while blue particles dance about like fireflies.

The light gets stronger and stronger and the whole room is dyed blue before returning to its normal colour.

“…..is it over……?”

“Aah, it’s my win. Do you understand?”

Sasha nods.

“You can’t lie. I’m going to use Though Domain <Liknos>.”

<Liknos> conveys the thoughts of the person inside its effect.

It can be prevented by using anti-magic but with me as her partner it’s impossible.

“I don’t mind.”

I look at Misha who nods as if to say no problem.

I activate <Liknos>


At the centre of the huge room the Necron sisters face each other while moonlight is pouring down creating a fantastical scene.

“You’ll disappear in a short while.”

Misha nods.

“What’s it like?”

Misha answers as indifferently as always.

“It’s not scary.”

“I see.”

Sasha stares straight at her younger sister.

“You want to know the truth?”


“That’s good. Because this is the end I’ll answer.”

Sasha takes a deep breath

If you are conscious of <Liknos> your thoughts will be transmitted through the magic.

[This is the end.]

[You never existed since the beginning.]

[You are only returning to the original form. Me.]

[An existence similar to me, always by my side but never an eyesore.]

[If I think about it, it was good.]

[As a child I couldn’t control my <Demon Eyes of Ruin>……….]

[Only you were by me. Only you looked in my eyes. Only you smiled at me.]

[Because you helped me practise I ended up being able to control my eyes and stop hurting people.]

[I could go out and laugh with other mazoku.]

[But for you who doesn’t exist, you were only a servant who followed. You were always alone.]

[For 15 years I’ve lived happily enough and that’s enough. It’s fine already so I give my remaining life to you.]

[You said it was destiny but I will not acknowledge it.]

[Our soul and body is divided in 2.]

[I’m the original but I always thought there should be a way to change it so I researched magic all this time.]

[Separation Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jikusess>.  What distinguishes you from me is our magic wavelength so I created Origin Tuning <Zekshiz>.]

[I changed the origin of my power to match yours so <Dino Jikusess> won’t know who’s the original.] 

[It was impossible for me but thanks to Arnos I succeeded.]

[Another magic,  Subject Alternation <Delt> will make you the original.]

[I can do it.]

[<Delt> is the last piece to use. Please be aware that you are you.] 

[Reject me, reject Sasha Necron.]

[Everything I’ve done has been in preparation for this day.]

[Everything was to make you hate me.]

[You’ll be okay.]

[Here at the end I need to tell you that I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth Misha.]

[Since I’m disappearing I don’t have to worry about paying the price of lying while under <Zekt>.]

“Nee, doll-san.”

[Nee, Misha.]

“I’ve hated you so much all this time.”

[I’ve always loved you so much.]

Sasha betrays the contract but I destroyed <Zekt> right at that moment.



“Have a nice day.”

[Goodbye Misha. I love you so much my younger sister.]

Sasha hugs her younger sister. She doesn’t seem to have realised but she’s smiling.

[Are you smiling as well? I can’t see your face.]

[I will change it. You dying. Such a fate. I’ll break it.]

“…….Subject Alternation <Delt>…….”

[Stay healthy Misha. Bye-bye.] (1)

The moment Sasha casts the magic both of them are engulfed in a dazzling light.

The light begins to settle and the shadow of 2 people begins to appear.

After another 20 seconds, the light disappears completely.

The figures of 2 people who haven’t changed are still there.

With a surprised expression, Sasha stares at the face of her younger sister.

“……..Such a……”

[I’ve prepared all this time.]

[I worked everything out so nothing would go wrong.]


The thoughts of her heart flowed out. She spills words filled with despair.


Sasha’s magic failed.

She was ready to burst into tears at any moment.

“What kind of magic?”

Even if Misha asks Sasha just makes a sad face.

After staring at her older sister for a while Misha says

“Sasha is bad at lying.”

It’s an indifferent tone but kind at the same time.

“I didn’t know why you were lying.”

Nothing but good will comes from Misha’s eyes while she looks at her older sister.

“But I like the clumsy Sasha.”

Sasha bites her lip and strongly holds back her tears but a few drops begin to fall.

Misha must reject Sasha or else <Delt> won’t take effect.

Sasha plan was certainly perfect but she made one miscalculation. Misha loved her older sister more than she thought and her love was not affected by Sasha’s acting.

It’s sad. Sasha entire plan to save Misha had failed.


A voice that sounded like it was being squeezed out resounded.

“…..You idiot……you……that much…..that much……I….I did so many terrible things…….!”

Sasha appeals to Misha

“I said some awful things…….I hurt you…….why?………why……?”

Sasha knees buckled under her despair and she buried her face into Misha’s chest.

“….Please…..Misha……..hate me. Please reject me…….”

Sasha entreats Misha with tears spilling down her face.

“Otherwise I can’t help you. I’ll disappear in your place.”

Misha places her hand on Sasha’s head gently rubs it.

“There there.”

Placing her other hand on Sash’s shoulders Misha says.

“Don’t mind it. I am the one who never existed from the beginning.”

“That’s not true! Misha is here! I want to protect you! I love you. You are important. You’re my sister. I’ll destroy your fate!”

Sasha clings to Misha tightly.

“….Please……don’t disappear…….don’t leave me…….”

Misha smiles a troubled smile.

“I’m not disappearing. I’m joining with Sasha. I’ll always be with you.”

Time is almost up.

Misha’s time as Misha was almost up but she looked satisfied while patting the crying Sasha.

“I was able to reconcile.”

Misha looks back at me

“Arnos’ help.”

“I’m glad.”

Misha nods.

“Do you have any other requests?”

Misha shakes her head.

“I have no more regrets.”

Looking me straight in the eyes she continues.

“I thought we could never reconcile but in my life, two miracles have happened.”

“What are you saying?”

Misha tilts her head at me.

“The real miracle happens now.”

Holding up my hand I cast Demon King Army <Guys>.

(1) Misha hasn’t spoken at all yet. This is all Sasha.

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