20. Secret magic of the Necrons

Ignoring the uproar Aivis spoke in a low voice

“Today I’ll be lecturing you on the secret magic of the Necron family. Fusion magic.”

Aivis draws the basic magic formation for fusion magic on the blackboard.

It’s a very large scale magic and seems to be a natural magic formation that requires moonlight to draw it. The magic gate and the characters are similar to those used in the mythological age.

The students looked eager to copy the magic formation but it was nothing special for me, however, at least it was a magic similar to something that would be studied in the age of myths.

In that sense, it was quite interesting for me.

If the usual classes were like this I wouldn’t be so sleepy all the time.

“Hey Arnos. Why aren’t you copying it into your notebook? Are you using a recording crystal?”

Sasha says from her seat next to me.

“I am recording it. Here.”

I tap my temple with my finger.

“……..That’s a lie……right? No way you can memorise a complicated magic formation like this just by looking at it.”

Sasha mutters half in surprise and half in doubt.

“What about you? I don’t see you taking any notes either.”

“It’s the Necron families secret magic and I’m a direct descendant. I learnt the basics of it long ago.”

Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that.

“If you’re a direct descendant, then are you close to Aivis?”

“No way. The old 7 demon emperors are an existence above the clouds. Even if I’m a direct descendant I’m the 16th generation.  I’m the lowest of the low. The amount of times I’ve spoken to Aivis-sama is………once.”

The mazoku have long lives. Apart from Sasha are other direct descendants still alive?

“——-As I just explained. The advantage of fusion magic is the ability to fuse magics together. By combining different magics with different wavelengths it produces a strong magic reaction. It can raise the original magic power tenfold. That’s the beginners class for fusion magic Mixed Assimilation <Ge Gum>.”

While Aivis’ lecture continues Sasha talks in a low voice.

“Nee. Did you really learn it? Didn’t you just give a flippant answer?”

“You’re a deeply sceptical person aren’t you?”

“Because it took me a month to learn this technique.”

“It took you a month but I understood the calculations in about 1 second.”

Sasha glares at me angrily. She seems to be quite dissatisfied for some reason as her <Demon Eyes of Ruin> have formed.

“Do you want me to prove it?”


Aivis’ explanation had ended.

“Does anyone have any questions?”

There’s a grateful atmosphere in the classroom but lots of fears as well. No one will raise their hands.


To break the tension I raise my hand.

“Umu, go ahead.”

Students start whispering as soon as I stand up.

“That fellow…….What’s he going to say this time?”

“I know. It’s unbelievable. Where’s his courage come from?”

“If you say something wrong you’ll be killed.”

Yare yare. The mazoku of this era sure are shy. It’s hard to think of them as my descendants.

“I have one about the magic formation for Mixed Assimilation <Ge Gum>. There’s a defect in the basic structure for fusion magic.”

Utter silence. Not a noise comes from the room.

Fumu. Apparently, I can freeze my whole class with a simple sentence.

“H….he…….he…he’s dead! It’s over! This is completely different from that time with Emilia sensei!!”

“A defect in the Necron families secret magic. In other words, he’s pointing out a mistake by one of the old 7 demon emperors. That goes beyond dangerous.”

“There’s no way there’s a defect in the structure developed by one of the old 7 demon emperors.”

Contrary to the noisy students Aivis is calm when he replies.

“What’s the defect?”

“This is the basic method to fuse magic. The magic reaction causes the power to increases tenfold, however, judging by the structure of the formation the fusion does not last long at all.”

The students had deployed magic barriers while I was talking. They seemed convinced Aivis was going to attack at any moments.

“That’s very impressive, to notice that detail while only seeing the formation once.”

The atmosphere in the class gave off the impression that the students were getting ready to dodge incoming magic.

“What the……”

“He’s right…..?”

“He’s only just seen it……”

Aivis writes the fusion time on the blackboard.

“It’s true. Fusion magic has a defect in the sense that it’s duration time is extremely short. It’s in the basic structure itself. Even if I develop it into advanced magic I cannot erase this defect itself.”

I point another thing out.

“If you are an average user then the fusion time is about 3 to 5 seconds. Basically, this makes it a flashy magic only and not worth remembering.”

Aivis nods generously at my words.

“Certainly, there are limited scenarios where fusion magic would give you the advantage. In most cases using other magics would be better, however, if you look deeper into the abyss it is also a magic that can change.”

Fumu. As expected of a subordinate that carries my blood. If you could complete the technique. Did your demon eyes arrive at the end point?

“I agree. When I looked into the abyss I understood the basic method of true fusion magic.”

At that line, Aivis shakes in surprise.

The sound of notebooks being hastily put away and a pen falling on the floor sounded throughout the classroom.

“Oooooooooh!! It’s over! We’re all dead…………!!”

“……No! I don’t want to die! Why am in the same class as that inept person!!”

All the students were shivering as they prepared for death.

“Can you improve this technique?”

A little bit of surprise was mixed into Aivis’ low voice.


“……This is a magic I’ve spent over a 1000 years making…..”

“Oh well. Look.”

I stand up.

“Wait….fusion magic is the secret art of the Necron family. I can understand you improving Demon King Army <Guys> as you had probably seen it before but this……?”

Sasha tries to stop me.

“I’m the best in this class. Are you that worried about me?”

“….Not……Not really……..I’m not worried about you…….”

Sasha turns away from me in a huff.


I walk over to the blackboard, emanate magic power and redraw the formation.

“How’s that?”

Aivis gulped the moment he saw it, followed a few moments later by his whole body trembling.

The redrawn formation is actually emanating magic. Though demon eyes are required to see it you need to actually think about it to understand it. Is the method correct? Does it work? It’s obvious at a glance.

“…..This……I can’t believe it…..? The fusion time has increased several hundred times…….I see you’ve incorporated origin magic into it, however, you’ve tied that origin magic into the technique itself……..how…..?”

While Aivis desperately tries to decode the magic I casually say.

“It’s easy. Applying the technique of fusion magic I fused the two magics.”


Aivis was at a loss for words. It was probably unexpected.

Even though everyone has looked at it, no one had noticed.

If you really look at it, it was actually an easy and very basic thing to do but no one considered it. Probably for that very reason.

This is what true magic research is like.

“What an idea. You said your name was Arnos Voldigod……..I did not think that anyone had studied fusion magic before me.”

“Aah, I see.”

It seems I’ve been misunderstood a little.

“No. This is your achievement Aivis.”


“Today is the first time I’ve seen fusion magic. Without your research, I could not have completed it. I just gave it the final push.”

Aivis lets out an astonished voice.

“What…..? You completely understood the method of fusion magic after seeing it for the first time and then completed it……!?”

“Fast or slow, what does it matter? You would have noticed it yourself in another 1000 years or so.”

Because I was finished I went back to my seat.

“…..Arnos Voldigod. Why is a monster like that attending this academy? There’s nothing to teach him.”

Aivis’ words filled with awe reach my ears.

The whole classroom starts to become noisy again.

“What happened………..?”

“I’m alive!!”

“I can’t understand anything that just happened. Arnos somehow completed fusion magic!”

“….That fellow……what is he? Wasn’t he an inept person………!”

“An inept person…..Isn’t he a genius……!?”

“It’s too much….I can’t even follow the normal words!!”

I sit back down and see Sasha looking at me with her mouth open.

“Did you understand all that?”

“……I don’t know what to say anymore………”

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