Tempus Infinitum

019. Grand magic training

The next day ———-

When I arrive in Deruzogedo’s 2nd training hall there’s a different person than normal sitting in the seat to my right.

“Good morning” Sasha says to me with a natural expression on her face.

“Was your seat here before?”

“I changed it. It easier since we are in the same group. Right?”

It does remove the trouble of having to get up and move any time we need to discuss something.

I take my seat and call out to Misha who’s on my left.


“…….Good morning……” Misha replies in her usual indifferent voice.

“That reminds me. What happened to the people that were my members?”

“What happened?”

“Because I entered your group there should have been other people trying to join as well.”

That’s right, some people did call out to me.

“I refused.”

“Haaa!? Why? Isn’t it better to have a large number of people?”

Even if you ask why.

“None of them gave off the right feeling.”

Sasha is dumbfounded.

“Not like it’s a problem anyway. I can win with only you 2.”

If I’m blunt I only need myself to win.

“There will be other group tests. A lot are aimed at 5 people and when you move up a grade it can be for 7 or more people.”

I see. Was there such a rule?

I can’t win if I cant participate.

“I didn’t know that.”

“What are you going to do?”

“It’s fine. I still have time. I’ll think about it.”

“You sure are easygoing.” Sasha said in amazement.

As the bell starts ringing the classroom door opens and Emilia enters. Entering behind her is a man wearing a black robe, cloak and hat. Well, the word man is misleading. It’s more of a skeleton.

If I’m not mistaken he’s one of my 7 subordinates though apparently now an undead. So this is Aivis Necron.

One of the old 7 demon emperors. They seem to wield considerable power and influence even in this age. The usually noisy students fell silent when Aivis appeared.

No. That’s not right. They got hit by the magic power this guy is emitting. It’s pretty powerful. It’s causing them to unconsciously fear him.

The same thing would happen if I emitted my magic. Or rather, it would have done once but the mazoku in this era are way too weak.

Now, if I emitted my magic it would cause their magic senses like their demon eyes to become temporarily paralysed and they would feel nothing at all. They wouldn’t be able to sense my magic at all.

Oh well. If they actually could sense my magic those with weak anti-magic capabilities would die. Perhaps this temporary paralysis to their senses is actually a defence mechanism now.

“As I said last time, today we will be training to use a grand magic. Please listen very carefully to the old Seven Demon Emperor Aivis Necron as this spell approaches the depths of the abyss of magic. Especially-“

Emilia looks at me

“You Arnos Voldigod-kun. Please don’t be rude.”

Good grief. Did you really have to warn me expressly?

Do they really think I’m impolite?

“You didn’t need to waste your breath. I know that much.”

“That’s good then…..”

Yare yare. What are you worried about?

Aah, this is an opportunity. Should I say hello?

I stand up.

“Yo Aivis, long time no see.”


Emilia’s mouth falls open like its ready to drop off. Seems like an extreme surprise.

“A….A…..A……A…….Arnos Voldigod-kun! This is Aivis-sama! Don’t speak so familiarly!!”

I can hear the whispering of the students.

“…Crap!……..This is bad! That fellow……he’s definitely dead now…….”

“If Aivis-sama gets angry we will be caught up in it.”

“Ask for forgiveness inept person…….”

I ignore the noise and use my demon eyes on Aivis.

The magic is familiar, I’m sure it’s one of my subordinates made from my blood. But, there’s something….

“Aivis-sama, I’m sorry! Arnos Voldigod will be expelled immediately…….!!”

“It’s fine,” Aivis said in a generous manner. “You said it’s been a long time?”

Aivis turns to look at me.

“Aah, 2000 years in fact. Don’t you remember me?”

“2000 years? I see, that explains it.” Aivis nods having reached an understanding.

“Unfortunately, I lost my memories from 2000 years ago. All I can remember is my lord the Demon King of Tyranny.”

“Then you should remember me.”

“……..Are you related to the founder?”

Fumu, I see.

He remembers the Demon King of Tyranny but doesn’t understand who I am. In other words, he believes the Demon King of Tyranny is someone other than me.

It might be related to his lost memory but it’s certainly a strange story. The top of the academy is the old 7 Demon Emperors. Even if Aivis really lost his memory it’s impossible for all 7 of them to lose their memories. This is no coincidence.

Has his memory been tampered with? Or are you pretending not to remember?

“Certainly, I feel a sense of nostalgia from your magic.”


“Aah. I have no doubt that we were acquainted 2000 years ago.”

In any event, I can’t understand anything from this conversation only.

“Do you need something from me?”

“I do, but first I’m going to try to make you remember.”

All the students, Emilia, Sasha and Misha all watch me anxiously as I walk straight over to Aivis.

I slowly grab the skeletons face causing the whole classroom to panic.

“Wha wha wha wha wha Arnos-kun!!”

“He’s done it…..that fellow!!”

While the noisy students yammer on I draw a magic formation in my palm.

“Remember. Your lord. My name is Arnos Voldigod.”

The magic that I used was Recollection <Evui>. It recalls distant and far off memories.

However, there’s no answer.

“…..It’s no use. The memory no longer exists in my head. I can’t remember it because it’s gone. Recollection <Evui> cannot return that which is lost.”

“Then how about this?”

I develop multiple magic formations and use origin magic Time Manipulation <Lebaido> and stack up multiple Recollections <Evui>.

“…..This is…….what are you doing…..? In my head…..an image is emerging……”

“If the memory is completely gone from your head then Time Manipulation <Lebaido> will go back in time in a limited way. In this case 2000 years ago then Recollection <Evui> will recall the memory from there.”

“….Impossible…..! To go back in time…… Is there a grand magic to transcend time…….!?”

“It’s a type of origin magic though it’s usability is quite strict.”

The origin of Aivis’ memory of the Demon King Arnos from 2000 years ago. By following the flow of time back using <Lebaido> I can let it form.

In the head of Aivis, the experiences from 2000 years ago should be flowing like a revolving lantern.

“…..Certainly, I’ve gone back 2000 years in my memories…..”

However, it’s not there.

Even 2000 years ago there is no memory in the head of Aivis of the Demon King Arnos Voldigod.

Of course <Evui> can only pull the memory out if it exists in the head of Aivis. I can only read the surface but my name should be there at the very least yet when I looked not even my name existed.

What came out instead and it came out many times was the name Demon King of Cruelty Avos Dillheavia.

“Why? Why is my memory not returning?”

“Your memory from 2000 years ago has been beautifully erased and I don’t know when from exactly.”

Simply put, the past has been tampered with. In the head of Aivis, the memory of the Demon King Arnos was forgotten right from its start point.

This was done by magic.

Yare yare. What a nasty story.

I can’t fight it either. Not from 2000 years ago.

“I see, however, thank you Arnos. It’s a fine crop just knowing this much. It means someone is hostile against me.”

Are you serious or pretending ignorance? It’s possible he tampered with the past himself.

I have no way of knowing.

“Don’t mind it. Let’s start the class.”

When I go back to my seat the students start whispering again.

“What was that…….!?”

“I don’t know! He grabbed the head on one of the old 7 Demon Emperors and got told thank you!!”

“Why a thank you…….!?”

“Perhaps that was his plan.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he got thanked by one of the old 7 Demon Emperors!!”

“That fellow…….Is he really an inept person?”

“…….Amazing…….I have no idea what’s going on at all…..it’s too much!!”

I pull out my chair and sit down. Misha leans over and speaks to me.

“…….I’m glad you are okay……”

From my other side, Sasha says.

“I cannot believe you.”

Yare yare. So much noise over the dullest of things like usual.

However, Avos Dillheavia.

I had thought that my name got corrupted by mistake over the years but it’s darker than that.

The old 7 Demon Emperors, this Academy and me being branded an inept person.

All of it appears to be intended.

I’ve got no proof but I know it to be true.

Avos Dillheavia. Someone is trying to replace me.

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