072. What is magic?

As expected, Ultimate Porter is the less popular project. I don’t want to drop it unless I have no choice so I will be dropping it down to a fortnightly release and seeing how I get on.


Have I ever been happier in my 27-year long life than I am now?

I can say with 100% certainty that this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m happy enough to die from the pure bliss of it all.

I’m currently pushing the cart next to my beloved Kuro-kun.

My first collaboration work with my lover.

(He’s not your lover)

Aaah. Why is the labyrinth so shiny and coloured in a cherry blossom pink colour?

(The inside of your head is pink)

I’m so happy I can ignore any and all malicious words.

(You’ve been ignoring them a while now).

Aaah. The pleasure of being alive.

I said I’m so happy I can die now but I retract that. Life is great.

(Going too fast).

I want this moment to last forever.

Walking with Kuro-kun and talking to him.

I want to touch those white fingers of his if possible. No, I would rather entwine our fingers together.

I want to stroke his silvery hair and put my lips on those beautiful innocent lips of his……..

I want to part his red lips with my tongue…….Kuro-kun would gradually accept me while being frightened a little……Aah!

Aaah, no, that’s wrong. I unconsciously started moving my tongue around.

(Guard-saaaan she’s here!)


“Are you okay Cecily-san? Your breath is hot and your face is red. If you’re tired take a break and I’ll push the cart by myself.”

“I’m fine Kuro-kun. Onee-san is a veteran adventurer you know. This much is all right.”

I got excited a little too much. I need to calm down.

“Let’s take a break soon.”

At Ippei-dono’s signal, the party takes a break.

“Well then, vanguards maintain your weapons. Kuro, can you and Cecily-san prepare some tea? I’ll boil the water.”

Nice! Pairing me up with Kuro. Ippei-dono you truly are an excellent leader!

It’s rumoured that Patricia-sama has secret feelings for Ippei-dono.

At first, I couldn’t understand what was so good about this man but I understand now.

Both he and Patricia-sama have consideration for others.


We reached Levi’s fountain before noon.

This is the fastest arrival for me.

Cecily-san has been very fidgety all day but she really helped with pushing the cart though I think we can attribute her enthusiasm to Kuro being there.

The plan was to get to the 2nd floor 1st ward but at this pace, we might be able to get to the 2nd ward by the end of the day.

Ultimately it comes down to how many enemies we encounter. I just want to keep pushing forward.

Don’t rush but don’t let up. Maintaining a moderate tension is essential.

If you make a mistake you end up as corpse debris in the labyrinth.

I learnt that in the beginner seminar.

In that sense, I’m a bit worried about Cecily-san.

It might only be the 1st floor but it’s still the labyrinth.

“We’ve done well so far but everyone remain vigilant and maintain your tension.”

I appeal to the group which is something I rarely do.

Usually, there’s no need for me to say such a thing because everyone is much better than me but with Cecily-san being like she is I need them at full attention.

I don’t think Patty or Jenny-san should have a problem if we carry on like this.

No battle’s worth mentioning have happened on our way here.

We only encountered 4 enemies and they were decimated by our vanguard.

[Angel Wing] is a party that’s reached the 5th floor now. In other words Cecily-san is a 6th rank adventurer so her abilities should be good, however, the labyrinth is perfectly capable of killing an experienced person even on the 1st couple of levels.

I’m starting to regret allowing Cecily-san to come with us.


The battle came to us from the front.

Suddenly 4 huge blue mantis’ called the 1st floors strongest demon appeared along with 5 huge moth type demons called [Violet Moths].

We’ve encountered Blue Mantis’ before during the subjugation mission to the 6th ward. Me, Jean and Meg played out a desperate escape play performed by 3 people.

Now those 2 have higher levels and are not bothered by the Blue Mantis’.

The Violet Moths fly forward to attack our vanguard but we intercept them.

Bali flies forward and attacks a moth but even though it’s shot by a laser it still needs 3 bullets from me to finish it off.

I fight back to back with Kuro. Me using my assault rifle and Kuro with his handgun.

Our bullets drop 4 of the moths and the last one gets incinerated by a fireball cast by Cecily-san.

*cough cough*

“You okay Kuro?”

It seems Kuro has swallowed some of the moth’s poisonous scales from its wings.

If you breathe in too much your lungs will be burnt though I immediately cast recovery magic so there’s no issue this time.

Our fight was over but a desperate fight was still going on between the vanguard and the Blue Mantis’


Cecily was thinking.

What am I doing?!

What a blunder!

I permitted an enemy I should have defeated to approach my beloved who has been made to suffer due to my carelessness.

It’s not a situation where I can excuse myself.

What’s my magic for?

It’s for Kuro-kun!

It’s my mission to protect Kuro-kun!

That is the proof of my love.

I’m a foolish woman.

I was in high spirits and failed.

That carelessness could have resulted in my beloved being taken away from me.

It’s full power from this point on.

I will burn all enemies at full power.

I will protect Kuro-kun with my magic.

That’s the way a magician lives.

That is my love.


“Pierce through with my magic of love……….Flame Lance!!”

Cecily-san cried out for some reason I don’t understand. A burning spear appeared and pierced through 2 blue mantis’

The fidgety look she’d had all day was gone and her face now looked like a veteran adventurer.

“I’m sorry Kuro-kun. I’ve been setting a bad example. I will show you the true me from here.”

Cecily-sans magic power is densely compressed.

“Vanguard! It’s a large scale magic!”

Our vanguard scatters at my scream and gets out of the line of fire.

“Receive it. My ultimate magic of love……..BURNING LOVE EXPLOSION!!”

“That doesn’t need love!”

My tsukommi was drowned out by a roaring sound.


It was magic with a name I’d never heard of but its power was amazing.

Complete overkill.

It’s not a magic you would use on the 1st floor.

It goes without saying that the demons were wiped out.

At any rate, it’s good that the atmosphere around Cecily-san has changed.

She’s been wary of our surroundings since that battle ended.

That atmosphere of being a company presidents secretary has come back.

Kuro is also looking at her in admiration.

“What’s wrong Kuro-kun?”

“Ah, erm, you were wonderful a little while ago Cecily-san.”

Kuro you idiot!

“Aah, is that so? Is that so? Onee-san will do her best even more!”

Cecily-san who had just returned to sanity after a valiant effort was back in heaven again.

*Sigh* Kuro is Kuro. No point being angry over his careless words.

Is Kuro perhaps a natural airhead? Or does he understand what he’s doing?

You’re too soft on Cecily-san Kuro!

Cecily-san rebooted into adventurer mode after a while. I need to be more careful of Kuro than Cecily-san now.

Let’s be careful on our next break.

We got a little further than planned on that day and camped near the entrance of the 2nd level 2nd ward.

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