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17. Necron sisters

Today’s lesson came to an end.

Explanations of different magic concepts and techniques that did nothing but make me sleepy. The test against Sasha barely qualified as light exercise.

For the last week, I’ve been going to Deruzogedo but nothing happened. No surprise raids by the humans, no petty tricks by the spirits, not even some conspiracy from the gods. Nothing at all.

I must remain wary though and be ready to protect Deiruheido if it comes to it.

I say this, but the greatly weakened Mazoku who should be vulnerable have prospered to this day.

Is there no need for my protection?

Total calm seems to have visited the Mazoku. Peace is boring, though that’s no bad thing.

“What I mean is……”

Leaving the gates of Deruzogedo Demon King Academy Sasha walks behind me complaining.

“Why do I have to go back with you?”

I tilt my head to the side as Misha looks at me as well, her eyes blinking rapidly.

“So we can deepen our friendship as members of the same group.”

“I joined as your subordinate. I have no recollection of saying I would be your friend.”

“Now, now. If it’s that unpleasant you can go home.”

“Indeed? Well then, I’m off. Have a nice day.”

Turning around Sasha walks off in another direction from us.


Misha stares at her back.

Despite being expressionless she seems a bit lonely.

Can’t be helped.

“In the group opposition test, I suddenly appeared in front of your castle.”

Sasha stopped suddenly.

“What magic did I use? Shall I show you?”

Twin-tails shaking gently Sasha looks back at us.

“I’ll use Contract <Sekt>.”

As I thought, she’s interested.

“Do whatever you want.”

Sasha used <Sekt> and I signed it with magic.


I hold my hand out to  Sasha.


“I said I’d show you but it’s faster to actually experience it.”

“Even so, why do I have to hold hands with you?”

“You obediently held it a while ago.”

Sasha’s face became red.

“Tha, that’s was just part of the scene. This is……..mongrel……..”

She makes an excuse that I don’t understand at all.

“It doesn’t matter which hand you take but I can’t show you if you don’t hold my hand.”


Sasha holds my hand with great reluctance.



Misha takes my other hand.

I make Sasha and Misha hold each other’s hand as well.

“What! Why!?”

This fellow’s expressions change an awful lot.

“If you don’t want to see it that’s fine. I won’t be breaking the contract that way.”

Sasha quietens down and holds out her hand to Misha again.

“Here you go.”


Misha takes her hand with no sign of hesitation.

“Hold it tighter.”

“Like this?”

Sasha holds my hand tighter.

Misha tightens her grip.

“Hey. Do it properly. Tighter. If you don’t, I can’t use the magic.”

Sasha holds Misha’s hand tighter.


Misha also increased her grip.

Somehow her expressionless face seemed really happy like she was smiling broadly.

Thank you, Misha’s eyes seemed to say to me.

Don’t worry about it I laugh back with my eyes.

“Nee, you. What are you talking about with your eyes?”

Sasha glares at us.

“What? Do you want to join in?”

I stare into Sasha’s eyes and her face quickly turns red.

“Fumu. You are not used to meeting peoples gazes due to your <Demon Eyes of Ruin> are you Sasha?”


Her words vanish.

Bulls-eye? It’s no wonder really if your control over the <Demon Eyes of Ruin> is lacking.

If you carelessly meet someones gaze you could kill them by mistake.

“It’s fine. Just hurry up and show me the magic.”

“Alright, alright. Stop being so annoying.”

I use Transfer <Gatom>.  Our view is dyed pure white and the next moment I’m outside my house. Blacksmith/appraisers [Solar Wind].

“………..After all. Lost magic <Gatom>…………….connecting 2 spaces…….there’s no doubt.”

Sasha is muttering to herself while trying to analyse the remaining magical residue though that’s pretty much impossible.

“This is my house. Do you want to come in?”

“Rather than that, that magic just now was  <Gatom> wasn’t it? How did a mongrel learn a lost magic? Teach me!”

Are you that interested? Sasha steadily edges up to me.

“If you want to know then come to my house.”

“……….Why do I have to enter a mongrels house…..?”

“Don’t be so restrained.”

Sasha glares at me and magic formations appear in her eyes.

“I’m not!”

“Really? Are you going home? See you tomorrow then.”

I turn my back to Sasha and talk to Misha.

“Do you want to stop by Misha?”


“Let’s go then. Do you want to talk about lost magic today?”

Saying something provocative I put my hand on the door handle.

“Please wait!”


When I turn around Sasha is muttering awkwardly.

“…I……me too……”

She looks down embarrassed.


“….So…..I’ll go……”

Her words disappear again and I laugh unintentionally.

“Haah.” Sasha heaves a sigh of relief.

“You wanted to play?”

“No! My purpose is <Gatom> That’s it. Will you stop it with your strange suspicions.”

Looks like I was right with her getting so excited and denying it. Perhaps she unexpectedly wants to just hang out? Whatever. I should stop poking her. Misha gets depressed when I get too stubborn.

*Klang-klang* I open the door.

My mother who was tending the front of the store notices me and comes trotting over.

“Welcome back Arnos-chan. How was your group opposition exam today?” my mother ask with a nervous look.

“I won.”

My mother smiles brilliantly and hugs me tightly.

“That’s amazing Arnos-chan! A genius. Only a month old and surpassing great people! Too amazing! I’ll make a feast tonight!”

She’s rubbing her cheek against mine now. Really puzzling behaviour.

“Aah, ou……”

The force of my mother is as great as ever.

“Oh, I’ve also brought guests over……”

“Misha-chan again? Mouu, Arnos-chan is so lovey-dovey.”

My mother pokes me in the stomach with her elbow several times before speaking to Misha who was behind me.

“Welcome Misha-chan…….eh?”

A question mark appears above my mothers head when she sees two people.

“Nice to meet you mother. I’m Sasha Necron. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.” Sasha lifts the hem of her skirt and elegantly bows. “…..Mother-sama…….what……?!” (1)

My mother seems to have received a shock of some description.

“…..Arnos-chan has……. Arnos-chan has…….”

My mother’s complexion became pale and she shouted out.

“Arnos-chan has bought a second bride hoooooooooooooome!!!!”

My mother is greatly overwhelmed and wound up while Sasha is dumbfounded.

“Errrm……..what do you mean?”

“Hey, hey Sasha-chan, will you calmly listen?”

My mother grabs Sasha by both her shoulders and appeals to her with a serious look.

“I’m fine and calm.” Sasha tells my mother who’s still wound up.

“Arnos-chan is only a month old. He doesn’t know better. He doesn’t mean any harm but he’s already got a bride called Misha-chan.”

“Hmmm. It doesn’t matter. That’s got nothing to do with me.”

As expected of Sasha. She’s calm.

Surely my mother will pull herself together now.

“It doesn’t matter……it doesn’t matter……a mistress is good too!! Arnos-chan, Arnos-chan, why are you so popular!!”

As expected of my mother. She’s able to twist anything and put a slant on it.

“Please wait a moment. You’re misunderstanding something.”

“Eeeeeeeehh! Then are you aiming for a stolen love!?”


Sasha looks at me with a troubled look.

Since this is interesting I’ll leave her alone a little longer.

“How about this. Do you know Misha’s family name?”

“It’s Necron.”

“I’m Sasha Necron.”

“Ah, then……”

My mother was taken aback.

“That’s right. Were sisters. We only got to know each other by chance, I—.”

“Sisters are fighting over Arnos-channnnnn!! What should I do? What should I do!? Arnos-chan is too handsome. He’s tearing up the close bond of sisterssssssss!!”

At that time a door banged open and another troublesome one arrived.

“Arnos. Papa was, papa was also naughty in the old days though I did it through fencing hahahaha”

Fumu. My father is going full power right from the beginning. Why did you start with an old tale suddenly?

“Therefore I understand your feelings well. I did dome stupid things as a boy and I’m able to understand most of them. But.” My father’s expression turned serious. “You. You’ve got 2 women. I’m so envious!”

Fumu. Your true intentions are leaking out father.

Turning amazed eyes to both parents and child Sasha sighs.

“Hey, Arnos. Take responsibility.”

“How? Should we get married?”

Sasha’s face turns crimson.

“How did you arrive at that conclusion? Are you stupid!”

What a noisy fellow.

“Hey, Misha. You say something too.”

Misha thinks about it and says.

“………Sasha likes Arnos……..?”

“Are you stupid!!”

Fumu. Despite calling her a trash doll their relationship doesn’t seem that bad.

(1) Sasha uses the word for mother-in-law/stepmother here (gibo)

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