071. To the 3rd floor

Now my ring type golem specialised in defence [Mamoru-kun] and my assault rifle [Wasabinikov] is complete I can head to the 3rd floor. My aim for that floor is to obtain an F-rank demon stone and complete my transport type golem.

According to Bonnie-san, obtaining an F-rank stone from the 3rd floor will be quite easy.

March the 18th is the date I agreed with Lainas and the others. I better set up a schedule.


March 13th – Reach the 2nd level 1st ward – Stay the night.

March 14th – Reach the 7th ward on the 2nd level – Stay the night.

March 15th – Start searching the 3rd floor, mainly around the 1st and 2nd wards.

March 16th – Continue searching in the morning – Start returning in the afternoon – Sleep in the 3rd ward on the 2nd floor.

March 17th – Move to 1st floor 2nd ward – Stay the night.

March 18th – Move to the 1st ward – Leave a caretaker in one of the rooms and the rest will meet Lainas and company – Help transport the material.


We plan to avoid pointless fights as much as possible and stick the well-used highways.

The 6th and 7th wards on the 2nd floor are undeveloped zones but there seem to be no powerful or dangerous enemies in the 6th ward. A large frog monster seems to be the main enemy.

Apparently, the 7th ward is not much different. Occasionally a group of kobolds will attack adventures but that’s about it.

It seems like I won’t have a tough fight until I enter the 3rd floor where a fast-moving wolf demon hunts called [Viscous Wolf]. They hunt in packs of about 15 to 20 and skilfully use the walls and rocky outcrops of the labyrinth to their advantage.

The pack leader is considerably stronger than the rest and is called a [Silver Muff] due to a band of silver coloured hair around each of its ankles. It has excellent leadership abilities and is strong, however, if you can defeat the leader apparently the rest of the pack rapidly lose strength and can be quickly defeated.

The [Silver Muffs] have a much higher chance of dropping a demon stone as well. It’s a demon I definitely want to defeat.


“Good morning. What an unexpected meeting!”

In front of the gate is Cecily-san. I’ve been greeted by the same line from 3 days ago.

I’m convinced that she came yesterday and the day before as well.

Patty and the rest of [Angel Wing] should have left for the 5th floor yesterday.

I know this because Patty told me when came to my house 2 days ago. She behaved like a total baby and wanted pampering while she was there.

Did they leave Cecily-san behind?

“This bread is from my parent’s bakery. Please have some.”

Isn’t that line the same as well?

She’s energetic today because Kuro is with us.

Cecily-san handed a big paper sack to Kuro.

“Thank you. The bread you gave us last time was really tasty, especially the heart-shaped brioche.”

Cecily-san looks very happy while she shakes her head.

There was only one heart-shaped brioche in the last lot of bread I had. I honestly felt that Cecily-san would curse me and Jean if either of us ate it so I made sure Kuro had it.

It certainly seems like I made the right choice.

Cecily-san turns to me and gives me a thumbs up. [Good job!]

When Kuro goes into a shop to collect some shopping Cecily-san comes over to me.

“Ippei-dono. You are a very trustworthy person.”

Such a thing. I only gave Kuro some bread.

“Are you taking independent action from [Angel Wing] Cecily-san? Didn’t they set off for the 5th floor yesterday?”

“Yeah, ah, erm, that’s right. I’m on standby above ground this time.”

Yeah. They left her behind. She’s too likely to be distracted in the labyrinth by thinking about Kuro.

I think they made a very wise choice.

Kuro came back pulling the Riaka full of food and so on.

“Ippei-san, I’ve got everything on the order. We can leave any time.”

“Thanks for your effort Kuro. Shall we depart then?”

“Please wait.” Cecily-san stopped us as we were about to leave for the labyrinth. “Where are you going?”

“We’re going to the 1st and 2nd wards on the 3rd floor this time.”

Cecily-san stared at me while she seemed to be deciding something. She’s staring that hard it feels like she could shoot me dead just by her gaze.

“Wou, would you please take me along as well?!”

How troubling!

Cecily-san is a person from another party who’s all flighty and distracted over Kuro. If something were to happen it would be a serious problem.

I intended to refuse straight away.

I thought it but……..She’s scary.

Especially the look on her face.

“That’s great! I can watch flame magic for the first time up close!”

Kuro you idiot!

If you say such a thing to this person she might die and go straight to heaven!

“Aaah, is that so? Onee-san will work hard. I’ll burn everything to a crisp!”

Cecily-san is writhing on the spot.

“Do something Jean.”



“Please forgive me. If I try and separate them now I’ll create a grudge that will follow me all my life.”


“Sympathy for a woman approaching 30…………..take along.”

Something extra there from the usually cool Bonnie-san. Seems like she’s empathising with Cecily-san due to their ages.

If Bonnie-san won’t do anything I guess there’s no choice but to take her.

[Phoenix Company] has increased by one companion. Let’s aim for the 3rd floor.


I’m the leader of [Phoenix Company] but I’m also a porter.

Our basic fighting force is Jean, Bonnie-san, Meg and sometimes Gobu while me and Kuro bring up the rear with the riaka.

Such was the plan anyway, however, Cecily-san was very assertive and is now pushing the Riaka with Kuro.

I tried to say that I couldn’t let a guest do such a thing but it seemed like I would be burnt on the spot.

I still stay at the back with Kuro and have my last hummingbird [Bali] deployed looking for enemies.

Speaking of Bali, if I get an F-rank demon stone then Bali will be retired.

Bali is made from 3 G-rank demon stones but I intend to resurrect the hummingbird trio using 1 F-rank demon stone each.

Although the number of demon stones will decrease their performance will increase.

I feel sorry for Bali though so I won’t dismantle it. I’ll just make it go dormant.

Bali, Banpero and Bola. Hummingbird trio MKII. The day is close where they can combine their beams to create an explosion.

I also renewed Gobu’s armour, helmet and shield.

It’s pretty good. They reduce magical attacks as well as physical ones now.

Gobu used to act as my guardian but recently his temporary position as the teams shield user has become his permanent position.

It’s great that Gobu has been freed from having to guard me.

I’m a bit lonely but I’m really looking forward to Gobu’s growth.

Recently the variations of his “Uga” have increased.

Happy “Uga”. Sad “Uga”. Fun “Uga”. Angry “Uga”. The difference in the emotions for each “Uga” is very clear now.

The other day when his level rose he started skipping. He hums to himself with pleasure when he sees female adventurers and skips a bit.

His strike zone is as wide as ever though. As long as they are female such things like their faces or breast size don’t matter to him.

He does have some preferences though. He seems to like ponytails. (1)

He always gets a little more excited with his “Uga” when a female adventurer with a ponytail appears.

I feel like a parent watching their child grow.

I’m looking forward to Gobu’s future growth.

(1) A golem after my own heart. Ponytails ftw.

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