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16. Extreme difference in magic power


Sasha’s scream rang out through the Though Transmission <Liikus>.

Fumu. Have I gone too easy on them? There’s less impact than I thought and the castle has stuck in the ground in only a semi-ruined state.

They can still fight it appears but how will they get out?

As I slowly walk towards the Demon King castle I’m still hearing voices from Thought Transmission.

“……..I’ll use Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon <Geo Greys>”.

Hou. She just said something interesting.

“Bu, but Sasha-sama. With the castle in this state even if you use all the magic power from the sorceress [mages] the success rate for <Geo Greys> is less than 20%!”

“If it fails the castle will collapse!”

“Don’t lose your nerve! Recognise the power of our enemy. He’s a mongrel and carries the mark of the inept but he’s a monster! He threw a castle. Do you think halfhearted magics will work on him?”

The members uttering complaints fell silent at Sasha’s voice.

As I thought, she’s got quite the charisma. Though she’s still immature its a shame to keep her as an enemy.

“The highest level of flame magic is Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon <Geo Greys>. Anything less will not defeat Arnos Voldigod.”

No one else voices an objection. A subtle flow of magic power begins flowing through <Liikus> which tells me what their decision is.

“The enemy side is one person and we have 20 people! We can avoid the shame of loss with this. Do your best and face death. Show that mongrel the best magic of your lives and the pride of royalty!”

“Roger that!” all the members shout out in one voice.

Magic particles begin to rise from the Demon King castle and a three-dimensional magic formation appears. The Demon King castle itself is turned into a huge magical focus.

Seven Castle Lords [Guardians] are building a spell formation that’s hard to construct. In order to maintain it, 10 Sorcerer’s [Mages] are pouring all their magic power into it and the two remaining Shamans will be responsible for aiming it.

Sasha Necron is at the centre of it all, organising the various magics to make it work.

She’s worthy of her name the Witch of Ruin. She’s got a rare talent.

Even though she’s borrowing her colleague’s power it is not easy to develop such a large scale magic.

Unlike origin magic that provides enormous power but with an attached risk, the highest level of flame magic <Geo Greys> is a technique that can only be used by those with the skill and power.

It’s impossible with Sasha’s power alone but after training to use Demon King Army <Guys> for a week she’s now at a level where she could actually use it in a real war.

“Are you all prepared? All your power and all your feelings. Leave them to me.”


“I believe in you Sasha-sama.”

“Please use all my power.”

“Let’s win…..”

“We have the power of royalty.”

20 peoples feelings and power all converge on a single point.

This is the true meaning of Demon King Army <Guys>.

Taking advantage of each class characteristic. A group magic that adds extra magic power. It increases it by a factor of 10.

Even against a higher class opponent, you will be able to retaliate.

The air itself strummed as if under tension.

In the next moment, Sasha yells out.

“Gooooooo!! <Geo Greeeeeeeeys>!!”

The magic formation hangs above the castle and takes on a gunport type shape, Magical power concentrates in its centre.

The magic power concentrates to its utmost then explodes in one go. A comet that looks like a black sun shoots at me.

Fumu. For something that only had a 20% chance of working everything’s gone well for them so far.

“How splendid. Let me give you a reward.”

To attack <Geo Greys> I hold my hand up to it and a magic formation appears along with a small red flame.

Thinking about it, this is my first time using attack magic in this era.


The small flame that I fired collides with <Geo Greys> and in the next moment, a hole appears in the jet black sun. From the hole, a red flame rapidly wraps up the black sun and devours it.

It only took an instant but the huge <Geo Greys> was burnt without a trace.

“…….No way……..<Geo Greys> was cancelled……”

“Sa, Sasha-sama! It wasn’t cancelled! The other sides <Geo Greys> is heading for us!”

The flame that I had fired plunged deeply into the castle and burst open. The castle is soon wrapped up in flames and burns down causing the walls and ceilings to collapse with a noisy rattle.

It collapsed almost instantly.

Sasha had a narrow escape. She escaped from the castle using Flight <Fres> while carrying two Sorcerers [Mage’s].

Is her magic running low? She unintentionally made an unsteady emergency landing right in front of me.

“……..Impossible…….all by yourself you can cast <Geo Greys>?….”

Fumu. In the age of myths, it was natural to use <Geo Greys> by yourself. Not that I can point that out here.

I’ve only got one thing to say now.

“You saw how I cast it. What I used was not <Geo Greys>.”


Sasha’s eye widen in surprise

“But there shouldn’t be anything above <Geo Greys>.” one of the [Mages] protested

“No way……possibly….origin magic!? A taboo spell that threatens even royalty! In that case, no wonder <Geo Greys> was destroyed!”

Yare yare. They don’t get it at all.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you but it wasn’t origin magic either.”

Sasha just quietly stares at me.

“It was Flame <Grega>.”


Flame magic is ranked in order of power from the strongest first. Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon <Geo Greys>, Scorching Black Flame <Griado>, Demon Blaze <Guresode>, Grand Flame <Gusgam> and………Flame <Grega>.

“…..No way……with the lowest level of flame magic….our…..Sasha-sama’s <Geo Greys> was burnt down and our Demon King castle……..!”

Hopeless voices break out.

“Impossible! Such a thing is impossible……! There must be some secret……….An evolved <Grega>!”

I’ve got nothing to hide so I’ll teach them a bit.

“The secret is the difference in our magic powers. That was the only thing different between you, me and the other 20 people.”

The [Mages] head shook like it has been kicked.


“Such a thing……”

“It’s not an odd story or anything. If there are differences in magic power then <Gusgam> could beat <Guresode> for example. However, if the difference in magic power is huge enough then this is what happens.”

As I finish speaking I take one step forward and the [Mages] begin to tremble all over.

They are crushed by despair and lose the will to fight completely causing them to lose consciousness.

I carry on walking over to Sasha.

“…..Far superior……monster……”

A mutter reaches my ears from behind.

“Do you remember our promise?” I ask Sasha.


Biting her lip Sasha looks at me with a humiliated expression.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

Even if she says that it’s not like we were really at war or something.

It’s not necessary to kill my classmates. Besides, its a pain to have to revive people all the time.

“You have potential. It would be a shame to kill you.”

I hold my hand out to Sasha.

“Join me as a subordinate.”

After thinking for a while Sasha reaches out to take my hand with no hesitation or fear.

Just before she takes it she glares at me and activates her <Demon Eyes of Ruin> hitting me with their full strength.


“I refuse.”

I stare straight into Sasha’s <Demon Eyes of Ruin>.

“Then kill me!”

“I refuse.”

I hold out my hand to her again.

“How stubborn. It’s fine though. Join me as a subordinate.”

“…….Such humiliation. I’ll never forget this. Someday I’ll be stronger and when I am I definitely kill you……”

I laughed.

“Let me tell you something, Sasha. If the end of killing someone was only death then I’d have died 2000 years ago.”

Sasha looked taken aback and then seemed to give up.

“Weird mongrel……” she sighed.

“……Fine. The present me cannot match you and besides, due to <Sekt> I cannot go against you anyway.”

After making up an excuse Sasha demurely put the tips of her fingers on my hand.

“However, please remember this. This is a contract. I do not remember selling you my heart.”

“Aah. My best regards.”

Sasha stared at me in wonder as I started laughing.

“Nee. I want to hear it once more.”

“What’s that?”

“Did you invite me because of that girl?”

“Well yeah. I’m hoping you both get along. It would make Misha happy.”

“I see. Hmph.”

She doesn’t seem bothered and lost interest in me.

“Aah, there was one more reason.”

“What’s that?”

“Your demon eyes are beautiful.”

Sasha’s face was immediately dyed bright red.

She turns around and tries to run away.

“I’m telling the truth. I have never seen such beautiful demon eyes.”

Even during the age of myths I never saw anyone with such pure, calm and undefiled eyes like hers.

If my eyes are to be trusted then she has great untapped magical power and talent.

Well, at the moment she’s still too immature though.

“Are you listening?” I ask Sasha who’s facing the other way. She turns to face me again.

“….I didn’t hear it…..idiot…..!!”

Is she shy? I was only trying to praise her. (1)

(1)Tsuntsun and an airhead MC. This should go well 🤣

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