070. Let’s make it! New golem preparation

Shell Riaka company was a large shop on the main street.

It’s completely like a car dealership back on earth.

Riaka’s of various types are lined up in the large site.

Apparently, there’s high demand for Riaka’s.

Multiple sectors use them from agriculture, industry and commerce as well as having a high demand with adventurers to carry their baggage with.


Even in this world, the basic frame of a Riaka is made from metal pipes.

Some models replace some of the frame with demon bones to make them lighter.

Wood is the most common material for the wheels which is then strengthened with iron banding or demon leather.

The highest grade wheels are wrapped in dragon’s leather which has high strength and very little loss of grip.

There’s even a Riaka powered by a demon stone that assists the user as they pull it. A person can bring along about 1 tonne of luggage using that Riaka. It even assists the user by automatically detecting when it’s on an incline and adjusting its slant. One of those will set you back 2.36 million rims.

As soon as my transport golem is completed the cart will become useless so there’s no point going mad.

Wooden wheels will be fine as I’ll wrap them in leather made from the sidewinders we hunted.

In the end, I purchased a basic Riaka.

This should make carrying the luggage much easier.


On the new golem front, I’m not progressing much due to having various ideas.

The most ideal movement method would be a walking type quadruped golem.

On a side note, because so many parties use carts the stairs leading down into the labyrinth have a slope off to the one side. Thanks to this, wheeled carts done have much trouble.

It’s not all smooth going though. In the labyrinth, there are many areas with uneven rocks and mud.

If I make mine a walking type it should it should be able to handle those things no problem. It should also be able to recognise obstacles by itself and react accordingly. It would become a powerful friend in exploring the dungeon.

There are issues though. Namely, the quality and quantity of the demon stones needed.

The next time we go to the labyrinth we are heading to the 3rd floor and the highest quality available there is an F rank stone.

The thing is not even 10 F rank demon stones would make a quadruped golem work.

To make my ideal Golem a reality I would need a D rank demon stone.

As a result of this, I had to revise my ideas of what I could make work with an F rank stone.

In the end, I decided to create a crawler type cart golem. (1)

It will basically be a golem consisting of a box-shaped carrier on the top mounted on tracks.

Since it’s a golem it will move with simple commands and not operate autonomously.

It won’t have a cockpit. Instead, I’ll make a deck at the back of the unit where you can stand or ride it.

I’ll have to create the golem in the labyrinth.

My problem is how to carry all the materials into the labyrinth.

I bought a cart but the materials alone will come to 300 kilos.

[Phoenix Company] members will be no good.

Perhaps I should request Lainas from [Maximum Soul] and Saul-san from [Sand of the Star] to transport the materials.

Once I have a demon stone I can make the cart anywhere. The rooms on the first floor would be ideal.

There’s no need to carry the heavy materials to the 3rd floor.


It’s such a warm morning today that the cold from yesterday is like a lie.

It’s the 10th of March now so the cold wave seems to have been broken.

I headed out on the morning sun and arrived at the open space in front of the labyrinth.

I had thought that I might be able to catch [Maximum Soul] and [Sand of the Star] before they went exploring.

There was a particularly high chance of catching [Maxium Soul] as they were still inexperienced and tended to go down into the labyrinth every day on one-day searches.

If I wait by the front gate the chances of catching them are quite good.

If they don’t come I’ll leave a note on the bulletin board and we can meet up later.


“Good morning. What an unexpected meeting!”

I look up and see Cecilly-san. No sign of [Maxium Soul] or [Sand of the Star] though.

“Good morning Cecily-san.”

Cecilly-san looks around restlessly while greeting me.

“Um, where are the others?”

“Ah, [Phoenix Company]? On a break today. I’m here alone today visiting acquaintances.”

“I see.”

Cecily-san immediately looks depressed.

I’m assuming that she pretended to come here by coincidence so she could see Kuro.

It’s a painful effort.

“Um. This bread is from my parent’s bakery. Please have some……”

Cecily-san forces a large bag of bread into my hands and attempts to leave.



“Thank you very much. I cannot possibly eat all this myself so I’ll share it with my colleagues like Jean or Kuro.”

Cecily-sans face lights up hearing that I’ll give some to Kuro.

“Tha, thank you very much! Please give my regards to everybody.”

Under the clear and mild light of moring Cecily-san runs away while blushing, her cheeks a lovely pink.


“That Ippei?”

The next person to call out to me was someone from [Maxium Soul]. I’d known him as adventurer B for a while but I know his name now. Aubrey.

He’s usually silent but when it comes to tactics and plans he’s quick to give his opinion. He’s now [Maximum Souls] staff officer.

Lainas and the others were just about to enter the labyrinth so I asked for a bit of their time and explained my request.

“It’s a request to transport some luggage to the 1st ward on the 1st floor. It weighs around 300 kilos and I’ll prepare the cart. The reward is 4000 rims per person and I’ll prepare food as well.”

The members of [Maximum Soul] stare silently at Lainas.

Are they asking for the judgement of their leader?

Lainas met his team’s eyes and spoke to me.

“Isn’t that a lot of baggage? What in the heavens are you taking down into the labyrinth?”

“That’s a secret. So? How about it?”

I wanted to hide the fact that I’d be making a golem using an F rank stone from Lainas.

I’m going to have them drop off the baggage but when they see the new golem they will piece it together. Can’t be helped.

It’s not a bad request.

There’s a small room close to the exit as well so they haven’t got to carry the heavy baggage far.

Hopefully, they should see it as something like moving house in the same town.

“4000 rims each means a total of 28000 rims. A little bit more and I can buy a new bow…….” someone said quietly from the back.

The rearguards equipment in [Maximum Soul] is not very good.


“I want one……”

“We can expand our tactics……”

“I think it’s good.”

Listening to his member’s opinions Lainnas makes up his mind.

“Alright. Let’s accept the request.”

“You’ve saved me Lainas.”

We agreed to meet here at 10am on the 18th of March.

I need to collect an F rank demon stone by then, not to mentions all the other materials.


Me and Gobu go round the various material shops buying loads of things. I loaded all the materials onto the riaka and went back home.

My room isn’t big enough to keep all the materials in so I put some in Jean and Bonnie-san’s rooms.

It was the first time I’d been in Bonnie-sans room. Looking around it was a very simple room.

I get the feeling that she only keeps the bare minimum of items around.

She also doesn’t seem to have many clothes.

I did find an amazing thing on the corner of the bed though.

A mountain of underwear.

Did you steal it? It was such a quantity I wanted to know.

“Dressing up……… people don’t see it.”

Un. Impressive. Quite a range. Lace, t-backs and various cloth type ones.

“Which……..do you prefer?”

As usual, I don’t understand this person well.

I’ll just say that my favourite is whatever she feels the most comfortable in and gives her the most mobility.

Colour? A silky, light pink feeling?

It’s mysterious.

I make sure my poker face is at it’s best while hiding my unrest.

“Don’t you have any bra’s?”

“Dont…..wear any.”

I desperately endured the desire to stare at her chest.


Why have you taken your cardigan off?

Is it hot?

It’s not hot right? Right?

Dangerous. My face is getting red.

Poker face?

I don’t know!

(1) I’m sure most people know what a crawler is but for those that don’t it’s what tanks and bulldozers etc have.

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    • For him to skip straight into tread designs… I can’t help but think he’s better off creating gears to lessen the power needed instead.

      It’s weird how he skips the obvious steps practically every time to go for the ones after that instead, leading to design and proofing problems.

  1. I don’t get why a quadrupedal golem would require a higher rank of stone, like, Gobu is there 10 of them and he can walk around plated in metal AND carrying some pretty heavy equipment. If he just pairs the cart they just bought with it then it really shouldn’t be an issue at all, there’s also plenty of ways to off-set the weight if that’s the main problem, then all it has to do is worry about crawling/pulling…

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