15. Group opposition test

-One week later-


For the group opposition test, I headed to the Demon Wood Forest behind Deruzogedo Demon King Academy.

It’s a deep forest covering valleys and mountains with an eerie feeling flowing out of it. It’s a perfect spot to train magic.

“Now then. Divide into 2 teams and we will begin the test immediately. Sasha’s team will go first.”

At Emilia’s words, Sasha steps forward.

“Please be a role model for everyone.”

“I understand.”

Sasha suddenly smiles.

“My opponent will be……..”

I see Sasha’s still glaring at me.

I’m not going to escape so there’s no need to look at me that way.

“I’ll do it.”

I step forward with Misha.

“Then the first two groups will be Sasha and Arnos. Your results will affect your grades so don’t hold back. Do your best.”

Emilia then leaves the forest along with the other students.

Are they observing us using familiars or the monitoring mirrors?

Both sides are using Demon King Army <Guys> so in effect, we are simulating a war.

Even though its just a simulation I can’t seem to get away from war.

“Are you ready?”

Sasha glares at me with her <demon eyes of ruin>

I take it head-on in a dignified manner.

“To whom do you think you’re talking to?”

“An insolent guy as ever. Do you remember your promise properly?”


“I can’t trust any verbal promise from you.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

I try to set up Contract <Sekt> but Sasha cancels it without agreeing.

“I thought you said I was the untrustworthy one?”

“I don’t know what kind of contract you drew with your <Sekt> so I didn’t sign it.”

Fumu. She isn’t making light of me as an inept person. Seems like she’s gazed at my core properly.

“Let that girl do it.”

Sasha turns her gaze to Misha who’s behind me.

Even though she was being looked at by the <demon eyes of ruin> Misha wasn’t bothered and stared back at her older sister.

“……Okay with me……?”

“Aah, it doesn’t matter who does it.”

Misha holds up her palm and invokes the magic formation for <Sekt>.

The conditions were written in magic and Sasha signed it.

Unless both parties agree the magic contract can never be completed.

“Which position do you prefer?”

“You choose. It’s all the same to me.”

“I see. Well then, I’ll take the east side.”

By default that makes mine the west then.

“Nee, you’d better remember. That arrogant attitude of yours. You’ll regret it later.”

Saying her piece Sasha abruptly turns around and leads her members off to the east side of the demon tree forest.

“Shall we go too?”


Walking properly we arrive at the west side and wait for a while.

“Shouldn’t be long now.”

An owl flying in the sky uses Thought Transmission <Liikus>

“The test between Sasha group and Arnos group will now begin. Don’t bring shame to the founder’s name. Beat your enemy with your full power!!”

Don’t bring shame to the founder’s name?

I never willingly attacked any of my enemies you know.

The age of myths was not peaceful like now so I only did what I did because it gave the best results.

I was originally a pacifist. The people of this age have misunderstood me a lot for some reason.

If I was such a warlike belligerent person from the beginning I would not have remained silent when branded as an inept person.

Whatever, I guess I’d better start.

“………Strategy………..?” Misha asked indifferently.

“We are only 2 people.”

Sasha’s team has 30 people which is about half the class.

“What’s your opinion Misha?”

She becomes lost in thought while wearing her usual deadpan expression.

“…..My class is Castle Lord (Guardian). I’m good at  Construction Creation <Ibis>………”

I’d already cast Demon King Army <Guys>

I can freely assign classes to my subordinates. I made Misha Castle Lord (Guardian) because her magic control is very good so Construction Creation <Ibis> will suit her well.

Castle Lord (Guardian) focuses on building castles and dungeons, imbuing walls with magic and making barriers. It’s a class that requires precise magic formulas.

If the user of Demon King Army <Guys> is skilled they can raise the power even further.

You build a Demon King castle using Construction Creation <Ibis>. Being in the castle will also raise the ability of the Demon King and protect them. It goes without saying but its extremely advantageous in sieges.

The proper tactic will show the maximum power of me and Misha.

“I think that’s what Sasha will expect us to do.”

“…..Then……what should we do…..?”

If I’m honest, thinking about tactics in this place is pointless because I can’t lose, however, I want to see Sasha’s panicking face.

I’m going to do something that the other side would never expect.

Misha looks at me with no expression like usual.


“The Demon King (King) class shares its power with its subordinates while becoming weak itself. The standard strategy is to build a demon king castle and stay inside for protection.”

As long as they stay in the Demon King Castle the (King) can have its power raised. How well the (King) can perform and is protected is down to how skilful the (Guardian) is though.

“Let’s do this then. We’ll make a Demon King castle as a decoy and I’ll march on over to their castle by myself.”


Misha’s face doesn’t change but her silence had a surprised element to it.

“What do you think?”


*Hahahaha* I let out a refreshing laugh.

“That’s what the other side will think as well. We can completely outthink them like this.”

“……..Be okay……..?”

“Well, usually this tactic would lead to our defeat. I’d be shot with that much magic fire I’d look like a honeycomb but if there is enough power difference it will work.”

Are you worried? Misha’s face hardens.

“You worried?”

When I ask her Misha shakes her head.

“I’m anxious but……Arnos is strong…….”

I’m starting to understand Misha very well. She’s staring at my core with her demon eyes and understands me as well.

“I’ll leave the decoy to you.”

Misha nods.

“……..Be careful……….”

“Yeah, I know. I’m not very good at going easy on someone after all.”

Misha blinks at me a number of times.

“……Talking about Arnos……..”

“This me? Being careful?” I ask unintentionally

Misha tilts her head at me.



*Fufufu* laughter comes deep from my stomach.

I didn’t think that she’d be worried about me fighting. Is this what having a friend is like? It’s a fresh feeling and unexpectedly doesn’t feel too bad at all.

“You be careful too Misha.”


Waving at Misha I head off into the east side of the forest where Sasha’s group is.

After a few minutes, a huge magical power flow comes from behind me.

Turning around I see 3 huge castles have been built in separate places throughout the west side of the forest.

They will probably be hollow shells as they are only decoys but even so. For Misha to construct 3 huge castles in such a short period of time is outstanding. Her magic power far exceeds others in her class.

Excluding me of course.

“Now then. Hows the other side reacting……?”

I use my demon eyes and intercept their Thought Communication <Liikus>.

Voices came through almost immediately.

“Sasha-sama. Three castles have been built on the enemies side.”

“Two are probably traps. The Demon King (King) will be hidden in the remaining one.”

“Do we destroy the castles one by one?”

“No. In such a short time Misha cannot create three complete Demon King castles. She will be buying time to complete and strengthen the real one. I’ll swat them first.”

“Roger that. Please give us instructions.”

“Form units consisting of Demon Swordsman (Cavalier), Therapist (Healer), Sorcerer (Mage) and Summoner (Summoner) and head to each castle.”


I see. Assuming its one class per unit that 12 people heading off to the 3 castles.

She’s still got more than half her units at her position. She’s being more cautious than I thought.

Now then——

“Fumu. Have you finally built your castle?”

That took longer than expected. A huge Demon King castle has appeared on the enemies side. Until I had a destination I couldn’t move out.

Now then, let’s begin. I use Transfer <Gatom>

My field of vision turns pure white and the next moment Sasha’s Demon King castle appears in front of me.

I intercept their Thought Communication <Liikus> again and my head is filled with noise.

“Sa, Sasha-sama!?”

“What’s wrong?”

“The enemies Demon King (King) Arnos Voldigod has suddenly appeared in front of the castle!”

“What!? How’d he do that…?”

“I don’t know. The (Shaman) was watching very carefully for approaching magic power but he just suddenly appeared!! It’s some type of magic we don’t know!”

I heard Sasha take in a sharp breath.

“……..Possibly…….the lost magic Transfer <Gatom>…..? It must be…….what else could it be….?”

Fumu. She’s very flexible in her thinking and understood it without seeing it.

“If the Demon King (King) wants to come alone that’s fine. He might as well beg me to kill him. He probably intended to surprise us but we’ll teach him the folly of his reckless tactics!”

“I wonder about that?”

I force my way into their <Liikus> causing Sasha’s team to start panicking.

“What the…….. Why can I hear that guys voice!?”

“I don’t know. The magic formation has no problems. We shouldn’t be able to hear him!”

“Well, we can!! Find the cause, quickly!! There’s a chance that he might be able to hear us as well!!”

Yare yare. They sure are noisy.

“The cause is the method in how you constructed the spell. The recall rate of the formation is 89%. That’s pretty low so it enabled me to monitor you.”

“That’s stupid! If the recall rate is 89% then it can be used to conceal secret communications on a national level but you’re saying it can be intercepted!”

“Don’t be fooled by his words! There must be some other reason!

Good grief. I took the time to carefully teach them but they don’t believe me.

“It’s not a problem.”

At the sound of Sasha’s voice, her subordinates regained their calm.

I’ll admit her charisma is pretty good.

“Even if he’s monitoring our <Liikus> he’s still the enemy (King) and he’s here alone. This castle was constructed by 7 (Guardians). He won’t be able to breach even the first layer.”

7 (Guardians) made this? I guess it will be pretty sturdy. There are a number of traps, dungeons, reinforcements for the (King) and plenty of protection.


“It’s a very light castle.”

I walk straight up to the castle and place my hand on the wall.

“It’s useless. Multiple anti-magic formations are woven through it.”

“If you are only cautious of magic then you don’t know what a real battle is.”

I strongly grasp the wall and sink my fingers into it.

“Remember this. In the future make your castle heavier.”

With a groaning sound, the Demon King castle is ripped from the ground.

“Shaman! Wha, what’s going on!?”

“I can’t believe it. That guy…..Arnos Voldigod, he’s lifting the castle out of the ground!!”

“No….way. Hows he doing that………!!”

I completely lift the castle out of the ground using only one hand.

“….No way…… Where’s he getting the power from? He’s the (King) and he’s not receiving any protection….How…..?”

“Certainly, when using Demon King Army <Guys> the power depends on the class, however, there’s a big difference between our base strengths.”

I slowly turn my body and start swinging the castle around. Centrifugal force slowly builds up as I start swinging faster and faster.


“Mon, monster! Not only lifting the castle but swinging it around as well!?”

“Stop! What are you going to do? Stoooooop!!”

Fumu. Don’t look for mercy here.

The anti-magic was perfect but they ignored physics (1)

In the first place, these people have gotten too used to peace and no longer train their bodies. Before starting to use strong magic you need to work on your physical strength.

“Hey, take care when falling otherwise you’ll die.”

I throw the castle away using the centrifugal force I’d built up. The huge Demon King castle flies through the sky cutting through the air and then smashes into the ground.

(1) Says the guy swinging around an entire castle one-handedly.

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