14. Magic spell, Demon King Army (Guys)

“Wh……What are you saying? You…..I don’t understand what you are saying.”

After finally opening her mouth a boring answer comes out.

“I’m inviting you to join my group. What’s hard to understand about that?”

“I’m not on about that. I’m a group leader.”

“Quit then.”


Sasha’s mouth falls open again and she looks at me in amazement.

“Stop saying such foolish things. I have no reason to quit being a group leader.”

“If you join my group you can patch up your relationship with Misha.”

Did my words irritate her? Sasha starts glaring at me.

“I have never thought of that doll as my younger sister.”

Making a parting remark Sasha returns to her seat.

“…….I’m sorry…….” Misha murmured next to me.

“You do not need to apologise. It was that fellow that picked a fight with me.”

*Furufuru* Misha shakes her head.

“……..Sasha is a good person…..”

Are you defending her because she’s your older sister or do you really think that? It’s hard to judge due to Misha’s deadpan expression.

“……..It’s my fault……”

Fumu. Even after being called a trash doll, Misha doesn’t seem to hate her sister.

“Well then, let me correct myself. I was suddenly attacked by <demon eyes of ruin> though I’m perfectly fine.  That is not your fault.”

Misha stared at me.


I admit I am a little worried.

“What did she mean by doll?”


Misha closes her mouth and doesn’t answer.

“……..I can’t say………”

You don’t want to tell me?

Whatever. Whether Misha is a doll or not is irrelevant. She is still my friend.

“It’s fine. I’m not particularly interested.”

Misha smiled a relieved smile.


Signalling a fresh start a sharp clap rang out suddenly.

“Okay then. It seems that the groups have been decided. I’ll continue with my explanation so everyone please return to your seats.”

At the sound of Emilia’s voice, all the students return to their seats.

“From this point on I will be teaching you all magic and we will be starting with Demon King Army <Guys>. This magic is especially suited for warfare so in 1 week there will be a test. All groups will fight each other so please study hard for it.”

Emilia begins by explaining the test to us.

When fighting in a group, Demon King Army <Guys> raises your overall fighting ability.

It’s a bit of strange magic though. Depending on the user and their subordinates it has 7 classes and changes.


Demon King (King)

Castle Lord (Guardian)

Sorcerer (Mage)

Therapist (Healer)

Summoner (Summoner)

Demon Swordsman (Cavalier)

Shaman (Shaman)


Each of these 7 classes bestows a particular trait. For example, the Castle Lord (Guardian) excels in building castles and dungeons, barriers and anti-magic walls. Reinforcement magic is bestowed.

On the other hand weapon magic and attack magic is forcibly weakened.

As long as the class characteristic is adhered to, the general magic power of your group will improve.

The caster of the spell will always be the Demon King (King) and supply the magic effects to their subordinates. It’s also possible to supply magic power as well.

Naturally, if the Demon King (King) dies or runs out of magic power then the spell is cancelled and the magic effect disappears.

“I’ll now judge if the team leaders can use this magic.”

If the team leaders can’t use this magic then their members will have chosen poorly.

In order, each team leader cast Demon King Army <Guys>. None of them failed or seemed to have a particular problem.

If I’m honest, in an actual war none of these fellows would be usable. Only Sasha performed well casting a very stable spell. I guess that’s why she’s one of the chaos generation.

“Very good. I’ll now give a detailed explanation of the spell. First off—–“

Emilia restarts the class, however, because this is the magic that I developed I already know it all.

Also, she makes mistakes in her grand explanation but if I pointed them out it would be never-ending. Let’s just ignore it.

I started to feel sleepy from such a boring lesson and before I noticed it I had nodded off.

While my consciousness was absent the class bell rang and the lesson ended.


A harsh voice caresses my ear. It’s Sasha.

“Will you tell him?”

Is this about me?

“…..Wake up…..?”

“No need.”

I thought they’d start talking but there’s nothing but silence for some reason.

“Nee. Why are you with him?”

After a brief pause Misha says


“I see. Is it fun?”


“I see, Hmph. Good for you.”

Sasha’s words are stinging but she also seems to be happy somehow.

Misha said that she did not know if they were on good terms or not. She doesn’t seem to hate Sasha and that remark about her being a trash doll. Are there some circumstances behind it?

Well, they are sisters. Quarrelling is inevitable.

“And? What’s your business?”


Sasha jumped back surprised.

“Don’t get up so suddenly! I was surprised.”

“Couldn’t you tell from my magic power flow that I was awake? You truly are a pitiable person.”

Sasha starts glaring at me again.

“So? What do you want?”

<Demon eyes of ruin> appear in Sasha’s eyes.

By choice, changes in your emotions along with intensity can cause demon eyes to appear.

In other words, it’s not always controllable.

Although she can’t control it her <demon eyes of ruin> are beautiful and that beauty is a manifestation of her talent.

“Let’s fight.”

It was an unexpected proposal.

2000 years ago those with the courage to say that to me in such a dignified manner were rare amongst both the humans and mazoku.

“With me? What type of game is it?”

*Kuukuu* I laugh. No matter the game I don’t feel like losing at all.

“Emilia-sensei said so right? In one week we will be tested by fighting each other. How about the loser has to do what the winner asks?”

I see.

“Most amusing.”

“If you win I’ll step down as team leader and join your group.”

“What if you win?”

Sasha smiles and says

“I get you.”

“You want me to join your team?”

“No. You will cut all ties with that doll over there and become my thing. You will offer your absolute obedience to what I say. I won’t permit any back talk.”

With a prideful look, Sasha looks down on her sister.

“Misha, remember this. All of your things are mine. Even your friends. I will not give anything to you at all. Such an interesting toy is wasted on you.”

Yare yare. I don’t know where these spiteful remarks to Misha are coming from, also, Why am I being treated like a toy?

“Whatever. I’m fine with that.”

“Oh? You agreed very easily. Is that okay?”

“Well, I’m going to win anyway so yeah.”

Sasha glares at me some more.

“I was careless earlier. Wash your neck and wait a week.

Sasha left with a flutter of her skirt.

“When she joins us you can make up.”

Misha’s eyes blinked in surprise.

“…………So you invited Sasha………”

“It might be unwanted interference.”

Misha shakes her head and smiles faintly.

“……..Thank you……..”

It felt like Misha wanted to be friends with Sasha. Was I right?

Well, one way or the other it will work out.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do my best against the other teams next week.

*Kokuri* Misha nods.

“………I’ll do my best……”

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