068. The labyrinth of love

Cecily-san absentmindedly cut her finger on her kitchen knife causing the turnips she was cutting to quickly turn red.

Jenny-san sighed when she saw the situation.

“Aaah, it’s no good. Once Cecily’s like this she becomes useless. No matter how many lives you have it won’t be enough. We need to get her back above ground as soon as possible.”

“Is that love at first sight? Otherwise, that was as way too quick.”

Jenny-san shakes her head at my words.

“Cecily’s feeling’s of love are abnormal plus her partner is really bad this time. Kuro is Cecily’s ideal type.”

“I think I understand.”

As we watch her Cecily puts her bleeding finger in her mouth while frequently looking over at Kuro.

Jean who was next to me started speaking.

“That aunty. Has she fallen in love with Kuro? Ouch!”

I tell Jean off with my fist.

“It’s Cecily-san, not aunty.”

“All right, calm down. You should be careful if you fall in love with Kuro though, as you’ll get burned.” Jean says while grinning.

“Why’s that?” Jenny asks.

There’s no reason she would know about Kuro.

“That fellows crotch is ogre grade.”

For some reason, Jean sticks his chest out pridefully and Jenny-sans mouth falls open in surprise.

“Wha, tha……with such a pretty face?”

“That aun….Cecily-san will probably be so surprised she’ll fall down.”

“It was unexpected all right. Is this what they call gap moe?”

With a serious face, Jenny-san nods in agreement at my words.

“There’s a high chance that everything would be fine. Cecily’s the type to forgive anything about her partner once she’s fallen for them.”

A [convenient woman] huh? What a straightforward person.

I’m worried for Kuro. I don’t think that Cecily-san is the type of person to play with someone then throw them away but I’m still apprehensive.

“How old is Kuro?”

“He’s 14 though his birthday is next month so he’ll officially be an adult then. Cecily-san?”

“She’s 27.”

13 years difference huh.

I wonder what will happen?

I think we might have been wrong looking on in so leisurely a manner.

Kuro who had come back from cleaning the fish saw Cecily-san’s injured finger.

Kuro’s a gentle soul. He won’t leave an injured lady alone so he starts worrying about the injury.

“This is bad!” Jenny-san cries out in a small voice

It was already too late though. Kuro had wrapped her finger in his handkerchief.

Cecily-san’s face completely melted while he was treating her.

Oh my. Cecily-san is so moved she’s crying.

“This is like watching torture. It keeps getting worse!”

Jenny-sans eyes have taken on a sharp look.

“Should we separate them?”

“No. She might go crazy if you forcefully take her away.”

That bad!

I guess the only thing we can do is let matters take care of themselves.

We all agreed to pretend we had not seen anything and proceeded to prepare the food.


The breaded Nepia trout with herbs and sauteed butter was delicious.

Patty was very satisfied with it.

If we were alone I’d have kissed her on the cheek.

“It’s been a long time since I last ate a meal cooked by Ippei.”

“Actually, I want to cook for you every day.”


Patty seems a little lonely so tried to suggest a happy future for us.

“On such a cold day I want to drink cafe au lait together with you in bed”

“Only bad children drink in bed.”

“We would talk about the day’s schedule while warming each other up and drinking our cafe au lait. Not a good idea?”

“I love doing bad things.”

As always. Patty’s smile is the cutest.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you!”

My heart almost jumped out of my chest when the voice called out from behind.

The obsessed Cecily-san was standing there.

I hope she didn’t hear our conversation.

“What’s wrong Cecily?” Patty asks her while putting on her best poker face.

“Ah, yes. There’s something I want to ask Ippei-dono. Do you have a moment?”

She’s not going to ask me to give her Kuro, is she?

“What is it?”

“Errm, That’s……”

She starts talking then falls silent.

Can’t be helped.

“Thanks for helping me with the cooking earlier on.”

“Dododododo, don’t mention it. That much is……..”

The conversation ends again.

I can’t help but smile wryly.

“Not at all. That was some wonderful knife handling. If I was younger I’d learn from you. Except for Kuro the others are bad at cooking. Especially Jean.”


As I thought. She responded to Kuro’s name.

“Kuro’s that young silver-haired boy from the dog tribe.”

“He…….How old is he?”

“He’s 14. I heard that his birthday is next month so he’ll be 15. He’s a very trustworthy person for his age. Kuro’s helped me out a lot.”

“I see……….his birthday is next month…….”

“By the way. What did you want to ask me about?”

“Yes? Ah! It’s okay! I’ve already heard it!”

Cecily-san quickly left. I think she must have wanted to know Kuro’s age.

“Patty. Is that person okay?”

“Un. Normally she’s an excellent magician. I am a little worried though.”

“Jenny-san said that when she’s in love she becomes absentminded.”

Patty nodded while looking troubled.

“That’s right. This has happened several times now……..but it’s never been this bad. It might be special this time.”

It’s a long trip back up to the surface.

Patty shook her head with a melancholic expression.


“Ippei, thank you for everything. Come on everybody, we’re leaving!”

Everybody starts leaving while smiling at us. Only  Cecily-san looks like she’s been dropped in hell.

Is it that painful to be parted from Kuro?

Oh? Kuro’s talking to Cecily-san.

“Is your injury okay?”

“Ah, Kuro-kun! That’s, err, yes it is! I’m fine now. I got your handkerchief bloody. I’ll buy you a new one and bring it over.”

“Please don’t worry about it. Take care of yourself.”

Anyone who Kuro smiles at will be healed.

Cecily-san looks like she’s found an angel in purgatory.

Looks like Kuro is not aware of Cecily-sans feelings.

Not surprising really. It’s probably beyond the imagination of a 14-year-old.

I have no idea where this love will go. Let’s just watch it quietly.

While preparing for hunting I thought about such things.

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    • Awwww really hope everything will turn okay for Cecily x Kuro/Kuro x Cecily.

      But yeah, i’m sure she will really really happy about it.

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