13. The witch of ruin

When I returned to my seat Emilia said

“Candidates please stand up.”

All the students who had previously raised their hands stood up.

5 people including me. At a quick glance none of them particularity interested me but upon closer inspection one of the girls caught my eye. A blonde twin tail with blue eyes.

She looks strong minded with good features and a good stature. She’s actually similar to Misha but most importantly their magical wavelengths are similar.

“Well then, before you start grouping up, students who are running as team leaders please introduce yourselves. We’ll start with………Sasha-san.”

The twin tail from earlier huh. She smiles with a determined expression.

“I’m from the Necron family and a direct descendant of one of the original 7 demon emperors Aivis Necron. I’m Sahsa Necron the witch of ruin. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She grips the edge of her skirt and bows elegantly.

Though Misha appears to only be absentmindedly listening to Sasha her eyes are locked on her.

“When she says Necron?”

“…..Older sister……”

I see. The older sister she doesn’t know if she’s on good terms with or not.

Sasha’s in black clothes so she’s a pureblood while Misha is in white.

That means.

“Different mothers?”

When I asked Misha shook he head.

“………Same parents……..”

“Then aren’t you a pureblood as well Misha?”

“There are other reasons apart from pedigree for someone to be in white clothes.”


Misha is silent for a moment before speaking.

“…….My family decided it……..”

“Your family?”

“The Necron family.”

Fumu. What kind of circumstances do you have to treat only one of your daughters as royalty?

Pedigree is a very important thing in this era. It’s strange.

It’s bothering me now.

“Arnos-kun. It’s your turn.”

While talking to Misha the others have done their introduction and it’s my turn now.

Whatever, I guess I’ll hear about it in due course.

First off let’s introduce myself. I turn towards the students and declare in a dignified manner

“I’m the Demon King of Tyranny Arnos Voldigod. I’ll tell you all right now that the name of the demon king you believe in is wrong. The real name is Arnos Voldigod. Not that any of you will believe me. I don’t blame you though. In time, you will understand. Pleased to meet you.”

The classroom falls silent at my self-introduction. Liorg told me that to call myself the founder was disrespectful. Now I’ve told them that the name is wrong as well.

Nobody looks directly at me but keeps sneaking glances and whispering about what’s this inept person saying.

Even Emilia who is in a position to tell me off ignored it and carried on talking. Was it because of what I did a while back? (1)

“Okay, your self-introductions have ended. All students who didn’t run please go to the team leader who you prefer. You don’t know each other yet so don’t mind first impressions. There are no number restrictions for the teams so don’t worry about being too large.”

The students stand up at her words and move to the people they like.

“It’s possible to change groups at any time, however, it’s up to the team leader to accept a new member or not. Also, if a team leader loses all their members they will lose their position.”

Seems like another mechanism to test the ability of those that would lead.

“Hey, oi. What will you do?”

“It’s got to be Sasha-sama after all.”

“It seems so. The witch of ruin. Another hopeful in the chaos generation. Some people are saying that she’s the founder reincarnated.”

“Yeah, I’d heard that too. The owner of huge magic power and powerful magic.”

Fumu. That girl Sasha is also one of the chaos generation?

Whatever. The founder is me though she does seem to have a lot of magic power like rumoured.

On that token evidence, most of the students move to Sasha.

Misha who was sitting next to me stands up. For a moment she looks at Sasha then looks at me with her usual deadpan expression.

“If you want to go to your older sister, you may go.”

*Furufuru* Misha shakes her head.

“………Arnos’ group is good…….”



“I’m saved.”

Misha looks a little bit shy and says

“…….Because we’re friends……”

“That’s right.”

It seems Misha is my only member though we are still qualified as a group. (2)

What’s happened to the others? I could just use magic to gather and compel more members but wheres the fun in that?

While thinking along those lines a blonde girl pushes through the crowds.

It’s Sasha.

“Arnos Voldigod was it? Nice to meet you.” (3)


She gazed at Misha for a moment.

“You only seem to have one member and its a defective doll-san at that.”

Fumu. Suddenly picking a fight with this me-sama. It seems this woman’s not right in the head.

“When you say defective doll, are you referring to Misha?”

“Is there anyone else in your group?”

*Fufu* Sasha looks down on me while laughing.

“Don’t you know? That child isn’t a mazoku but she’s not human either. Like I said earlier she’s a defective doll-san. No life, no soul, no will. Just a trash doll that only works due to magic.”

A magic doll?

She said their parents were the same. Was she created using their blood?

Well, whatever. There are many, many ways of creating magic dolls. There’s even a way of creating a magic doll by a mazoku actually giving birth to it.

If you are any good the doll will really be alive.

“What about it?”

“…….What do you mean?…..”

“If you think that a magic doll has no life nor soul then your understanding of magic is pitifully shallow. Concentrate your demon eyes even further and stare into the abyss.”

A surprised expression quickly crossed her face before she laughed fearlessly.

“I’ll give you some advice. If you stay by such a cursed doll-san something bad will happen. Nee, you understand that right?”

I snort through my nose and laugh.

“Kukuku, kuhahahaha. What…that…..is that a threat? To this me?”

Sasha starts to glare at me.

“Nee. You. Do you want to die?”

Magic formations appear in Sasha’s blue eyes.

The students watching on in interest start to panic.

“Oi, this is bad. That fellow meeting eyes with Sasha-sama.”

“……What do you mean?”

“You don’t know? The demon eyes of Sasha-sama are special. <Demon Eyes of Ruin>. If she invokes them then everything in her field of vision will turn to ruin if she wills it. You disintegrate. That’s why Sasha-sama is called the witch of ruin.” (4)

I see. Is it an idiosyncrasy? Misha is good with it and Sasha is good with it. It seems the Necron family has the magical characteristic to specialise in demon eyes.

Anyway, it won’t work against me.

“…..No way……”

“What’s wrong? Have you got bored of this staring game?”

I glare back at Sasha. My eyes fill with magic and spell formations appear in them.

“Your eye’s…..no way…….you…..”

“What’s up? Did you think you could do something I couldn’t do? Let me give you some pointers on how to use <demon eyes of ruin>.”

I was saying some good lines but Sasha’s magic technique is still immature. I’ll teach her something for future reference.

“Let me show you the true <demon eyes of ruin>”


No one in the classroom disintegrates and at a glance, Sasha is fine as well. What I destroyed with my demon eyes is her impertinent mind.

“I can’t believe it……that fellow matched eyes with Sasha-sama and he’s fine.”

“…..I. Years ago I matched eyes with Sasha-sama by mistake while she had them invoked. I was in a coma for a year………..”

“That fellows a white clothes plus he’s an inept person, however, he has exceptional knowledge of magic ceremonies and excellent anti-magic capabilities.”

Fumu. This classroom sure is noisy.

“…..In fact. There’s a gag order in place so the story won’t spread but I was watching that fellows entrance exam. Arnos was performing instant death spells on Liorg-sama.”

“Eeeeeh!? On that great demon emperor……..instant death!?”

“Before that, he was trivially killing Zepes.”

“Killed? Seriously? He killed them!?”

“Aah, and after that, he revived them.”


“And killed them again.”

“Killed them again……….”

“Zepes was then turned into a zombie and made to kill Liorg-sama. He turned him into charcoal.”

“Suc….such a thing.”

“…..Eh? I’m sure I saw Liorg-sama after the entrance exam though.”

“Yeah, he revived them both afterwards.”

“What’s going on? I can’t keep up…….”

Whatever. This is enough for now.

“How long are you going to stay senile? It’s only the outer layer of your mind I disintegrated. The core of your mind is still firm.”

I lightly touch Sasha’s head and waken her mind.

Suddenly her eyes moved and caught mine.

“…..You. Who are you?…….”

“Didn’t I already introduce myself?”

I laugh a bold laugh and she glares at me in vexation.

“By the way Sasha, you have pretty good magic power. Won’t you join my group?”

Was it an unexpected line? Her eyes open widely and she appeared to be at a loss for words.


(1) I guess at the moment everyone is seeing him as this worlds equivalent of Megumin. Powerful but an oddball.

(2) Quality, not quantity.

(3) She uses Gokigenyou to great Arnos which (in anime and manga anyway) is normally heard from rich and privileged ladies in private schools.

(4) Thank you random exposition student.

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