066. Nighttime production

After hunting a further 23 Nepia Sidewinders I was able to obtain another 2 demon stones.

Thanks to Mamoru-kun my defence has risen so I was able to fight closer to the front for a change.

The other member’s levels have been steadily rising.

Gobu reached level 15 today and his [Intelligence] became 51.

“Uuuuuugaugagaa♪ Uuuuuuuugaugaga♪”

He’s apparently learned how to hum now.

I’m really impressed watching Gobu hum to himself while he butchers the snakes.

I wonder how far this child will grow?

I fully intend to raise Gobu properly in the future.

I used 10 demon stones in the creation of Gobu and it’s not possible to add any more. Also, his body is made of wood.

Wood has warmth but its strength is weak.

Let’s have a look at his stats.



[Name] Gobu 1

[Age] 0

[Lv] 15

[HP] 167/167 (initial value 162)

[MP] 0/0

[Attack] 53 (+221) Mace (holy attribute)  (initial value 47)

[Defence] 172 (+175) (initial value 142) (iron mail) (helmet) (tower shield)

[Physical strength] 329 (-7) (initial value 320)

[Intellect] 51 (initial value 12)

[Agility] 40 (-17) (initial value 37)

[Skills] Torch Lv.3  (Eyes light up and illuminate the surrounding area), Shooting Lv.10, Shield defence Lv.4, Shield bash Lv.2

[Notes] semi-autonomous type golem. 3MP a minute is required for action. MP may be charged up to 180. It will lose the ability to function if separated from its master for more than an hour. If within a 4-meter radius of its master it can charge up its MP.

[Experience to next level] 2672/9000


Just by looking I can see that apart from [Intelligence] his other parameters haven’t gone up much.

I don’t think I can expect them to go up much in the future either.

At this point in time, I can’t afford to seal Gobu either.

One of my solutions is to improve his equipment.

Unlike me, his physical strength was good from the beginning so even if its bit heavy he can use better equipment.

Let’s give him some better weapons as well.

I’d like to give him something like Mamoru-kun but Gobu doesn’t generate his own [MP] so its no use.

Could I install an external generator using a high-rank demon stone?

It’s also possible to increase his reaction speed by coating his body in a material that responds to brain waves.

Various ideas come and go but for now, I decided to make weapons and protective gear.


When we were eating the snakes I was expecting the party to be repulsed by it but according to Meg, it’s common to eat snake in the downtown parts of Nepia.

I guess the only one feeling some light revulsion was me then.

I decided to go the easy route and fry it.

I season the snake fillets with salt and pepper and coat them in flour.

Because I didn’t bring much oil with me I add about 1cm of oil to the pan and fry it.

Hmmm. It tastes somewhere in between chicken and fish.

It was pretty good and had a nice crunch to it but chicken is still better in my opinion.

I was pleased when everyone else ate a lot.


The next day we hunted snakes again in the morning.

There are even more people than yesterday.

It seems an F rank demon stone rush is taking place.

By the afternoon, no matter where we go people are hunting snakes. The population density in the 5th ward has hit ridiculous levels.

“Let’s leave……”

Bonnie-san seems to dislike crowds.

I don’t mind crowds but it’s got so full you cant actually hunt anything any more. Our efficiency has dropped and places to stay are running out.

I was planning to stay one more night but decided against it. We left and headed for the 2nd ward.

After all, I only acquired another 2 F rank demon stones which I bought as well.


After a while away I returned to the 2nd ward. I remember acquiring my beauty product items from this ward.

It’s also a skeleton area.

Finally, my Hydro Cannon Deluxe (high-performance water gun) can shine.

Its been really heavy carrying this thing around for 2 days.

The labyrinth is cold today as well so I already made sure to warm the holy water up with life magic.

“C’mon then ossan. Show us the performance of  your new weapon.”

“Don’t underestimate me.”

I aimed at the skeletons that were approaching and slowly put my finger on the trigger.

This time drink my holy water and ascend!

The result was a great success.

Any bones that were hit by the holy water melted and emitted smoke.

“You did it Ossan!”


“Thanks, Jean, Kuro.”

Because the hydro cannon is just a water gun it doesn’t consume MP when used so Jean and Kuro could also use it.

“I’ve got a bit of a concern Ippei-san…….”

Kuro speaks in a timid voice next to me.

A concern?

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just that…..is the holy water really necessary? I would have thought that Ippei-san would have given the gun the holy attribute.”



Oh yeah.

I should have just made the gun [Holy] and refilled it with normal water using life magic which I can make as much as I want of.

I could save 10,000 rims and not have to carry so much heavy water around.


“Stupid ossan!”

“I’m lost for words.”

“I’m sorry! I said something I shouldn’t have! Please don’t worry about it Ippei-san!”

Everyone’s voice seems to come from far away.

My bitter rivalry with the skeletons came to an end with this but I can’t say it was a glorious achievement.


We spent our 3rd and last night in a small room in the 2nd ward on the 2nd floor.

I wanted to do some production so I volunteered to be on watch.

I’ve got 2 F rank demon stones which I can’t take home with me as I’d have to sell them at the gate so I might as well make something with them while I’m in the dungeon.

The thing I’m most interested in at the moment is armour for Gobu.

I want to make some armour now but I’m lacking in materials.

If it was just ordinary steel I could melt the door back into the labyrinth but I want to use at least mithril for it.

I brought 1 mithril ingot with me but it’s not enough to make a shield and armour so I decided to make a mithril coating which I can apply to Gobu’s various parts.

Using one of the F rank demon stones I set the reaction speed and magic resistance for each part.

A fire attack, in particular, would be devastating to Gobu since he’s made of wood.

I carefully treated all the parts and the result is.

[Defence] 172-197, [Agility] 40-68, attack magic resistance (small) and fire resistance Lv.3.

Some parameters rose a little.

Its base colour was silver which would make Gobu stand out so I altered the colour to look like the wood it was covering.

At a quick glance, it would not be obvious that it was changed or maybe a minor change sort of feeling.

It’s really inconvenient I can’t bring the demon stones home with me. If I want to make anything I’ve got to bring the materials with me.

There are occasions where parties going particularity deep bring along a bicycle-drawn cart to carry their supplies.

I want to make a vehicle like golem.

I decided to make myself a weapon with the remaining F rank demon stone. I need something to tackle the 3rd floor and a handgun won’t cut it.

I’ll make something I’ve longed for from the beginning.

I start work on an assault rifle.

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