11. Friend of the demon king

Dinner was finally ready so Misha and I moved to the living room.

Luxurious dishes were lined up on the table as well as the mushroom gratin which is my favourite.

“Now then, eat up” my mother said setting down a large platter full of mushroom gratin before serving it out onto smaller plates.

Kuu, this savoury smell is unbearable. I’m ready to start drooling at any moment.

“Misha-chan as well. Please eat lots.”


I’m not bragging but my mother’s food is delicious. I cannot remember eating any food that was this good back in the age of myths.

In a peaceful world where magic has degraded cooking seems to have evolved. This was the conclusion I had arrived at after eating my mothers cooking for the last month.

“Thanks for the food.”

I scoop the gratin up with a spoon.

“This is…….?”

What the…..!? This gratin has 3 kinds of mushrooms in it! (1)

Eryngii, Porcini and one I don’t know. It’s always only one type of mushroom!

“Mom got excited.” she said while laughing.

She saw right through me.

“Hurry up. Eat.”

Nodding I put the gratin in my mouth.



The creamy flavour spreads through my mouth with a slight hint of salt. The rich tastes condensed tightly and fell into my stomach.

This is so good. I just want to keep going.

Aah. It was good to reincarnate. Really good.

“Fufu. Though Arnos-chan grew so big right away your face is still like a child when eating.”

My mother said such a thing while I was in a trance eating the gratin.

“By the way, mother would like to ask something………”

My mothers face becomes serious while she’s talking.

“What part of Arnos-chan do you like Misha-chan?”


I choked when I heard that.

“Ah? You okay Arnos-chan?”


I was careless. The surprise made the gratin go down the wrong way.

I was so absorbed in the gratin I forgot to tell my mother the truth.

To make me, the one called the demon king lose his calm. My mother’s gratin has terrible power.

What being can oppose me in this era? My mother apparently.

“So which part……….?”

Misha sits there expressionlessly deep in thought

“……….His kindness………”

The moment Misha finishes speaking my mother strongly makes a fist.

“Right, that’s right! Arnos-chan is so gentle! Arnos-chan was going to come to Deiruheido by himself but knowing I would be lonely we all came together!!”

Fumu. I see. Is this what’s called a doting parent? It’s my first time experiencing it. It’s quite embarrassing.

“………Filial piety……..”

“Right, right! Misha-chan understands. As expected of the one Arnos-chan chose.”

All right. Right here and now lets lightly correct this.

“Please listen, mother”

“Do you want some more mushroom gratin Arnos-chan?”

“What? There’s some left? Let’s have it.”

My mother came back with some more gratin and I started to devour it.

“And with that sorted. How did your love with Arnos-chan begin Misha-chan?”

“………The beginning of our love…….?”

“How did you meet? Who called out to who?”

“………I was spoken to by Arnos……”

“Arnos-chan calling out to girls. That womaniser!”

Mother is all excited and whistling *Hyuu-hyuu* now.

Good grief.

“And? What did Arnos-chan say?”

Misha looks down and starts thinking.

Did you remember my words?

“……….We’re both troubled it seems……”

“Kyaaaaaaa! Very good!! Arnos-chan if girls are told such a thing they will fall in one shot.”

How is that cool? Trying to talk to my mother at the moment seems pointless. Let’s look for another opening.

Besides, there’s still some gratin left. I have to eat it while it’s still hot.

“And? What was your answer Misha-chan?”


“Mouuuuu! Telepathy! Perfect affinity right from the beginning! Fated love…..”

My mother is now in her own world with an entranced expression on her face and does not appear to be coming out of it any time soon.

“Then, then…..have you…….you know…..two people…….have you kissed?”

Alright. This is the question I need. I can explain the truth with this. If you’ve never kissed how can you be lovers?

“……….We haven’t…….”

“Ehhhhhhhhhh, are you waiting for marriage? Romantiiiiiiiic!!”

*Chi* so that’s what it came to.

“What will you do? Arnos-chan is only 1 month old. It’s a while until he’s of marriageable age. It’s quite a wait.”

“…………1 month……….?”

“That’s right. Are you surprised? Arnos-chan’s really smart. He could talk as soon as he was born. He could use magic too. He grew big using Growth <Crest>.”

Misha quietly stares at me. (2)

Even amongst mazoku, those that can use magic in their first month are quite rare. In other words, it’s another piece of proof that I’m the reincarnated demon lord.

It will still take more than that to make people believe though. Resurrection magic wasn’t something only the demon lord could use after all.

“…….Eh? possibly? Misha-chan…….are you worried about the age difference?”

My mother’s thoughts are completely off the mark.

“……..I don’t mind…….”

“Is that so? My husband is also younger. It’s a good thing. Arnos-chan is so cute.”

Misha turns to me.


“Don’t look at me with such eyes.”

At this exchange, my mother pumps both her fists up and down.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Nee nee, just now I heard it, I did [cute] and [don’t look at me with such eyes]. You said it! Middle-aged couple? Are you a middle-aged coupleeeeeee!?”

My mothers incredibly excited while my dad is sitting there silently drinking his sake while nodding to my mother and staring off into the distance.

I had hoped that my mother would calm down soon but she’s getting even more excited. She hasn’t stopped to draw breath so I’ve had no chance to correct her about Misha.

Before anyone knew it dinner was over. Everyone was talking lively so it had become quite late.

I was taking Misha home halfway so we went outside.

“Give me your hand.”

Misha grabs my hand obediently.

“I’ll send you home with Transfer <Gatom>”

“………Though you don’t know where it is……?”

“Think of your home. I’ll read your mind and send you there.”

“….Can do that…..?”


Misha stares at me.


The place Misha was thinking of was transmitted to my head.

“Sorry about today.”

Misha shakes her head.

“……..Was fun……..”

“Even so. After my parents calm down I’ll correct them and let them know we are only friends.”


“Aah. You still have friends in this era right?”

Misha points to herself?


“Am I wrong? Don’t we have such a relationship?”

Misha shakes her head then smiles a pretty smile.


“I see.”


I send power into my hand and use <Gatom>

“Well then, I’ll see you at school.”


Misha disappeared.

(1) Shocking truth!

(2) A bit late in the day but I want to point out Arno’s speech and thoughts. It’s hard to translate properly but he speaks and thinks in a very manly/rough/arrogant/rude manner normally. The exceptions are generally his parents and Misha who he’s mostly polite with and shows respect. In this thought, he calls himself “this me” or “me-sama”. A more direct but stilted translation would be Misha looks at me-sama. Moving forward I’ll be looking how to make this more obvious with his speech and thoughts but it’s hard thanks to Japanese and its different forms of address etc that just don’t translate well or at all into English.

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