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065. Fishing enthusiast Ippei

As time passed the number of people in the hunting grounds increased.

Everyone’s had the same thought.

Intermediate and lower level parties are after the easier F rank demon stone on the 2nd floor instead of going to the harder 3rd floor.

In one of these busy areas, I was hard at work using material refining and tool creation.

I collected surface iron and was making some huge hooks. I also set aside some of the rabbit meat from earlier.

I finally tied some rope to the hooks and my preparations were complete.

“Righto Jean, push the meat as far into the den as you can with that stick.”

“Can you really catch a snake with this?”

Everyone’s sceptical.

“Let’s just try it. Besides, there’s nothing else we can do.”

“That’s right, that’s right! Kuro understands!”

While the others stood there emitting a useless aura I started fishing.

After 5 minutes there was still no reaction.

“Absolutely useless!”

Jean got bored first.

After 6 minutes.


Bonnie-san moved over to the fire.

This is strange. Have they not noticed the bait?

No. There’s no way they haven’t noticed it. Their sense of smell is better than a dogs.

7 minutes have passed.

“I’ll make some tea.”

Meg left the front lines as well.

There’s only Kuro and me now.

Kuro’s kindness is wonderful.

8 minutes have passed and I’m getting impatient now as well.

“Shit. Should I change my fishing spot…….?”

“Not yet. This is a contest of endurance…….”

Eh? Kuro’s eyes are shining.

This kid wasn’t talking in his usual kind tone. I guess he must love fishing.

At that moment Kuro’s sharp nose twitched and vibrations travelled down the rope to my hand. As expected of a beastman from the dog tribe.

The rope was suddenly pulled with a tremendous force.

“A hit!”

Kuro’s beautiful boyish soprano voice rings out and everyone rushes over.

The snake is desperately trying to escape as well.

What amazing power.

“Meg-san please stand by. If its head appears bash it with your mace!”

“Got it!”

Un. Nice directions Kuro-chan. He’s got an aggressive side that we rarely see.

Has the sleeping ogre woken up!?

I looked at Kuro’s trousers quickly but it was normal. (1)

Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?

It would be very dangerous to erect while hunting.

Me, Kuro, Jean, Bonnie and Gobu are now pulling on the rope.

The Nepia Sidewinder soon came out and had its head crushed by megs mace.

We’ve finally got one but unfortunately, this one didn’t drop a demon stone.

If we had got one on our first try I’d have been a bit scared as that would have been some great luck on our part.

If we keep on like this we will eventually get one to drop.

“All right! Next next!”

Jean who got bored the quickest is showing some motivation.

“Ippei-san. Could you change the shape of the fish hook? Make this curve here bigger?”

Kuro’s eyes are extremely serious as he’s drawing on the ground.

“Also, we can use less meat as the bait.”

This kid really likes fishing.

I improve the hook like Kuro asked and insert fine metal wires into the rope to give it extra strength.

After some trial and error, we get into the swing of things. It’s much easier than normal fighting as we just pull them out of the hole and bash their skulls in.

It would be a lot more dangerous if the snakes actually attacked. They are so quick it’s unlikely my bullets would hit them and if they did manage to hit them then hitting a vital spot would be almost impossible.

Then there’s the worry about poison.

We carried on fishing and after 9 kills a demon stone finally dropped.

F rank demon stones are dark green, almost like emeralds.

There is no great size difference between G rank demon stones and  F rank demon stones but the quantity of magic power is completely different.

“Well then. I’ll buy this demon stone.”

I pay Meg there and then so there’s no mistake.

“30,000 rims received. Are you going to make something now Ippei-san?”

“Yeah. Can I have a moment? I’ve got the materials so all I need is 5 minutes.”

Everybody agreed so I started refining.

I’m making a new Golem.

I place my one hand on the demon stone and the other on the materials and apply my magic power.

As expected of an F rank demon stone. The power transfer is smooth and it’s absorbing a lot more.

The new golem emits a pale white light and appears on the floor.

“Is that a ring?” Jean asked while looking over my back.

“Yeah, but it’s not an accessory. This is a golem.”

“That’s a golem!?”

“Indeed. It’s a magic golem specialising in defence. It’s called Mamoru-kun!” (2)



[Name] Mamoru-kun

[Age] 0

[Lv] –

[HP] 62/62

[MP] 280/280

[Attack power] 0

[Defence] 87

[Physical strength] 0

[Intellect] 0

[Agility] 0

[Magic] Shield Lv.10

[Notes] Protection specialised golem which automatically generates a shield when sensing an enemy attack. The shield has a defensive strength of 180.  It is also possible to place the shield in an area of the users choosing. 70 MP is required to establish the shield. 1 MP a minute is required when the attack sensing function is on. 280 MP may be stored internally.

[Experience to next level] – (Level may not be improved)


Lets test it straight away.

“All right. Someone throw a pebble at me.”

“Ou. Here I go!”

Just as I was about to be hit by the pebble it was stopped by the shield.

Good. It works.

I turn my back to Jean.

“Throw one at my back now.”

The pebble was stopped by the shield again.

I tried from various angles even from below and above but it functioned every time.

It doesn’t appear to have a blind spot.

I hold Gobu’s tower shield next. Time for a live performance.

“Kuro, shoot the shield with your gun.”

“Is….is that okay?”

“The attack power of that gun is 211. Mamoru-kun’s shield is 180 defence. It can’t stop it alone but with the tower shield it should work.”

“Un….understood. Here I go!”

“WAIT! Kuro, isn’t that gun still on 3 point burst?”

“Aah!………..It’s okay now. Here I go!”

Everybody is watching breathlessly as the sound of the gun rings out in the labyrinth.

The bullet penetrated the magic shield and was stopped by the tower shield. I barely felt anything.

“Looks successful to me.”


Jean suddenly struck me while issuing a very strange sound but was stopped by Mamoru-kun’s shield.

“Ouuuch…….It’s like punching a rock. It’s amazing though. Can you make the shield stronger?”

“You can if you have a lot of demon stones but there are other issues as well.”

“The number limit?”

“That’s right. You can only handle golems up to a maximum of 20 demon stones combined. Gobu has 10, Hikaru-kun has 1 and Bali has 3. With Mamoru-kun I’m up to 15 now.”

“So you can only have 5 more golems?”

“That’s how it is. I’d like to make a vehicle golem. Sort of like a self-propelled cart so I’m keeping the remaining stones back for that.”

“I see.”

“If a golem dies or I deactivate one, those stones become free again. I can’t imagine getting rid of this fellow though.”

I place my hand on Gobu’s head.


Gobu looks happy somehow. This fellow is not just a golem though, he’s a friend and a member of [Phoenix Company].

“Can’t be helped then!”

Jean puts his hand on Gobu’s shoulder.


Gobu’s energetic voice echoes around us.

(1) Sorry Patty. Ippei wants Kuro’s ogre it seems 🤣

(2) Mamoru means to protect/defend/guard

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