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10. Passing celebration

The doorbell of the shop sounded with a *clang-clang*

“Welcom…..ah, Arnos-chan welcome back.”

My mother who was tending the store walked towards me.

Dad’s probably making something in his workshop.

“How…… how’d it go?” my mother asks with a nervous look.

“I passed.”

My mothers face lit up and she hugged me tightly.

“Congratulations! Congratulations Arnos-chan! That’s amazing! To get into the academy after just one month. You’re so clever Arnos-channnn! I’ll make a feast tonight!!”

Yare yare. She wasn’t the one that passed so how can she get so much pleasure from this?

Is this a parent thing? Good grief, I can’t understand it at all.

Though I can’t understand it……..It doesn’t feel bad at all.

“What do you want to eat Arnos-chan?”

“Let’s see. If possible mushroom gratin would be nice.”

It’s been my favourite for 2000 years now.

There are more luxurious things and my aides used to tell me all the time to eat foods more befitting of a demon king. It can’t be helped though. I like what I like.

When I used to ask what a demon king should eat I used to get the frightening answer back of [humans].

What idiocy. It’s impossible for me to eat humans.

They used to get loud saying that the demon king eating gratin was setting a bad example for others. Idiots.

Demon King is the name of the person who can be as selfish as they want.

In other words, I eat what I want to eat.

I’m going to eat mushroom gratin.

“Fufu, got it. Arnos-chan loves mushroom gratin. I knew you’d say that so I prepared it in advance.”

As expected of my mother. She’s different from my old subordinates.

“Aah, mother we have a guest.”

“Nn? A guest? Who?”

I turn around and introduce Misha who was hiding behind my back.

“Misha Necron. I met her today at the academy.”

Misha takes a step forward and speaks in her deadpan tone.

“………Nice to meet you……..”

Misha bows her head.

For some reason, my mothers got a surprised expression on her face and put her hand to her mouth.

“Arnos-chan has………Arnos-chan has………”

Then in a surprised voice, she yells out

“My Arnos-chan has already bought a bride homeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Her voice echoes throughout the house.

Misha tilts her head to one side.

“………Is that me……..?”

“No, sorry about this. Hey, mother stop jumping to misleading conclusions.”

No matter how you look at it she’s misunderstood way too much.

“…..I see……..”

“It’s fine, it’s fine Arnos-chan. Arnos-chan’s happiness is my happiness. Mother does not object………” she says in tears before wiping the corner of her eyes.

What on earth is going on in your head mother? What delusions are running around in there? I’m afraid to hear the answer.

“Mother, please don’t get so excited….”

The door to the workshop was thrown open with a bang.

“Arnos! Good job. As expected. You’re a man now!”

Kuh. It’s my father now.

I need to calm these 2 down.

“Looking back I remember that you were just born the other day.”

My father puts on a pose and stares out of the window.

“Pappa knew that this day would come but the time still feels a little short.”

*Haha* my father laughs refreshingly.

It is short. It’s only been a month.

“No, this is a joyous occasion. Isabella, tonight is a feast. Let’s celebrate loudly.”

“Un, I know that dear. Arnos-chan is starting his new life.”

My father has a full smile on his face and my mother is filled with tears again.

They face each other and nod *un-un.*

“………Father too…….misleading conclusion………?”

Misha turns her eyes to me.


“Alright, it’s decided. Let’s start cooking right away. C’mon Isabella smile, smile.”

“Un, you’re right. On Arnos-chan’s happy day mother shouldn’t cry. It’s okay, let’s laugh properly!”

While we stand here dumbfounded my parents get excited.

“Mother, Father can I just say something.”

“Aah, it’s alright Arnos. You don’t have to help today. Papa will help.”

Father, even if you say such a thing I’ve never helped.

“C’mon show Misha-chan to your room.”

My father starts pushing my back to make me go up the stairs to the second floor where my room is.

Once we are in my room my dad closes the door but just before he shuts it his face tightens.

“Listen up Arnos. The cooking will take about 2 hours. Even if you let out a loud voice your mom won’t hear it so do a good job.” (1)

Fumu. Dad, what are you saying.

“Um, father.”

“Don’t worry. Leave this to papa.”

My father then closes the door and just as it closes he says in an indecent voice.

“Take your time.”

Yare yare. My fathers truly embarrassing.

“I’m sorry Misha. I’ll talk to them later when they’ve calmed down.”


Though not scary it was uncomfortable but Misha’s not bothered by this situation either.

She’s gazing around my room.

“…..Empty room………”

“We’ve only just moved in.”

So I say but I don’t intend to increase my possessions much anyway.

“I’m truly sorry for my noisy parents.”

Misha shakes her head back and forth.

“……I’m used to it……”

Oh yeah, I remember the human who was seeing Misha off this morning.

“I guess there are some similarities with Misha’s father.”


“Ah sorry, my bad. As expected it’s not.”

Misha shakes her head again.

“……..Not my father……”

“That wasn’t your father this morning?”

Misha nods.

“…..My foster parent…..”

“What about your biological parents?”


I see. It was something like that.

In my old life, I didn’t even have a foster parent.

“…….Arnos has siblings……?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“…….Good terms with siblings……”

“Aah, those things I said to Zepes and Liorg?”

*Kokuri* Misha nods.



*Haha* My laughter leaks out.

“…..That was funny…..?”

“No no, sorry. It’s just the first time I’ve been called that.”

“…..Why is that…….?”


I look back on my past life.

“For the sake of bringing about this world you now live in I was an oni, a demon, a heretic, what colour is your blood? I was them all.”

Misha stared at me.

“Were you tormented?”

“Me? No way.”

Though it was under the pressure of necessity if anything I’d say I was rewarded.

I have no intention of making excuses.

“Meh. I had a cause.”

Misha denied it flatly.

“…..People who torment others are bad……Arnos is not bad…..”

“No, even if you say that.”

Misha stretches up and gently touches my head.

“There there.” (2)

Fumu. I seem to have been misunderstood.

It’s a bit embarrassing and ticklish.

“I was tormenting them as well. In what way am I gentle? Anyway, it seems that my care was unnecessary for those two.”

That guy Zepes did his best to turn his brother to cinders.

“……..It’s a result…..”

“It is?”

Misha nods

“……Arnos is gentle…..”

They were completely unexpected words but it didn’t feel bad at all.

“Do you have siblings Misha?”

After thinking a little she replied.

“…..Older sister…..”

“Are you close?”

Misha was silent for a while.

“……I don’t know……”

I don’t know? That’s a mysterious answer.

Is that good or bad? Could be either. Are there some circumstances?


“Aah, a little.”


I thought she might tell me about her older sister but Misha just smiled a little.

While waiting for the cooking to be done we chatted about random things.

(1) I love his dad 🤣

(2) Okay. Now, this is cute.

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