09. Aptitude test

“Do we need to go to that room over there now?”

*Kokuri* Misha nods.

After entering the room an owl perched on a stone statue opens its mouth.

“Please stand in the centre of the magic formation to start the aptitude test.”

A large number of magic formations are drawn on the floor with students standing in them taking the test.

“………Well then……….”

“Ou. Later.”

Misha walked over to an empty circle.

I also find a suitable circle and stand inside. As soon as I have a voice echoes in my head.

“In this aptitude test, we measure your thoughts against the cruelty of the demon king. In addition, we perform a simple test on your knowledge of the demon king. We are reading your thoughts so cheating will not be permitted.”

Fumu. They are using Thought Transmission <Liikus>.

Whoever thought that lying is impossible is inexperienced in the use Thought Transmission. It’s not hard to lie while using it.

I don’t have a reason to lie though.

“Then let’s begin. It is said to be wrong to call the name of the demon king but please state the demon kings name.”

No need to think this one through. It’s Arnos Voldigod.

“In the age of myth, the founder destroyed Deiruheido using Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon <Geo Greys>. As a result, all of Deiruheido was burnt to the ground and many mazoku lives were lost. Why did he perform such an act of violence? What were the founder’s feelings at the time?”

Fumu. What a nostalgic story.

The answer to why I used <Geo Greys> on Deiruheido was that I was half-asleep.

At that time I was in the middle of a long battle with the hero Kanon.

I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t relax for even a moment. I had to be in a state constant battle readiness.

Thanks to that I fell into a half-sleep state and thought I was fighting Kanon and used <Geo Greys> by accident.

This question is slightly wrong however. Certainly, Deiruheido turned into scorched earth but not a single mazoku died.

Even though I was half-asleep my magic control was still perfect. I turned the country into ash but made it so the mazoku were not affected by the spell.

If you can’t even do that much then you are not worthy of being called the demon king.

“You defy mass murder even though that was the creed of the founder. Describe why this was the correct reason for the demon king.”

A trick question. A person who defies mass murder. I don’t remember ever making mass murder my creed. If I don’t have to kill someone I won’t, however, in that age helping people usually involved killing. That was the only reason.

“Moving on. Next question-“

And so the aptitude test continues, however, all the questions are about me. Naturally, I know the answers so I answer without any hesitation.

30 minutes later the aptitude test is finished and I leave the room.

I half listen to the owl explaining about the admission on my way back.

Passing through the mirror room I go outside and find Misha standing there.

Without doing anything she staring off into empty space.

“What are you doing?”

After hearing my voice Misha turns to me.

As expressionless as ever I see.

“………..I waited………”

“For me?”

*Kokuri* Misha nods.

“You told me later.”

Oh yeah, I did say that.

“Sorry. Is the day over now we’ve done the aptitude test?”


She took the trouble to wait so it would be awkward to leave now. I can’t do something like that.

“Well then, as a celebration for passing do you want to go out and have some fun?”

Though she’s as deadpan as ever it appears like she’s puzzled a bit.

“With me?”


“That okay?”

“I’m inviting you.”

What are you thinking?

Misha looks down and remains silent.

“If you’ve got some business to take care of don’t worry about it.”

“…….I’ll go……..”

“Really? Okay then, do you want to come to my house first? I’m sure my mother is making a feast and waiting.”

Misha nods again.

“All right then. Hold on.”

I hold out my hand and Misha holds it without any hesitation.

“Like this?”

“That’s it. Let’s leave.”

Flight <Fures> like the name implies it allows you to fly. It’s pretty easy to use but there’s a better magic for moving around.

“I’m ready. Hold my hand harder.”


Misha strengthened her grip on my hand.

A magic circle is drawn on the ground and the scenery in front of us is dyed a pure white. The next moment a blacksmith and appraisers shop called [Solar Wind] appears before us.

It’s a wooden house with the 2nd floor being our living area.

“We’ve arrived. This is my house.”

I say this but Misha is still staring at the signboard in front of us.

Her face hasn’t changed but it appears like she’s surprised somehow.


“Yeah, Transfer <Gatom>. A very brief explanation is that it connects two spaces and allows for instantaneous movement.”

Misha closes her mouth then opens it again and mutters some words.

“……Lost magic……..”

Fumu. Seem’s she’s unfamiliar with it.

“What is it?”

“It’s a magic that no one knows how to use anymore. It was lost back in the age of myths.”

I see. Magic seems to have degenerated more than I thought over the last 2000 years. Though it’s existence is known those who can use it have disappeared.

I can sort of understand it though. <Gatom> is a magic that I created and even in the age of myths, those that could use it were few.

“……Arnos is a genius…..?”

*Haha* I laugh unintentionally.


“No no, I’m sorry. It’s a bit embarrassing being called a genius for just this much.”

I won’t deny I’m a genius though. Anyway, I only want to be told this when I use magic no one else can use.

“………Who are you Arnos……?”

“I’m the founder. The demon king.”

Misha’s expressionless face suddenly showed surprise.


“You believe me?”

Misha thought about it and said

“….You have proof….?”

After all, she doesn’t believe me.

“I am proof. This is my power but the people in this time have weak demon eyes and don’t have the ability to stare into the abyss that is my power.”

Misha falls silent and seems troubled.

Originally the demon king proved his existence by power but in this era, they are obsessed with pure blood, royalty and other superficial things.

If I’m honest this era is a bit different from my original idea.

“Arnos’ magic power is enormous. I cannot see the bottom of it either.”

If Misha can’t see it then pretty much everyone else will have no idea.

If I press it any more than this it will become an annoyance for her.

“It’s fine. You will understand soon enough. Let’s go.”


I opened the door to my house.

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    • It’s kind of like The Immortal Bard by Asimov… this guy invents a time machine, picks up William Shakespeare, and because he was curious about how modern people viewed him, enrolls him in a class about himself. And the teacher fails him.

  1. It’s like Jesus coming in our era and not one believing he IS the Jesus. Making miracles over the place and not one believe! LMAO

    Thx for the chapter! Keep the good stuff!

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So, they have an idealized version of the Demon King based on wrong historical facts. Of course the real one’s right answer will be wrong.

  3. I see why he failed, Hes answering honestly, but over time chuunibyous have changed his story to be some demon of terror and destruction. So they will fail his aptitude and magic score cause they are dumb fucks.

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  4. Wow it’s like literature class.
    Remind me of a real story about an author who wrote an analysis of his own work for his grandson homework and received a failed mark because he “didn’t understand author’s intention”.

    • Maybe. Thatd be interesting. But i kinda interpreted Kannon to have power maybe not equal to Arnos but still really strong. Misha has power but i would think Kannons is stronger. Unless his reincarnation didnt go as well as Arnos.

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    Coming from the anime, I will say I liked that when he asked her to hold on to him in the anime there was a slight hesitation and she even offered to use her own magic instead of going along willingly like shown here.

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