062. Maximum Soul

“I’m the leader of [Maximum Soul] Lainas.”

This chaps amazing. He’s named the temporary party and named himself leader right off the bat.

That’s not something anyone can do.

“It was no accident that we all met today. It was destiny!”

His beats surging up. Is he unexpectedly the hot-blooded type?

Everybody else looks a bit wary but none have left yet. I guess it’s because they are all porters.

Basically, porters don’t hunt monsters. They exist to haul luggage. Naturally, due to this their level does not go up.

It might be an attractive offer for them though, hunting slime’s in the first couple wards of the first level.

Let’s have a look at the strategy for the newly formed [Maximum Soul]


Vanguard: Lainas                   Weapon: Longsword

Vanguard: Man A                    Weapon: Knife

Vanguard: Man B                    Weapon: Knife

Vanguard: Man C                    Weapon: Knife

Vanguard: Man D                    Weapon: Knife

Vanguard: Man E                    Weapon: Knife

Vanguard: Man F                    Weapon: Knife

Rearguard: Me                         Weapon: Handgun & Gobu


Formation: Lainas leads and the rest follow behind.

Strategy: Kill any enemy found. First come first served.


Is this a good strategy?

Porters often carry staffs to assist with the carrying of heavy luggage.

A knife is the for the basics such as dismantling dead monsters so naturally all of them have knives.

I’m pretty biased but they should still be taking care even in the first couple wards of the first floor.

I’m only participating out of some type of morbid curiosity that has outweighed my fear.


“A slime has appeared!”


“Another one over there!”


It’s like first-grade football practice. Everyone is going for the ball.

Except for me anyway. I’m staying at the back.

With my aiming skill, I’m likely to hit an ally with them running around all over the place.

I cautiously watch our surroundings while the vanguard locates the enemy.

Lainas got angry at me for staying at the back watching the fighting.

“You’ve done nothing since we came in!”

“Ah, yes.”

I don’t get angry. Rather I have to endure and hold back my laughter.

“That’s no good. You need awareness as a member of [Maximum Soul]. Do your job properly.”


How should I respond?

“What’s your rank?”

“It’s 10.”

“Ahh, a newbie. I guess it can’t be helped. I might not look it but I’m 9th ranked. Ask me anything if there’s something you don’t understand.”

Lainas smiles refreshingly while patting me on the shoulder before heading off back to the front.

He doesn’t seem like a bad person though I still have to laugh at their disorderly hunting.

This is due to the trend that porters are not allowed to hunt so they don’t develop good hunting styles.

I still can’t determine is Lainas is a fool or not.

You usually learn to be an adventurer while acting as a porter.

You make connections, get hired by a party and get introduced, though a lot of people are bad at communicating and some are poor at selling themselves.

Such people do not find it easy to get hired by a party and remain as porters for many years.

Lainas’ invitation would have been a boon for them.

On the other hand, the income from this trip will be hardly anything.

Slimes do not give anything that can be sold and are almost infamous for their poor drop rate of demon stones.

So far only 2 have dropped so that’s 3000 rims in all.

Divided by 8 that’s not even 400 rims each.

You can’t live on that but everybody looks happy. Their experience has risen for the first time in ages. I guess they realise that their levels will be going up soon.

Occasionally, adventures like this are okay.

As expected, they stopped before entering the second ward. I guess we won’t need to die today.


We secured a small room and took a break.

Nearly everyone was silent but all their faces were bright.

Some other party had left some firewood behind so we lit a fire for some warmth and I boiled myself some water to drink.

I wanted tea but since I didn’t have any, just hot water will do to warm my body up.


One of the members timidly opened their mouth while relaxing.

“Excuse me but is our line formation really necessary?”

“I was also thinking that.”

They might have been a chaotic mess but they are still adventurers.

They seemed to have noticed their faults already.

“That’s true. It makes us easy victims if a monster ambushes us but luckily there are not many around here.”

“How about doing the vanguard in shifts?”

“How about 3 at the front then 2 then 2 then 1 at the rear?”

“Wouldn’t 3 – 3 – 2 be better?”

“It could be fatal to have no weapons at the rear.”

“You could just throw a stone?”

Everybody starts passing on their opinions.

What’s this?

It a very fun feeling!

Everybody has an excited face.

This could be the formation of a true party.


Afterwards, they decided on a new formation, practised their cooperation and performed various simulations.

They even discussed what to do if ambushed.

The time flew by in an instant.

I think I can say it was a good move to come here.

I don’t think the second ward will give them much in the way of a problem now.

Lainas nods contentedly.

“Maybe next time we can come to the second ward!? Finally [Maximum Soul] can get a real start too!”

Somebody murmurs

“I…I would like another party name…….”

“Aah, I think so too……..”

“I agree……….”

“Okay then. Well, I’m against it…..”

Un. This party has been formed.

Good luck Lainas!

Good luck [Maximum Soul] (provisionally)!

Of course, I declined my invitation. My home is with [Phoenix Company].

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