061. The man with the aura

After a 10 day journey, we returned to Nepia.

Apparently, Miyata Ippei died at Kombu Wall mine. I have no idea why though but that’s how it is.

Perhaps it would have looked bad for the new governor to have someone escape so soon after taking office so they hushed it up?

[What’s that all about?] When I had asked Patty this she got really cranky with me.

It seems to have something to do with the governor.

Afterwards, I was made to sit in seiza and confess everything that happened with the governor.

I kept the chastity belt a secret though. That one’s going to my grave with me.

Anyway, I’m thankful that I’m supposed to be dead.

My friends, Patty and viscount Cherrycoke all agreed to keep it a secret that I’m alive.

Sadly, this means that this is the end of the money from the king for the Beiappoi special. That’s my income decreased a bit.

It was a good working relationship but that’s how it is.

At the moment having a connection to the aristocracy is unwelcome.

After having a talk with Patty about the house we had rented it was decided that her party [Angel Wing] would now use it as their base of operations.

Luckily I like Patty’s best friend Jenny-san so there’s no problem.

I still feel sad that Chaser is no longer here but I like to think that a part of him still lives with me.


I moved into an apartment in the downtown area after an introduction from Jean.

It’s near the labyrinth and is pretty conveniently located for other things as well.

I think it’s actually a nice place.


“Ossan I’m hungry!”

I had no idea that the room was next to Jeans.

This fellow soon got cocky and comes to extort breakfast from me most days now.

He’s not alone.

“Carrots…..hate them……..”

“Don’t say such selfish things Bonnie-san!”

After moving homes Bonnie-san often drops by now.


Gobu is energetic like always. He recently gained cooking skill Lv.1 as well.

Where exactly is this fellow heading?

Gobu proudly offers Bonnie-san a very nice looking omelette.

After meeting Gobu for the first time in a while I couldn’t stop my tears from leaking a little.

When I first saw him he was in a dormant state, though after an hour of charging we were able to reunite.

I currently only have 3 golems. Gobu, a single hummingbird Bali and Hikaru-kun.

During combat with the mercenaries, I lost Bola, Banpero and Geroge-kun.

They were Golems with the same defensive power as me, so really low.

Thank you all. I won’t forget you.


“What are you doing today……….? Going to the dungeon………..?” Bonnie-san asks me while eating breakfast.

The dungeon after so long.

My heart is excited.

“Sounds good. Since it’s been a while perhaps I should take it easy and just go to the first floor second ward?”

Jean pointed out a horrible thing while I was answering excitedly.

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead Ossan? What about your guild card?”

I’ve only realised it now he’s said it.

My card was revoked when I was imprisoned.

I can’t even get through the gate!

It can’t be reissued either since I’m dead.

Isn’t there anything I can do?

“Go to the guild……”

“It’s fine if the leader is a porter but it’s a bit bad if they aren’t even an adventurer!”

Jean’s a cheeky brat as usual.

It’s painful but I’ve got nothing to retort with.

“My heart is forever an adventurer!”

“Just hurry up and go……..”

Bonnie-san is scary.

I’ll go to the guild and see if I can re-register. [Phoenix Company] will have to enter the dungeon without me.


I arrive at the registration office in the guild. It’s the first time I’ve been back since I registered for the first time.

I’ve forgotten what the clerk who registered me before looked like.

Hopefully, they’ve forgotten me as well. It will be troublesome if they remember.

I know it was definitely a man that registered me last time so this time I’ll go to a woman.

As usual, there are few people here.

Once you become an adventurer, confirmation of requests or posting requests is all done at the gate so only admin like registering new applicants is done here really.

I do stand out a bit though. I’m wearing obviously used equipment and give off a veteran like aura.

“How can I help you today?”

“…….I would like to register as an adventurer.”

“A beginner?”


My veteran aura is feeling down.

Can’t be helped.

I’m supposedly dead.

I registered with the name Ippei Miyata before so this time I just register with Ippei.

I register without any problems. From this moment on I start again with the fresh rank of 1st-floor beginner.

I was encouraged to take the beginner workshop but I politely refused.

While I was registering [Phoenix Company] had gone to the labyrinth.

They could have waited since it’s only 9am, however, everyone’s livelihood depends on the dungeon so they went ahead.

My income has substantially fallen. I feel bad that I used to look at adventuring as a hobby.

I’ll be more fired up from here on out.

Freedom stands side by side with death.

If you rely on only a few things then you are rarely relied upon yourself.

Is that freedom?

Alright! Let’s go to the labyrinth.

Perhaps a party still looking for a porter will be around.

Perhaps I should look at the other requests not related to the labyrinth?

Thinking these things I hurry to the labyrinth.


Due to it being gone 9am there are only a few people in the gate square.

While looking at the requests list and reading the bulletin board I listen to the voices of the porters looking for work.

There are not many people looking to recruit a porter for just one day so I concentrated on the bulletin board.

● Party member wanted – We mainly operate on the 3rd floor and are looking for a shield user [Steppen Wolf]

That’s a party that’s trying its hardest

● Recruiting those who fight with their fists! 5th-floor work. [Black Spear Corps]. Recruiting healers anytime. Luxury treatment guaranteed!

They are paying very well but sound like muscle brains…….. I don’t feel like joining them. I get the feeling that I would be made to do absurd things.

☆ I’m a beginner and still on the 1st floor but [Life is important] is my motto! Mass recruiting new friends! [Rabbit ☆ Heart]

Are friends all you are after…….?

● Swordsman recruiting all classes! Let’s aim for the 3rd floor! [Maximum Soul]

Are you alone!? No, I understand the feeling. It feels like no one will come.

While looking at the bulletin board a man began collecting people with a loud voice.

“Any porters looking for work will you please listen to my story for a moment!”

It’s rare for anyone to shout when not recruiting. This in itself caught my attention so I watched him.

He’s a young guy. Older than Jean but not as old as me. I’d say about 20.

He’s wearing poor quality leather armour and wearing a long sword at his waist.

About 10 adventures are watching him while keeping their distance.

“C’mon everyone. Make a temporary party with me. We can go to the easy places in the first ward.”

I see. This is indeed unusual.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone trying to make a temporary party like in a net game.

From an adventurers point of view, a temporary party is too dangerous to entrust your life to.

Cooperation would be poor and trust would be nonexistent.

That being said if it’s only the first part of the first floor then it should be fine. Me and  Gobu could make our own way back if anything should happen.

I was defeated by my bad curiosity and carried on watching.

Six other adventures had also remained.

“Thank you all. Although temporary we are still one party. Let’s all get along well in [Maximum Soul]!”

[Maximum Soul]?

That post from the bulletin board!

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