05. Royalty

“I accept the surrender of Zepes Endou. Winner Arnos Voldigod.”

Along with the owl’s words the barrier disappears as well.

Somethings strange though. My name has been declared which is the same as the demon king Arnos, but nobody is reacting at all.

Have a lot of foolish people taken the name of the demon king in the past so nobody thinks anything of it anymore?

It would be troublesome if I became too famous but I also want to prove my abilities.

“It was a good match.”

I hold out my hand to Zepes and praise him but his body twitches and shakes like he’s frightened.

“Ba, bastard! Stop looking down on me! I’ll remember this!!”

Zepes runs off while shouting out a line an underling would say.

Fumu. Once a match is over there should be no grudge. What’s he so angry about?

He certainly failed because of me but I didn’t kill him. Can’t he just try again next year?

He will return home healthy and come back to fight me again. During the age of myth, many mazoku found happiness and shed tears of gratitude in this place.

“After a 10-minute break, you will fight your next opponent.”


I don’t need a 10-minute break. That last fight wasn’t even a warm up. I’ll actually get tired from so much free time.

I’ve got another 4 people to beat. I hope they are not all small fry.

“By proposal of Arnos Voldigod the break will be omitted.”

At that moment I sense a flow of magic power from the passageway that Zepes escaped down.


A scream echoes from the passageway then a long haired mazoku appears. His brow is wrinkled and he has a nervous look on his face. Then the source of the scream becomes apparent. He’s dragging Zepes along by his throat.

“Eld, elder brother………I was wrong………please forgive me. Next time I’ll definitely……..”


The long-haired mazoku crushes Zepes throat. Magical particles gather and black lighting burns Zepes’ whole body.


Zepes turns into charcoal immediately.

The long-haired mazoku throws him away like garbage and walks towards me.

“I see you were taking care of my younger brother.”

I see. Zepes older brother. He seems a better opponent than Zepes.

“Avenging your younger brother? It’s a good story.”

“To be defeated by a mongrel. He’s bought shame on our bloodline. Helping him to die is the only sympathy I can offer.”

Am I the mongrel?

Oh well. No point getting upset. I suppose I am a mongrel but since I’m descended from myself isn’t that fine?

It’s actually quite funny. I feel like a mother watching the fight between two sons.

“Shouldn’t brothers help each other?”

“Naive. Power is everything to the demon king families.”

Yare yare. Who’s the naive one here? I don’t want to spoil their fun though. What I will say though is killing your own allies is stupid. If you did this in the age of myths you wouldn’t live long.

“You don’t seem to understand what power is.”

“What a boring sense of justice you have using such grand magic like resurrection just to make someone give up. Everything is settled if you kill them.”

While he’s talking I cast an interested gaze up to the spectators.

I see. Over there? Seats in the third row have mazoku not wearing a uniform. Are they also examinee’s. Is my next opponent there?

It doesn’t make sense. I was in row F but I passed straight through into the arena and started my practical test suddenly. I didn’t have a chance to go into the audience seats.

“Apparently you don’t know. We demon king tribe are purebloods. We are royalty and as such we can choose our opponents. We are treated differently to you mongrels who have the founder’s blood mixed in.”

Fumu. That letter on the invitation must have classified us on how much our blood was mixed. I don’t know who came up with it but it’s hilarious.

My power doesn’t care how mixed your blood is. It’s completely unrelated to how much you inherit.

Why would they do something so stupid? It’s like trying to kill me before I reincarnated.

In the first place, the idea that pure blood is strong and mixed is weak is fundamentally flawed. A single drop of demon king blood is all that is required.

I’m absolutely amazed that something this simple hasn’t been realised.

“You finally seem to understand your position.”

“No, not really. I couldn’t care less about such stupid things.”

*Piku* The man’s temple twitches.

“……..Stupid things……was it?”

“Yeah, stupid. Because he was strong he was called the demon king by others without his permission. Pureblood? His position? Ha. Don’t make me laugh.”

The long-haired mazoku’s face distorts at my ridicule.

You might be my direct descendant but your pride is boring.

“I don’t care that a privileged class was made particularly. Such a thing has existed in all ages, however, the demon king is someone who surpasses all laws and authority by their own power and forces other to acknowledge it. It’s not to be passed down as a privilege to the offspring.”

The long-haired mazoku’s eyes were now thirsting for blood at the way I was talking.

“You words this day, disregarding the founder’s great exploits and criticising the royalty means your death. This great demon emperor Liorg Endou will put you to death.”

“How did I disregard my own exploits when I was talking?”


“Your perception is really poor. I am the founder.”

The hatred flairs up in Liorg’s eyes and he glares at me.

“Bastard. Do you even know what you are saying?”

“Of course I do. I told you who I was.”

Liorg cried out as he reached the limits of his patience.

“That disrespectful attitude to declare yourself the founder. Die 10,000 times!!”

“I don’t get it. Your thinking is that the demon king will reincarnate but will be an idiot that doesn’t understand who they are?”

“Shut up! To doubt the 7 royal demon families is a grave sin!!” (1)

The 7 royal demon families. Another strange alias came out. I’d better look it up.

“What you are saying is lacking any ground but I don’t blame you because the demon king is not something that is proven by words.”

“You!! Mocking the 7 royal demon families again!!”

That wasn’t my intention at all. This guy is really troublesome.

“It’s fine. Let’s make it quick. I’ll teach your body that I’m the founder.”

I provoked him and wondered if he’d jump at me right away but unexpectedly he looked up at the spectator’s seats.

“Show this guy what happens to people who criticise the royalty.”

As he speaks 3 mazoku get up from the seats and jump into the arena.

“Fumu. Is that okay? Should you do this in the middle of an entrance exam?”

Liorg answered me in a normal tone of voice.

“Have you lost your nerve? This is a respected entrance exam. It will be a pain to have to defeat them one by one. Let’s just save the time and effort. Perhaps this will prove who the founder is.”

The owl referee flying overhead doesn’t point out that this is a rule violation.

I see. This must also be one of their privileges. I guess the power of the royalty means I can only pass by such means.

“About these 4 people”

“It’s too late now. Just regret your own remarks and die.”

“No, you misunderstand me. There’s not enough of them.”

Liorg’s expression turns grim.


“I’m saying that these 4 small fry are not enough to prove I’m the founder. Get everyone to come down here and line them up.”


Liorg didn’t even need to order it. The mazoku watching started jumping down one after the other.

I guess they are all purebloods as everyone looking at me looks dissatisfied.

I guess there’s about 80 of them.

“It’s often said that the mouth is the source of misfortune.”

“Good grief. That’s too many. I don’t need to sacrifice 80 people.”

Liorg started to frown then appeared to change his mind and laughed.

“Even though you are an outrageous person who pretends to be the founder if we one-sidedly destroy you the royal families name will be tarnished. We won’t do anything for 10 seconds so use that time wisely and prepare a powerful magic.”

“Hou. You gained a very big mouth as your number of allies increased. You shouldn’t look down on people.”

Though he was raging a little while ago Liorg was now laughing. Is it because he’s got numerical superiority?

“Do you have time to talk? Several seconds have already passed.”

Liorg was talking like he’d already won. I had to laugh.

“Kuukuukuu. Hahaha.”

“What’s so funny? Have you gone mad from fear?”

“Haven’t you noticed yet? Use your demon eyes.”

Demon eyes are eyes that can see magical power.

After being told Liorg finally see’s the flow of magic power as he puts magic into his eyes. As soon as he did he was taken aback.

Has he finally noticed that his own magical power was running out of control?

The mazoku surrounding me raised a voice that was almost a scream.

“Wha, what is this! My magic power is……”

“Impossible……..he hasn’t deployed a single magic formation……..this……stop it!!”

“This fellow…….80 people from the royal families…….at the same time…….!!”

“Wha, what did you do? What the hell did you do!!”

Yare yare, getting so undisciplined over this much.

“Hey. You’d better take control of your magic power quickly. Otherwise…….”

The faces of the mazoku surrounding me became a deep blue. They are desperately trying to control their magic power but they are too late.

“You’ll die.”

At that moment a loud noise rings out. The 80 people that jumped down into the arena exploded like a powder magazine that had been set on fire. (2)

(1) This is subject to change. 7 royal demon families is a very literal translation and I’m not sure it sounds right in English. The author uses 七魔皇族 and the furigana しちまこうぞく so 7, demon and Imperial family/royalty. I wondered if “the 7 imperial families” sounded better. Yes, it omits the demon part but we know that anyway. Possibly could also go with “the 7 demon emperor families.” Let me know what you think.

(2) A powder magazine was a building designed to hold gunpowder in wooden barrels.

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