059. I’m an adventurer.

I have a magic connection with my golems so within a certain radius I can tell where they are.

I move quickly from room to room searching for a reaction.

I need to get back to the second-floor nursery as soon as possible.


Glenn stands in the study scratching his cheek.

“Right then. I don’t have much time so let’s push forward in a solemn mood! What should I do first Itchy?”

The man called Itchy answers Glenn in a vulgar voice.

“It’s obvious boss. First, you should entertain Mekooru’s wife.”

“Ooh! That’s right! That’s right! I’m a man that values the atmosphere though. It’s bad manners to do it in public. That’s what the second shots for. The first one…….that’s it! Let’s do it in their own bedroom!”

“Wonderful idea boss!”

“Isn’t it just Itchy. In front of Mekooru, in his bed, I’ll love his wife! Aah……aah……I’m the best! Come along Itchy. You too Scratchy. Both of you follow me. Let’s get the brat and Meekoru so I can have some peace of mind! The rest of you watch the hostages!”

Glenn grabs Mekooru’s wife by the hair and starts dragging her away. Itchy grabs lord Mekooru and Scratchy grabs Andrew before heading off to the bedroom.


Patty and the others were sneaking into Glee Barrel from the other side by detouring through the forest.

They still had no idea what was going on in the town since they had run away.

If slaughtering and plundering were going on the town would be much noisier, however, apart from some patrols, nothing in particular seemed to be going on.

Jean came back from scouting.

“Apparently, the town has been placed under martial law by order of the local lord. Almost all residents are in their homes.”

“Did they really hire mercenaries to guard the town?”

Jean bluntly denied Patty’s question.

“No. The bodies of the regular soldiers have been piled up in the guard post. I managed to catch some of the mercenaries conversations. They seem to be waiting for orders from their boss who’s in the local lord’s mansion.”

“So they’ve split their forces in two. One lot are guarding the town and the other are in the lord’s mansion. When they join back up the pillaging begins.”

“What will you do Patty-san? Are you going to help the local lord?”

Patty answers immediately

“We’ll kill the soldiers in the town first. We’ll divide them up and crush them.”

“That’s fine but……..Meg, Kuro. Can you do it?”

Jeans question was reasonable. Adventurers activities do not involve fighting in battles with people.

They’ve taken the lives of many monsters, but never humans.

“Are you alright with it Jean?”

“I was raised in the slums……. let’s just say I’m fine”

“I’m the same. It’s dangerous just walking down the street as a demi-human. People fight over food all the time and violence is common.”


“Meg is fine. I’ll do it.”

There was no hesitation in Jean’s eyes.

“But I—–”

Patty interrupted Meg.

“Meg, please take my letter to the garrison at Sowingdon.”

“……I understand.”

Meg didn’t try to argue.


Patty takes off her armour and undoes the top buttons on her shirt.

The soldiers on patrol upon seeing her appearance were invited into a blind alley one after the other.

Once they are in Jean appears at the entrance to cut off their escape while Kuro shoots them from the rooftop using Ippei’s guns and the rapid-fire crossbow.

You couldn’t really call it a battle as they were eliminated before they could actually fight.

“Is your MP okay Kuro?”

“Yes. I’m using Gobu’s crossbow while my MP recovers.”

“We’ve also got Patty-sans slashwave as well.”

“That’s true. When Kuro’s MP gets low again I’ll try it.”

They had already killed over 30 mercenaries. There was only a few left now.


I deployed George-kun and the hummingbirds, grabbed Chaser’s spear and headed for the 2nd floor.

I soon arrive at the nursery and the door is open.

What’s this smell? Blood?

Chaser? Are you still alive?

Why are you laughing?

What’s with that face?

Don’t look so satisfied that you died!

A sob leaks from my mouth. I couldn’t stop it.

Why did this happen?

We were supposed to stop in this town for a hot ale. I would cure the boy and earn two or three thousand rims, have a glass of wine for the first time in ages and stay overnight in the inn.

Was that wrong?

Is freedom such a fragile thing?


Hearing my name I spun around with my gun drawn to find Bonnie-san standing there.

“Why are you here?”

“Chasing after Ippei……..an acquaintance?”

Bonnie-san points to Chaser.

“A friend…….”

“I see………. Live, priest-san.”


“This person’s last words.”

I understand Chaser.

I’ve got a way to go yet before we meet again.

I’d feel bad if you get too lonely but please wait a while.

I’ve got a debt to settle.


Glenn strode into the bedroom and threw Mrs Mekooru on the floor.

“Well then…….Mrs Mekooru….Please tell me your name.”


“Adera? It’s an arousing name. Now then Adera, take my underwear off.”

“Tsu!!…….I won’t…..”

Glenn’s face distorts at Adera’s refusal.



“Cut one of the kid’s fingers off.”

Scratchy pulls a knife out of his belt

“Please wait!! I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

“Really? You will? That’s good then. Un, it’s good.”

With shaking hands Adera starts undoing the buttons on Glenn’s trousers.

“Very skilful. Pull my underwear down in one go!”

Adera turns her face to one side and closes her eyes as she pulls down his underwear.

At the moment that Glenn’s erection sprang up under Adera’s nose, a knife swung down severing Glenn’s penis causing blood to spurt out.

Glenn’s scream echoed throughout the room.


“It was an ugly thing……I chopped it……..”

“I’m fine with that.”

While answering Bonnie-san holes had already appeared in Itchy’s and Scratchy’s heads.

It was the very first time I had killed someone.

Of course there are laws in this world, however, they are only really enforceable in cities. If you go out into the provinces lynching is still widely practised.

Today, I have delivered justice.

Can I follow a righteous path after this?

Somebody said [I don’t want to regret my life].

Is there such a thing?

Is there life without regret?

While thinking such things I placed my gun against Glenn’s forehead and pulled the trigger.

I carried on such thoughts while cleaning up the remaining mercenaries.

Why did Chaser die?

Was it just bad luck? Can it be classed as an accident?

I sat down in a chair surrounded by 20 corpses and continued to think but no answers were forthcoming.

Pessimistic feelings rose up as the answers refused to come.

Hey Chaser. I know you’re dead.

We weren’t free of everything but our selfish journey was fun.

I’ll always remember that feeling.

The only job that gives that emotion is being an adventurer.

I was an adventurer before and I’m still one now. Even if I’m a porter I’m an adventurer.

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