058. The death that the shadow watched

Lowering their swords already covered in blood, Glenn’s men turned to us.

While I was thinking Chaser quickly moved behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“It was fun priest-san. The journey with you was the freest I’ve ever been!”

Before he had even finished speaking Chaser threw me through the window.

“Thank you priest-san. Please tell——”

The pain from crashing into the ground rolls over me.

I quickly apply recovery magic


There’s no reply.

I can hear sounds of fighting from the room.

“After him!” Glenn’s voice rings out in anger.

I quickly shoot the 2 men who appeared in front me in the thighs. They must have heard the noise of my landing and came to investigate.

I need my bags.

I’ll have the hummingbirds defend me while George-kun takes Chaser’s spear to him.

Please be alive.

That fool wanting to die.

You think this ending will save your soul?

Who and what am I supposed to tell?

Of course, I know what he was saying but it’s annoying to think about it.

What kind of face will that child have? You should be talking to Casey and Alma-san.

Don’t speak such bullshit!

Please, live……..

I can cure any wound as long as there’s a spark of life.

I reload my gun and invade the building from a first-floor window.


A little while ago.

At the entrance to Glee Barrel, Patty and [Phoenix Company] were arguing for entrance.

“Why do we have to hand our weapons over to enter the town?”

Glenn’s subordinate answer Patty with a sly look.

“I don’t make the rules. This is lord Mekooru’s order.”

Patty decided she wasn’t going to get anywhere with this underling.

“I understand that. I am Patricia Cherrycoke. The second daughter of Nepia’s Cherrycoke family. Please take me to your lord.”

Upon learning that she was a noble the man just shrugged and spoke to the man behind him.

“An easy marks appeared. Go and get about 15 people.”

After his subordinate had left the mans face became friendly and humble.

“I’ve sent your message. Please wait here.”



Bonnie appeared behind Meg who was watching from inside the wagon.

“This town is strange……..watch my horse…….”

Saying her piece Bonnie disappeared.

Meg mounts Bonnie’s horse and approaches Patty.

“Bonnie says this town seems strange. She’s gone to investigate.”

“I agree. Tell Kuro and Jean to be careful as well.”

Patty had noticed something was off a while ago.

The soldiers blocking the road did not have the air of regular soldiers.

They seemed like mercenaries. Their armour was mismatched and very well used.

“You all seem like veteran mercenaries. What’s your company called?”

When asked suddenly by Patty the man just answered with the truth.

“…..Glenn’s mercenary company.”

This was a name Patty had heard of.

A year ago a large rebellion made up of farmers rose up in the north due to poor crops.

The troops that crushed it was Glenn’s Mercenary Corp.

They did not make their name from military exploits but by slaughtering and plundering the farmers.

Despite successfully squashing the rebellion they even killed everyone who surrendered.

She’d heard all the leaders were found guilty because they had burned down the villages as well.

Patty’s alarm level went up one.

We should retreat. I highly doubt that man who just left has gone to fetch lord Mekooru.

I went back to my friends.

“Kuro, come over here a sec.”

We don’t have time to turn the carriage around.

Getting Kuro to mount up behind her Patty turned to the others and cried out

“Follow me! Retreat!”

Leaving the dumbfounded soldiers behind the group retreated.


Glenn was sitting down on a sofa in one of the mansions guestrooms.

The tied up hostages are sitting on the floor in front of him. Excluding Glenn, there were 20 mercenaries in the room and all had their weapons drawn watching the hostages.

“Head! It’s serious!”

“What now! Just when I was about to enjoy myself a hindrance appears!”

“…That’s….a group of adventures came to town.”

“And? Did you take care of them?”

“Ah, that’s…..no. The woman was a ridiculously pretty woman.”

“Ohh, in that case, lock her up and I’ll get to her later. I have an appointment with Mrs Mekooru, hyahahahahaha!”

The subordinates become frightened by his words.

“Well, you see….I intended to catch the pretty woman without hurting her but……”


“…….They escaped.”

Glenn approaches the man and kicks him in the stomach.

“You blundering idiot!”

“When she named herself it turned out she was a noble. I wanted to capture her unharmed. She had a beautiful body. I thought you’d be happy with if she was unharmed boss. Also, we could ransom her…….”

Glenn thinks about it.

It’s not really important that she escaped but if she brings the city guards back with her it would be troublesome.

Because she was a noble the chance of her bringing guards back is high.

Nobles think nothing of exploiting others but get very angry if things are taken from them.

“Don’t do anything for me! My plan is ruined! I intended to spend 3 long days destroying this town slowly and carefully.”

Glenn grabs the head of his kneeling subordinate and pulls him up.

“I broke out of prison with great effort. Everything Mekooru owns I will take away right on front of his eyes. I planned to make him kill himself. Because of your blunder I’ve got to do 3 days work in half a day.”

“Please forgive us boss…..”

“Whatever. If they call for reinforcements they will come from Sowingdon. It will take about 8 hours for them to get here. Should I run away in about 4 hours? Wait a minute! I don’t even have half a day!”

Glenn looked up at the sky like he was praying to some evil spirit.


A carriage pulls up in front of the mansion. One of the guards addresses the man who drove the carriage.

“Whats this wagon for?”

“Those adventurers who ran away left it behind.  It will be useful for loading things onto.”

“Hey, don’t cause an obstruction.”

“I know. Pompous jerk…..”

The man moved the carriage away while muttering to himself.

When the wagon was under the shade of some trees a shadow appeared under the roof rack but nobody noticed.

The shadow moved from shadow to shadow under the tree’s and moved all around the perimeter of the mansion easily moving amongst the mercenaries.

Climbing a tree it jumped to the second-floor balcony and Bonnie disappeared into the room.

Bonnie listens carefully in the empty room. Most people seem to be gathering on the first floor.

While moving into the corridor the door to another room was open in front of her.

It looked like a child’s room.

Toys and picture books were scattered on the floor and covered in blood.

The gruesomeness of the murders was made more horrid by the brightness of the wallpaper and carpet.

There were 4 bodies in there.

Only one was still breathing.

He’s trying to say something.

Bonnie stained her ears.


His muttering soon stopped and Bonnie understood that he was dead.

Bonnie’s profile became a shadow again.

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