03. Practical exam

The arena has been split into various sections.

An owl is perched on one of the bronze statues of knights that are lined up nearby and speaks.

“Please line up by the letter that was printed on your invitation card.”

Looking at my invitation I could see the letter F printed on it.

“Misha’s is?”

“…….E…….” she says while showing me the invitation.

An owl flies to the end of each line carrying a piece of parchment with a letter on it.

“Well then. My best regards on entering this school.”


Separating from Misha I line up in the F row. It’s a long line but I peer ahead using my demon eye.

It looks like we enter a waiting room one at a time.

It looks like my turn will take some time. At a rough count, there are about 100 people ahead of me.

All 7 lines are the same though so there’s about 700 people here.

I know it’s been 2000 years but my decedents have increased well.

It seems my worry about my bloodline dying out was unnecessary.

While idly thinking such things I wait for time to pass.

After a while, I’m finally at the front of the line looking at the waiting room.

Entering inside there’s another owl waiting again.

Who’s familiar is this?

I can’t feel any traces of magic power so I can’t see who it’s master is. They have hidden themselves well.

It seems there are some decent magic users in this age after all.

“Welcome, please come in. I’ll explain the contents of this practical exam.”

Inviting me and examining me. I can’t judge if the admission for this school is right or wrong though their first purpose is to find the reincarnated demon king.

This is the first time I reincarnated but reincarnating with your memories intact is supposed to be quite rare. How aware are they that they are the reincarnation of the demon king Arnos. The mazoku of now probably have no idea.

If I stepped forward and introduced myself I could finish it. Saying that, it was arranged for me to come here so it’s only common courtesy that I hear them out first.

“In this practical test, we have students duel each other in the arena. After beating 5 people your magic power is measured, we examine you and if you pass you are admitted into Deruzogedo. If you lose you will be unable to gain admission.”

I am the first demon king. There’s no chance of me losing.

Also, by watching the magic that a person uses it is possible to tell if someone is the founder.

I think that the test is a bit simple but it might be right for this time and place.

“All weapons, armour and spells are allowed. Any questions?”

“Not really.”

“Well then, I wish you the blessing of the founder.”

I opened the door at the back of the waiting room and proceeded down a dim and long passageway.

Even though it’s my castle this is the first time I’ve used this corridor. The arena was originally a place where people fought to show off their skills for combat.

A light appeared as I neared the end of the corridor and I exited out into a round stadium with high walls.

Above the wall was the spectator seats filled here and there with mazoku.

Looking closer I can see that they are all wearing the same uniform. Are they students at this school?

“Yo! We meet again.”

A man with swarthy skin was standing at the opposite end.

It was Zepes who I easily dealt with last time.

Fumu. My partner is a small fry. It will be difficult to prove I’m the founder fighting him. What should I do?

“You. Oi! Are you listening.”

Without answering I walk forward 3 steps and the passage behind me closes with a magic barrier.

“Oops. You retreat has been blocked. Are you nervous?” Zepes said in a proud tone of voice.

“You thought I was thinking of running away? Don’t worry, I won’t kill you so feel at ease.”

Zepes clicks his tongue.

Yare yare. I was being polite but this guy has no manners.

Is he really a fool who can’t tell the difference in our power?

“Let me tell you I won’t go easy on you. I’ll change your proud face into a soggy, tearful face full of horror then I’ll kill you.”

I couldn’t help it. I burst out into laughter.

“Kukuku, Haahaahaahaa. Nonono. Kill me? Who? This me?”

I glare at Zepes.

“Know your place you buffoon.”

Power can be put into words but it didn’t effect Zepes this time.

The dull coloured armour he was wearing flashed anti-magic formations across its surface.

“Hou, I won’t eat from that hand anymore. This armour contains the power to block any magic cast at it.”

I see. Because he relies on that armour his own personal anti-magic power is weak.

Despite being my descendent he’s a completely pitiable man.

“All weapons, armour and spells are allowed. Victory or defeat leads to death for someone but you can give up and I’ll determine the winner.”

The voice of the owl flying above fills the arena.

“Practical exam, start!”

Zepes immediately whips out the sword that was hanging from his waist. The blade was burning brightly.

“Are you surprised? demon sword Zefried. A sword born from an ancient fire that’s been passed down through the Endou family.  It will amplify my magic power tenfold. You seem to be good at anti-magic but the flame of this sword cannot be erased.”

“Fumu. Are you perhaps bad at maths?”

Zepes openly shows his anger while cutting down the distance between us.

“What are you trying to say?”

“One multiplied tenfold will still only be ten.”


Zepes kicks the ground and in the next moment appears in front of me putting me in range of Zefried.


Fuwaa. I suppress a yawn.

He’s extremely slow.

If I had a sword I’d have done 100 slashes by now. Well, adults should pay attention to children when they are playing.

Oh, it came.

The weapon aside, he’s no sword master so I have no real need to avoid it.

The demon sword Zefried was swung in a horizontal flash and was about to connect with my neck when I absentmindedly looked properly at the sword for the first time.

This is bad! I quickly dodge out of the way.

“Hou. You did well to avoid it.”

That was dangerous. Several more millimetres and it would have connected with the weak anti-magic field I always have active on myself. It would have snapped the sword in half.

It’s the Endou family’s treasure that’s been passed down through the generations. Even though its blunt I don’t want to break such an important item of theirs. Truly a pang of conscience.


“Is that a demon sword?”

“Indeed. Is this the first time you’ve seen one? It’s different from modern magic. It’s true magic. It’s an old sword from the time of the gods. Demon sword Zefried!”

………This is a demon sword?

If I had to compare it to the time of the gods just pick up any old stick from the ground and it would have more magic power than this.

If you were told that this is a product from the time of the gods you got a fake.

A true demon sword has its own will and such vast power that even it’s user would be ruined eventually.

The words demon sword are being used too carelessly as well.


I blow and the fire from the demon sword Zefried goes out.

“Geh, Geeeeeeeeh!?”

A wordless scream comes from Zepes and a surprised voice leaks out from the spectators.

“I can’t believe it. That person erased the flame from Zefried!”

“That old flame is said to not disappear until the end of the world. Also, I didn’t see the activation of any magic!!”

Zepes grits his teeth.

“Bastard. Possibly…..sealing magic!?”

“What? I just blew it out. With the amount of power hidden in that sword, it should reignite itself in a couple of years.”

Zepes has a bitter expression.

“……Sealing magic, compulsion magic, you certainly seem to have acquired magic power at a terrible level. The magic that you use is not suitable for battle however, so how are you going to break through my anti-magic armour?”

Fumu. That armour will break if I simply pat it though that would be a bit childish on my part.

“I don’t think I can feel proud if I break it though.”

“Hmm. Have you lost your nerve?”

“No, but I do have an interesting proposal. In the first place, it’s wrong that we are fighting over the same viewpoint.”

Zepes stares at me cautiously.

“I’ll give you a handicap. I will not move a single step from here. I won’t use magic and I won’t empower my words or breath with magic. I won’t move my limbs and I won’t even use my eyes or hair. I’ll defeat you without even blinking.”

“Ha! There should be a limit to bluffing. Is that your excuse for when you lose? Apparently, your magic really isn’t suited for battle. Ha…..”

Zepes vomits out blood.

“…Imposs……ible……this is…..”

“Can you hear it?”

Dokun. A sound echoes.

“It’s a heartbeat.”

Magic power was infused in the beating and the sound shook Zepes violently. Even though its an anti-demon armour its not a particularly good item. There are a number of gaps in the anti-magic formations. My heartbeat passed through them.


With blood seeping out from his whole body Zepes fell to his knees and then fell forward.

“Fumu. I give up. So weak. If I get excited my heartbeat will kill everyone.”

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  1. That’s what you call hilarious. Since magic has fallen so far from the time of myth. They can’t reproduce half of the spells and enchantments.

  2. Ok now this is a new level of op. Death by heart beat is insane. Then again it makes you wonder if he’s this strong and the other 3 are as strong, who win in a fight.

  3. Zepes is just too weak. In comparison, there are many other mazoku stronger than him in the current era, like one of the heroines the blonde girl, and many others. Not to mention that there are also thousands of other mazoku stronger than him during the age of mythology 2000 years ago, so MC overpowering him is nothing to shout about. MC’s OPness can be measured better when he fights more stronger opponents and enemies in later chapters than this small fry.

  4. He’s so OP that he probably destroyed/disabled the measuring device. Not the first time such a plot was used to justify a random placement. Still, this is some next level OP’ness. Usually, it’s flashy attack magic. Here, it’s just an amplified heartbeat.

  5. The hell is with this chuunibyou era?

    ps. Is it incest if you marry someone from your ‘spread out’ bloodline from 2000 years in the future when you reincarnated?

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  7. It’s the Endou family’s treasure that’s been passed down through the generations. Even though its blunt I don’t want to break such an important item of theirs. Truly a pang of conscience.

    Give me one good reason why he, the demon king, should give a single fuck about some trash of some arrogant mofos family? There is literally no good reason. That’s very out of place.

    Also, the chuunibyou level is over 9000… It’s becoming cringey to the point I will probably have to drop this very soon. It’s rare to find a mc who strokes his own d*ck in public to this extent. Do we need a sentence every second sentence for the mc to tell us how awesome he is and how he’s better than everyone else? It’s so damn overdone. This is probably a novel meant for 10-12 year olds.

  8. This scene was bad enough in the anime but here with the dudes inner monologue it makes it even cringier, I love it.

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